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[caption id="attachment_3755" align="alignright" width="300"]FiveAA Australia's breakfast show hosts Dave Penberthy, Mark Aiston, and Jane Reilly. FiveAA Australia’s breakfast show hosts Dave Penberthy, Mark Aiston, and Jane Reilly.[/caption] New Zealand Report: Selwyn Manning joins FiveAA’s breakfast team Jane Reilly, Mark Aiston and Dave Penberthy to discuss how NZ Govt has splurged millions on a New York City Manhattan apartment + The battle of two studs – Recorded LIVE on 26/06/15. ITEM ONE: The New Zealand Government has been criticised for splurging on an elite apartment in one of New York City’s most coveted areas of Manhattan. New Zealand tax payers paid $11.4 million for what is described as a swanky 280 square metre apartment on UN Plaza, that is near the Corner of 42nd Street and opposite the United Nations complex, with views of the East River. [caption id="attachment_4974" align="alignright" width="150"]United Nations Plaza-42nd Street - Image by Selwyn Manning. United Nations Plaza-42nd Street – Image by Selwyn Manning.[/caption] The pad will become the residence of New Zealand’s Permanent Representative, or Ambassador to the UN, career diplomat Gerard van Bohemen. Next week, New Zealand formally takes over the presidency of the UN security council and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated Thursday night the ambassador’s new residence will also be used for diplomatic functions. But Labour’s foreign affairs spokesperson, David Shearer, who had worked at the UN at a senior level before entering politics, said the Government is out of touch and its purchase is simply extravagant. Only two years ago, the Foreign Minister gutted the diplomatic corps, laying off staff, selling off consulate and embassy assets around the world. Diplomatic staff objected and publicly signed a document in opposition to the Government’s slash and burn programme. At the end of the divisive exercise, the Government saved around $26 million. This week it spent almost have of that on the prestigious New York posting. ITEM TWO: (Ref. Stuff.co.nzA Gisborne bull named Rangatira 13-38 this week sold for a record price of $100,000 at auction. And gauging from his photo, Rangitira seems pretty chuffed. Which is fair enough, as Rangitira lloosely translated into English means chief. He comes from a long line of Angus bulls that are basically royalty on the North Island’s east coast. His pedigree is pure Angus blue-blood. He is the son of Mt Mable Thor 660 who is a son of the well known bull, Fat Boy, who, as a nine year old is still good on the job. Which is more than we can say for poor ole hapless Art, the so-called Batchelor of New Zealand TV fame… This week he left the “winning contestant” Matilda at home while treating his mum to a sightseeing trip. All was going well until Art posted a photo of his mum on social media and wrote “Best start to the week, dragged up The Mount by the old girl!” If judged on charm alone, I think New Zealand has finally found its ultimate stud… Arise Rangitira 13-38! New Zealand Report broadcasts live on Fridays on FiveAA Australia and webcasts on EveningReport.nz, LiveNews.co.nz, and ForeignAffairs.co.nz.]]>



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