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NewsRoom_Digest – BUDGET 2015 SPECIAL

As the Budget debate continues in Parliament, here’s a quick stock take of links for the latest Budget information, statements and coverage:


The major links are:

Treasury –
Beehive –


Our outgoing Press Gallery associate Eamon Rood has filed a summary on the Primary Industries aspects of Budget 2015 (Funding boosts for Primary Growth Partnership, irrigation, border and biosecurity) here: (NewsRoom Subscribers only)

For a catalogue of statements and releases, from Parliament outwards to the raft of responses flooding in, you just need to login to your user account at and use this shortcut link: (NewsRoom Subscribers only)

Content will be tagged under Budget, and more fully indexed throughout the next 48 hours.


For all of the Herald’s Budget coverage go to:

For an interactive of where the money goes see:


Businessday coverage here:



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