New Zealand Parliament Buildings, Wellington, New Zealand.
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Editor’s Note: Here below is a list of the main issues currently under discussion in New Zealand and links to media coverage.

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Brenton Tarrant sentenced to life without parole
Tim Brown (RNZ): Terrorist sentenced to life in jail without parole
Kurt Bayer and Anna Leask (Herald): Brenton Tarrant will never be released from jail
Newshub: Terrorist Brenton Tarrant to spend the rest of his life in prison, without possibility of parole
Thomas Mead (1News): ‘Absent of any empathy for your victims’: Christchurch mosque killer will spend rest of life in prison
Annabelle Tukia (Newshub): Terrorist leaves victims without apology or answers
Martin van Beynen (Stuff): Gunman locked away for good but victims must rebuild lives
Charlie Mitchell (Stuff): The face of evil is utterly humiliated
Mariné Lourens (Stuff): ‘No remorse’ and ‘narcissistic’: the psychology of the Christchurch mosque shooter
Saziah Bashir (RNZ): Christchurch terrorist is sentenced, but New Zealand still has a race problem
Abbas Nazari (Spinoff): Justice has been served in Christchurch. What comes next?
Stuff: ‘Extremists represent hate…we represent love’: Cheers as mosque shooter jailed for life
RNZ: Relieved victims react: ‘We represent love, compassion – that is us’
1News: Al Noor mosque Imam speaks after killer sentenced – ‘No punishment will bring our loved ones back’
1News: Christchurch mosque attack hero jubilant after terrorist sentenced to life without parole
Patrick Gower (Newshub): Victims celebrate life without parole sentence
Thomas Coughlan (Stuff): Christchurch mosque shooter deserves a ‘lifetime of complete and utter silence’ says Jacinda Ardern
Zane Small (Newshub): Jacinda Ardern felt ‘relief’ that Christchurch mosque terrorist ‘will never see the light of day’
RNZ: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern felt ‘relief’ after Christchurch mosque shooter’s sentencing
Anna Whyte (1News): ‘Relief’ – PM Jacinda Ardern reacts to sentencing of Christchurch mosque attacker
ODT Editorial: Defined by response, not tragedy
Press Editorial: Sentence won’t ease grief, but love trumps hate
Hannah Kronast (Newshub): World reacts to Christchurch mosque attack gunman’s sentencing
Tim Brown (RNZ): ‘We defy your actions of hatred’ – Victims tell their stories as killer faces sentence
RNZ: Christchurch mosque victims sent attacker ‘strong message that he had failed’
Steven Walton (Stuff): At least 27 mosque shooting victims missed sentencing due to border requirements
RNZ: Students on standby to offer aroha to mosque victims
1News: Moving waiata performed by Christchurch supporters outside court ahead of mosque attacker’s sentencing

Sentence, trial
Vita Molyneux (Newshub): Christchurch sentencing shows how justice ‘should be done’ – expert
Alexander Gillespie (The Conversation): When life means life: why the court had to deliver an unprecedented sentence for the Christchurch terrorist
Cecile Meier and Mariné Lourens (Stuff): Is a life in solitary confinement worse than death?
Sarah Robson (RNZ): Christchurch mosque shooter’s sentence longest in New Zealand by far
Anna Leask (Herald): Christchurch terror sentencing: Defending the indefensible – why Tarrant deserved a fair trial
1News: Christchurch mosque gunman arrives in Auckland to begin life sentence at Paremoremo

Media coverage of Tarrant sentencing, social media
Wayne Hope (Daily Blog): The Great Displacement
Eleanor Ainge Roy (Guardian): New Zealand media put Christchurch gunman in his place with focus on victims
Åsne Seierstad (Guardian): Dear Christchurch, Breivik’s trial showed us extremist ideas struggle in the light
RNZ: Norway’s different approach to the trial of a mass murderer
Dan Satherley (Newshub): Clip from Christchurch terror attack uploaded to Reddit, still available hours later

Brenton Tarrant deportation call
Derek Cheng (Herald): Deporting Brenton Tarrant would require new law, Justice Minister says
1News: Why the Christchurch attacker likely won’t be deported to Australia
Thomas Manch (Stuff): Winston Peters says Christchurch mosque terrorist should be sent back to Australia
Zane Small (Newshub): Winston Peters wants Christchurch terrorist returned to Australia, but Jacinda Ardern says now not the time
Anna Whyte (1News): Winston Peters pushes for Australia to ‘take this terrorist home’
AAP: No plans to send mosque shooter back to Australia, Scott Morrison says


Education, Greens fund private school to tune of $11.7m
Thomas Coughlan (Stuff): James Shaw calls meeting with Green members to explain private school funding decision
Anna Bracewell-Worrall (Newshub): NZ Election 2020: Greens co-leader James Shaw takes the blame over private school funding ‘hypocrisy’
Benedict Collins (1News): Widespread dismay at Government funding for elite Green School
Craig McCulloch and Robin Martin (RNZ): Critics pile on Green private school funding boost
Robin Martin (RNZ): Taranaki education leaders furious at govt funding for private school
Rachel Sadler (Newshub): New Plymouth principal writes scathing letter to Jacinda Ardern over ‘elitist’ funding for private school
Brianna McIlraith (Taranaki Daily News): Private school’s $11.7m Government funding ‘incomprehensible’ and ‘inequitable’, Taranaki principals say
Amelia Wade (Herald): Schools ‘horrified’ at Greens backing $11.7m grant for exclusive private school
Zane Small (Newshub): National MPs accuse Greens of ‘hypocrisy’ over $11 million grant for private Green School
Christina Persico (Taranaki Daily News): National’s education spokeswoman calls $11.7m Taranaki Green School funding “rank hypocrisy”
Alice Webb-Liddall (Spinoff): Green Party under fire for $11m public funding of private ‘Green School’
Leighton Keith (Taranaki Daily News): Government’s investment in Green School to benefit Taranaki’s economy
David Farrar: Outrage over Greens taxpayer funding of private school
No Right Turn: The Greens are supposed to be better than this
Heather Roy: Green Party Hypocrisy Good for School Choice
John Gerritsen (RNZ): ECE pay talks paused, up to $10m needed says union
Simon Collins (Herald): South Auckland schools want to bring forward free school lunches
1News: Calls for all NCEA students to get automatic pass after Covid-19 disruptions
Grant Miller (ODT): No issues seen in rector’s cannabis comments

NZ’s coronavirus response
Brian Fallow (Herald): What’s the real price of saving a life? (paywalled)
Chris Trotter: Putting The People First
Simon Wilson (Herald): Think it’s hard here? Try Ireland (paywalled)
Hannah Martin (Stuff): Six months of Covid-19 in NZ, how has the virus changed us?
ODT: Otago professor appointed to Covid group

Horizon Research poll
Henry Cooke (Stuff): Kiwis overwhelmingly back elimination strategy over less restrictive response
1News: Kiwis still support Jacinda Ardern amid Covid-19 return, Auckland lockdown – poll
Ben Leahy (Herald): Most Kiwis still trust Govt’s pandemic response but business more sceptical
Martyn Bradbury (Daily Blog): Poll shows media & pundit hysterical Border criticism not conning Kiwis (we don’t know how lucky we are

Election, parliament
Chris Trotter (Daily Blog): NZ First is a right-wing party. Always has been. Always will be.
Matthew Hooton (Herald): Voters and Winston Peters need SFO decision (paywalled)
Tim Watkins (RNZ): Caucus: Lockdown let-downs, leg-ups & two swing seats
Bronson Perich (Māori TV): One third of 18-24 year old eligible voters not enrolled
1News: ‘Nothing unusual’ with NZ First backing Opposition’s Covid-19 critique, Shane Jones says
Claire Trevett (Herald): Megan Woods’ sweet and sewer Covid 19 offer to Gerry Brownlee
RNZ: The Detail: Insight, spin and political commentary
Vita Molyneux (Newshub): Tova O’Brien, Duncan Garner, Patrick Gower, to host Newshub’s Decision 2020 live election coverage
Sherry Zhang (Spinoff): Seven MPs who had got their start in youth wings – and one who didn’t

Border measures, testing, contact tracing
Rowan Quinn (RNZ): Govt falls short of contact tracing targets, but says data was skewed
Anna Whyte (1News): Report finds ‘good progress’ made on New Zealand’s contact tracing
Rachel Sadler (Newshub): Clarity needed for Government agency responsibilities across health system – report
Hannah Kronast (Newshub): Ministry of Health condemns abusive behaviour towards library staff over contact tracing
Barbara Allen and Flavia Donadelli (The Conversation): When good intentions aren’t enough: where New Zealand’s border quarantine system really went wrong
Andrea Vance (Stuff): US Ambassador Scott Brown dodges quarantine in New Zealand after US trip
Jenna Lynch (Newshub): Health Minister Chris Hipkins commits to overhaul reporting of COVID-19 testing after Newshub uncovers massive shortfalls
RNZ: Auckland councillor Efeso Collins calls for amnesty for people with expired visas
RNZ: Mt Roskill Covid-19 ‘mini cluster’ concerning to see ahead of level 2 move – Dr Siouxsie Wiles
Anneke Smith (RNZ): Woman given 14-day jail sentence for escaping isolation facility
Catrin Owen and Caroline Williams (Stuff): Jail for mum who escaped isolation to visit body of kids’ dad

Amelia Wade (Herald):$300 instant fines for not wearing a mask on public transport – Who is exempt?
RNZ: Public transport face mask rules: how they work and the penalties for not obeying
Henry Cooke (Stuff): Mandatory face-coverings won’t be required for under-12s, on school buses, or for Uber passengers
Hannah Kronast (Newshub): Who, when and where face coverings will be required – Chris Hipkins
Chelsea Boyle (Herald): Face masks ‘a big change’ but right thing to do, Health Minister says
1News: Face mask required for public transport passengers 12 and older, at risk of fines
Hamish McNeilly (Stuff): Unmasked: Covid-19 mask seller uses Government logos in its advertisements

Hannah Martin (Stuff): Govt to invest millions on Covid vaccines, but when will we see one?
RNZ: Government allocates ‘significant extra funding’ towards vaccine
Zane Small (Newshub): Hundreds of millions of dollars set aside to secure COVID-19 vaccine for New Zealand
1News: NZ sets aside ‘hundreds of millions’ to access Covid-19 vaccine, Jacinda Ardern announces
Marc Daalder (Newsroom): NZ gets in line for Covid-19 vaccine
Vita Molyneux (Newshub): New Zealand Public Party vaccination video condemned as ‘dangerous and misleading’

Bernard Hickey (Newsroom): Our housing market is too big to fail
David Hargreaves (Interest): The Reserve Bank should seriously reconsider reintroducing LVR limits – at least for investors
Greg Ninness (Interest): Housing confidence at its highest level since 2012
Anne Gibson (Herald): Housing Minister: ‘No large policy U-turns’ on creating more residences post-election
Bronson Perich (Māori TV): Not all ‘homeless’ are actually homeless – Hurimoana Dennis
Skara Bohny (Nelson Mail): Close to Home: What Nelson’s council is doing to ease housing crisis

National’s freshwater policy
Richard Harman (Politik): National backtracks (slightly) on Collins’ hardline on water
Benn Bathgate (Stuff): Dairy farm-owning MP denies he stands to profit if freshwater regulations axed
Newstalk ZB: National criticises Government’s ‘impractical’ freshwater policy

National’s small business policy
Thomas Coughlan (Stuff): 90-day trials would return, but lunchtime gone by lunchtime under National small business policy
Audrey Young (Herald): National’s Judith Collins promises to change workplace law in small-business package
Paul McBeth (BusinessDesk): Nats promise return to Key-era labour laws, WorkSafe review (paywalled)
RNZ: Judith Collins unveils National’s plan to help small businesses
Anna Whyte (1News): National promises it will ’empower small businesses to grow, thrive and succeed’
Jenée Tibshraeny (Interest): National outlines tax changes aimed at reducing business compliance costs and encouraging capital investment

Economy, business, inequality
Bryce Edwards (Herald): Political Roundup – Politicians making inequality worse
Liam Dann (Herald): The Economy Hub: No ‘playbook’ for this recovery – S&P Global economist (paywalled)
Jenée Tibshraeny (Interest): Labour and National rule out writing off Govt debt
Andrea Fox (Herald): Don’t waste this crisis: Nine ideas to lift our poor economic performance and wages
John Anthony (Stuff): Air New Zealand posts full year loss of $454m, its first since 2002
Gyles Beckford (RNZ): Air NZ posts an after tax loss of $454 million
1News: Air New Zealand reports $87 million loss for 2020 financial year, first loss in 18 years
RNZ: Covid-19 hits businesses profit margins
RNZ: Tourism Industry Aotearoa reveals plans to redouble sustainability efforts

Dan Satherley (Newshub): The workers who’ve lost the most income thanks to COVID-19
RNZ: The Detail: Where are the jobs for women?

Cate Broughton (Stuff): Ashley Bloomfield faces angry CDHB protesters alone: ‘I’m here to listen’
Rachel Graham (RNZ): Bloomfield should axe CDHB says board member: ‘Mend the relationships’
Alison Mau (Stuff): Drug reform warrior ‘moving on’ to top spot in public health
Nicholas Jones (Herald): Cigarette sales down as vaping up, End Smoking NZ says, but Smokefree 2025 target won’t be met
Nikki Mandow (Newsroom): Carers ‘disillusioned to the point of despair’
RNZ: Southern Community Laboratories workers on partial strike over pay
Stuff: Bidder wins lunch date with Ashley Bloomfield for $13,550

Primary industries, animal welfare
Esther Taunton (Stuff): ‘Appalling’ footage shows cows calving in mud in Southland
1News: Farmers criticise new winter grazing laws, intended to clean NZ waterways, as ‘unworkable’
Karen Pasco (ODT): Delay in reporting calf births ‘disappointing’
Lawrence Gullery (Stuff): Milk tanker drivers learning to save on fuel and reduce emissions

Local government
Dileepa Fonseka (Newsroom): Local government’s errant children
Luisa Girao and Daisy Hudson (ODT): ‘Frank, open’ talks put issues on the table
Southland Times Editorial: ICC – a council that needs counselling
1News: Ratepayer savings expected as Auckland councillors agree to all recommendations in council entities review
Chris Marshall (Stuff): N-word councillor censured
RNZ: New CEO appointed to Waikato Regional Council

Eloise Gibson and Olivia Wannan (Stuff): NZers’ true climate impact revealed — including imported goods
Dan Satherley (Newshub): Climate threat drops off business moguls’ radar as pandemic hits

Michael Neilson (Herald): Police use of force report: Māori seven times more likely than Pākehā to be on receiving end
Matthew Theunissen (RNZ): IPCA report into Alo Ngata’s death ‘disturbing reading’, lawyer says
RNZ: Multiple failures by police in restraining man, who later died – IPCA
1News: Report into death of man in police custody finds ‘unacceptable’ decision-making by supervisor

America’s Cup
Pattrick Smellie (BusinessDesk): Grant Dalton ‘vindicated’? Yeah, right (paywalled)
RNZ: America’s Cup: Phil Goff says some of Auckland’s waterfront upgrade complete

Family First New Zealand qualifies to register as charity
RNZ: Family First New Zealand qualifies to register as charity, court rules
Mandy Te (Stuff): Family First New Zealand wins appeal and can qualify for registration as charity

Tiwai Point, Southland
Louisa Steyl (Stuff): Details of a transition package for Southland remain a mystery
Tom Pullar-Strecker (Stuff): Energy Minister Megan Woods not denying fresh talks taking place with smelter owner
Gavin Evans (BusinessDesk): Govt tests transmission options for smelter (paywalled)

Peter Dunne (Newsroom): It’s the public, not political, service
Guyon Espiner (RNZ):Inmate organised bar tab for Mt Eden prison guards
Victoria Young (BusinessDesk): The case for and against Damien Grant (paywalled)
Hamish Bidwell (RNZ): Sport New Zealand no closer to ‘revolution’
Ben Strang (RNZ): Speeding fines, police pursuits increase during lockdown
RNZ: New Zealanders more aware of cyber threats during pandemic, new data suggests
RNZ: NZX down for third day in a row, following another cyber attack
Susan Edmunds (Stuff): Which telcos are the most complained about in NZ?
RNZ: Nine to Noon: Paul Spoonley – The New New Zealand
Sam Stubbs (Stuff): Here’s why the best time to own Bonus Bonds might be now



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