iammenotyou.com byWADE cats are awesome
mmmmm being a cat isn't always THAT good....

…it’s probably happened to you once before right? someone sees a cat lounging round or eating some fancy rotisserie-roasted feast in toe-jam-gravy and says “man cat’s have the life eh? i’d love to be a cat sometimes….”

…i usually say….”no. because cat’s don’t have fingers or opposable thumbs and therefore the only option for washing my in-need-of-a-clean anus would be to lick it spotless with my OWN TONGUE…”

and then i stop talking to that person because they are clearly stupid

…and on the topic of “stupid” – our prime minister posing with a cat at parliament has to be a first…but spending heaps of resources and money on catching feral cats…hacking their private parts and then setting them off into the wild to look after themselves is an awesome idea eh…a country of bush and birds is just the right place for homeless cats…

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