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Source: New Zealand Police – Press Release/Statement:

Headline: Police happy with behaviour at blockbuster match

Saturday, 28 February 2015 – 8:55pm

Auckland City Police are pleased with the behaviour of the crowd at today’s blockbuster ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 match between New Zealand and Australia at Eden Park.  More than 40,000 fans enjoyed the family-friendly atmosphere of the venue and only one arrest was made.

Auckland City Police Operational Commander for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Inspector Peter Gibson says that the event was a great demonstration of the world-class events that Auckland hosts.

“Overall the event ran smoothly and while there was some congestion experienced with moving the crowd in and out of the stadium before and after the game, from a Police perspective it can be considered a success,” he says. 

The arrest made was for a behaviour offence. 

“Only 21 people were evicted from the stadium for various reasons including intoxication and inappropriate behaviour.  However we feel that the majority of the crowd was there to enjoy the game, and enjoy the game they did.

“The nailbiting result for the Blackcaps just added to the festivities of the day.

“We hope that today’s experience is exemplary of the next three ICC Cricket World Cup games that take place in Auckland.”