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Frances Joychild QC on the fading star of the Rule of Law

Frances Joychild QC.
Frances Joychild QC.
Frances Joychild QC writes: Over the past three years I have wondered increasingly if I am in a nightmare and have woken in Charles Dickens England. On a daily basis I clear my email and phone messages or answer the phone to at least one person in dire and desperate need of legal assistance, often with an extraordinary legal problem and always having found no-one to help them. By the end of last year, I was turning away many more contactees than I could help.

In this article Frances Joychild analyses the question: Is New Zealand failing many who seek recourse to the law? And, if so, what happens to those estranged from being able to afford the costs of representation and/or those who find themselves excluded from accessing legal aid? Also, what are the solutions to this crisis? FULL ARTICLE

Is the GCSB trade team spying on New Zealand’s TPPA negotiating partners? – Kelsey

Professor Jane Kelsey.
Professor Jane Kelsey.
Is the GCSB ‘trade team’ spying on New Zealand’s TPPA negotiating ‘partners’? ‘The latest revelations about the GCSB pose a stark question: is the GCSB’s “trade team” spying on governments with whom New Zealand is negotiating international deals, especially the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA)?’, asked University of Auckland law professor Jane Kelsey. The following facts put the burden of … FULL ARTICLE

Feature Documentary: Morality of Argument – Sustaining a state of being nuclear free

Morality of AgumentEXCLUSIVE: For the first time publicly, this documentary webcasts exclusive to Evening Report, Documentary: Morality of Argument – sustaining a state of being nuclear free. This feature-length documentary, directed by Selwyn Manning, analyses what remains of New Zealand’s nuclear free policy that was so central to the Labour Party of the 1980s, and indeed whether the policy’s ethos and application is as relevant today and into the millennium as it was in the 1980s. FULL ARTICLE

McCully visits Iraq ahead of NZ military deployment

New Zealand foreign minister, Murray McCully. Image courtesy of Scoop.co.nz.
New Zealand foreign minister, Murray McCully. Image courtesy of Scoop.co.nz.
MIL OSI – Source: New Zealand Government – McCully visits Iraq ahead of NZ deployment –

Foreign Minister Murray McCully travelled to Baghdad yesterday for talks with Iraq’s Prime Minister Mr Haider al-Abadi and Foreign Minister Dr Ibrahim al-Ja’afari.

New Zealand is committed to supporting Iraq as they address the threat posed by ISIL and build a more law-abiding and democratic country,” Mr McCully says. FULL ARTICLE



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