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Evening Report’s Lead Item: Paul Buchanan on Mass Collection Vs Mass Surveillance By Dr Paul Buchanan, Founder of 36th Parallel Assessments. IN RECENT DAYS there have been claims that there has been both more and less spying by New Zealand intelligence agencies. Proponents and opponents of the intelligence community have seized on one or the other claim to argue in favour or against NZ’s involvement in the 5 Eyes signals intelligence network … FULL ARTICLE Today’s Must Read Item – Amnesty Int Poll Shows New Zealanders Oppose Five-Eyes Mass Surveillance Source: Amnesty International – New Zealanders part of global opposition to USA big brother mass surveillance Important References: Amnesty Results New Zealand … FULL ARTICLE Today’s Most Read Article – A Culture Lost – What We Lose As We Transition Toward Absolute-Digital POV By Sumner Burstyn. NEW RESEARCH REVEALS we humans are becoming bi-literate. Reading online and reading on paper require different parts of the brain. Online we are non-linear. We skim and dart and skitter. Manoush Zomorodi, the host of New Tech City, says we’ve adapted so well to this we’re losing the deep reading part of our brains. Abigail … FULL ARTICLE Evening’s Reports:]]>



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