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New Zealand’s Labour Party leader Jacinda Ardern today spoke on national radio about why she should continue as prime minister on the last day of campaigning before the general election tomorrow.

She told RNZ’s Morning Report today she had proved she can work with three parties, so she can work with two – but also hinted that governing alone might be preferable.

It followed a debate with National leader Judith Collins last night which – with just two days before the election and with more than 1.5 million advance votes already cast – seemed to matter very little.

NZ ELECTIONS 2020 – 17 October

While Collins this week has been often on the attack, Ardern has largely stuck to maintaining her positions and avoiding upsetting the personal popularity she enjoys.

Collins has evoked a response by continuing to claim Ardern would go back on her word and introduce the Green Party’s wealth tax policy. Ardern has rejected that as desperate tactics and misinformation.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern in the RNZ interview. Video: RNZ

Ardern has also been challenged on her government’s record on various measures and commitments it promised at the last election to meet, including child poverty, housing, light rail in Auckland, and climate change.

She told RNZ today her government had been progressive but needed more time to tackle the difficulties presented by covid-19.

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