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Evening Report editor, Selwyn Manning. Evening Report editor, Selwyn Manning.[/caption]From The Editor’s Desk. Coming up tonight on Evening Report at 8pm: Lead Report: We have a full transcript of the extended interview with Nicky Hager on the Snowden Revelations. Response-Reports: We have two reports framing the Nicky Hager interview by rookie journalist Alistar Kata. She’s an absolute professional and a journalist to watch in the future (Audio report) + (News Report). Full Coverage: And we have full raw coverage of this threat to contaminate infant and other formula in what the government states is an apparent protest over the use of 1080 in pest control. ALSO:

Tomorrow evening we are planning another live video interview that will kick off at 8pm, Wednesday, March 11. See you at 8pm – Selwyn Manning.]]>



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