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Each year, ACC adjusts a number of client payments in line with changes to the cost of living We base any changes on two indexes. For weekly compensation payments we use the Labour Cost Index and for other grants and allowances we use the Consumer Price Index. What this means for clients receiving weekly compensation Based on movements in the March 2015 Labour Cost Index, clients who have been receiving weekly compensation for more than 26 weeks will have their payments increased by 1.66% from 1 July 2015.* The new gross maximum rate of weekly compensation payable will be $1,877.89 per week. The new gross minimum rate of weekly compensation payable to a full-time earner will be $472.00 (equal to 80% of the adult minimum wage of $590.00 for a forty hour week). * Note this increase doesn’t apply to clients who began receiving weekly compensation for loss of potential earnings before 1 July 2010. Clients receiving other grants and allowances As the rate of change in the March 2015 Consumer Price Index was less that the threshold for increasing entitlements, there will be no change to independence allowance or lump sum payments from 1July 2015. Funeral grants, survivor grants and weekly childcare payments will remain unchanged, as follows:

  • Funeral grants: $6,021.11
  • Survivor’s grants: $6,455.40 for a partner and $3,227.72 for each child under 18 and each dependent
  • Weekly childcare payments: $137.27 for one child, $82.35 each for two children and $192.18 in total for three or more children.
After the March 2016 Consumer Price Index is released, payment rates will be reviewed again, to determine whether any changes to payments will apply from 1 July 2016. —  ]]>