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New warm, dry, healthy homes are being built right across greater Christchurch.

The Canterbury earthquakes damaged more than 95% of Housing New Zealand’s 6200 properties across the region but also created a rare opportunity to repair and improve existing stock and to build hundreds of new homes. The Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Programme is charged with repairing up to 5000 earthquake-damaged properties by the end of 2015 but its other major activity is the construction of up to 700 new homes, also by the end of this year. To date, more than 200 new homes have been completed. Housing New Zealand has many build partners who also employ their own contractors and staff to help build these new homes. All up, an estimated 1000 people are working on Housing New Zealand homes right across the region. These new properties have all the features of a modern home – double glazing, insulation, curtains and other properties that keep them warm, dry and healthy for tenants and their families. From Riccarton to Richmond, Somerfield to St Albans, Papanui to Phillipstown, these new homes have been welcomed by tenants and their families. Here is a gallery, showcasing just some of the new properties, Canterbury tenants now call home.
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