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Source: Auckland Council – Press Release/Statement:

Headline: Media statement on Titirangi kauri trees

Auckland Council acknowledges decisions such as the one involving the kauri tree in Titirangi can be challenging says Chief Operating Officer Dean Kimpton.

The council has granted two separate resource consents for construction of two houses on adjoining sites in Paturoa Rd which means the removal of some trees.

Like all such applications, this one was assessed under the Resource Management Act and the District Plan.

“We consulted with the local board and iwi and the final decision to grant the application was made by independent commissioners and we are very aware of the challenging aspects of the decision,” says Mr Kimpton.

“The council followed due process by considering the effects of the tree removal, the ecological value of the sites and the effects of the development itself. An ecologist, arborists, and other experts were involved.”

As part of the process, a range of alternatives was considered and the decision is a balance between minimising the environmental effects with the developer’s expectation he could build on his own property. 

The developers have elected to build close to the road which minimises the number of trees that needs to be removed because there will be no long driveways.

“Auckland Council understands people’s desire to protect our natural environment however the zoning on these two sites recognises the right to build while taking the environment into consideration,” says Mr Kimpton. 

“Auckland Council has no mandate to revoke the consent and so for this tree nothing can be done.

“However we would strongly urge any person or community group with any concerns about another particular tree or group of trees to check out the Auckland Council website to see if it is ‘scheduled’. 

If it is scheduled, the tree is protected and cannot be removed. 

If it isn’t scheduled, any member of the public or group can nominate that it be scheduled and go through the robust scheduling process.”