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Source: The Conversation (Au and NZ) – By Liz Minchin, Executive Editor, New Zealand

The Conversation is expanding our New Zealand coverage by appointing Finlay Macdonald as the new NZ Editor: Politics, Business + Arts.

Finlay is an award-winning journalist, editor, publisher and broadcaster with 30 years’ experience in the New Zealand media. He has been editor of current affairs magazine The Listener, a publisher at Penguin Books and HarperCollins, a weekly columnist for the Sunday Star-Times, and has written and presented for television and radio.

Finlay will now work alongside Veronika Meduna, who becomes the New Zealand Editor: Science, Health + Environment, as well as our team of Australian-based editors.

Since starting at The Conversation in 2017, Veronika has published more than 400 stories by New Zealand experts, reaching a global audience of more than 11.7 million article views.

The Conversation delivers news differently. Articles are commissioned and edited by journalists but written only by academic experts. Everything we do is free to read, share and republish.

With Finlay joining our team, we will be able to share even more New Zealand expertise on global issues like COVID-19 with our many existing NZ media republishers – including Stuff, The New Zealand Herald, RNZ, The Spinoff, Newsroom – as well as international republishers including the BBC, ABC News, Scientific American, The Washington Post, Jakarta Globe and more.

Some of The Conversation’s 20,000+ global media republishers.

Last month, The Conversation audience in Australia and New Zealand doubled to more than 26 million reads to articles, on The Conversation site and via republishers.

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