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Headline: White Poppies for Peace Appeal, order soon!

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2015 White Poppies for Peace Appeal, order soon!

A reminder that the White Poppies for Peace appeal ( ) – the main fundraiser for the White Poppy Peace Scholarships ( – is held annually from 17 to 24 April. This message has information about how you can support the Appeal and how you can order poppies.

a) Helping with a street collection in Wellington, the Kapiti Coast and Dunedin: the street collections in Wellington and Dunedin this year are on Wednesday, 22 April, and will be held on the Kapiti Coast during the appeal week.

If you can help with a street collection, please email whitepoppies as soon as possible and let us know what time/s you are available on 22 April if you are in Wellington or Dunedin, or what days and times you are available if you are on the Kapiti Coast, and include your phone number in your message, thank you. Please note: contact details for collectors in Dunedin and the Kapiti Coast will be passed on to the local collection coordinator.

b) White poppies collection boxes: You could:

i) have a white poppies collection box: at your work, school, church or other community place during the Appeal week (this will be delivered to you in the week before the Annual Appeal if you are within the Wellington area, or posted to you if you are elsewhere); or

ii) organise a special or one-off collection: ask your church or other place of worship if they would consider having a white poppy collection during the Appeal week, or arrange a collection at any scheduled community group meeting around the time of the Appeal.

If you would like to be sent a white poppies collection box, please email whitepoppies as soon as possible and let us know: how many collection boxes you require; the approximate number of white poppies you would like; and your name and postal address – please also let us know if we can put a note on your parcel saying it is to be left in your mailbox / on the porch (or wherever is a safe place for it to be left) if no-one is home when it is delivered.

Each collection box contains white poppies and white poppy information cards, as well as guidelines for collectors, a parcel post SAE to return the box, and a standard SAE to return the money collected (account details are included if you would prefer to do a bank transfer). Please note: the deadline for ordering a collection box is Monday, 13 April.

c) Ordering white poppies: white poppies are available for a donation to the White Poppy Peace Scholarships – if you would like to order white poppies for yourself or your group, please email whitepoppies for details or use the form available at

d) How you can support the White Poppy Peace Scholarships: You can support the Peace Scholarships by making a donation during the Annual Appeal or at any time during the year – your generosity will help to promote peace by directly supporting research into the impacts of militarism, militarisation and warfare; alternatives to militarism, militarisation and warfare; or media coverage of militarism, militarisation, military deployment and / or armed conflict. To make a donation by cheque, please use the form available at whitepoppies for the details – a tax credit receipt is sent for all donations. Thank you.

White Poppies for Peace, c/o Peace Movement Aotearoa, PO Box 9314, Wellington 6141; tel whitepoppies –



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