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      Documentary: Morality of Argument – sustaining a state of being nuclear free
Duration: 1:39 Director/Producer: Selwyn Manning Produced in association: with Dr David Robie and the Pacific Media Centre. Copyright 2010: Selwyn Manning and Multimedia Investments Ltd. In his documentary Morality of Argument, journalist Selwyn Manning analyses what remains of New Zealand’s nuclear free policy that was so central to the Labour Party of the 1980s, and indeed whether the policy’s ethos and application is as relevant today and into the millennium as it was on its ascendancy into law as the New Zealand Nuclear Free Zone Disarmament and Arms Control Act 1987. The documentary conveys its discoveries by structuring argument emanating from four key interviewees who choose to stand apart from political party influence and seek value in subscribing to an independent position when analysing the nuclear free issue. Interviewees include:
    Bunny McDiarmid, Commander Robert Green, Dr Kate Dewes, Dr Paul Buchanan.
Footage includes previously unreleased recordings of an interview between Selwyn Manning and former New Zealand prime minister David Lange on the nuclear free policy and the Pacific. –]]>



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