Newsletter: New Zealand Politics Daily – May 18 2018 – Today’s content


Newsletter: New Zealand Politics Daily – May 18 2018 – Today’s content

Editor’s Note: Here below is a list of the main issues currently under discussion in New Zealand and links to media coverage.

The Beehive and Parliament Buildings.

Below are the links to the items online. The full text of these items are contained in the PDF file (click to download).
Guyon Espiner (RNZ): Budget 2018: A ‘triumph of neoliberalism’
Tracy Watkins (Stuff): Labour unveils a National-lite Budget
Bernard Hickey (Newsroom): Comment: The biggest missed opportunity in a generation
Bernard Hickey (Newsroom): Budget 2018: Tighter than it looks
Newshub: Budget 2018 doesn’t go far enough; Govt should drop rules – Bernard Hickey
Rod Oram (Newsroom): Budget 2018 a patch-up job
Matthew Hooton (Herald): Odd priorities in times of plenty
Dene Mackenzie (ODT): Most gain, but minister too cautious
Colin James (ODT): First Budget ‘hardly transformative’
Bryce Edwards (ODT): Budget doesn’t go quite far enough
John Armstrong (1News): Budget went some way to meeting Labour’s unrealistic election promises
Richard Harman (Politik): Applause for the Budget
Gordon Campbell: On Budget 2018
Audrey Young (Herald): Not the sort of budget to get you dancing or raging against
Audrey Young (Hearld): Jacinda Ardern was right about the Budget – not boring but not exciting
Barry Soper (Newstalk ZB): Labour’s first Budget keeps on giving
Barry Soper (Newstalk ZB): The Budget that didn’t tell us anything we didn’t already know
Press Editorial: No alarms and few surprises in Robertson’s first Budget
ODT Editorial: Budget sets tone for future
Claire Trevett (Herald): Budget 2018: Mixed verdicts on Labour’s ‘no-pizzazz’ Budget
Jane Patterson (RNZ): Budget 2018: Is Robertson saving his firepower?
Liam Dann (Herald): Subtle vision requires bold sales job
Brian Fallow (Herald): Budget scrum an even contest
Jane Clifton (Stuff): The surprise has gone, but at least we got a new script
Henry Cooke (Stuff): Budget 2018: Robertson brings in light-blue Budget with red, green, and black lamingtons
Jenna Lynch (Newshub): The Greens got shafted
Isaac Davison (Herald): Budget 2018: Greens defend share of wins after NZ First gets triple the cash
Spinoff: Budget 2018: the great Spinoff hot-take fry-up
1News: Analysis – Budget 2018: 1 NEWS’ Jessica Mutch and Simon Dallow break it down – ‘A little bit flat’
Sam Sachdeva (Newsroom): Foodie flair, but bland Budget on Robertson’s big day
Tova O’Brien: Labour delivers a ‘Good Start Budget’
Newshub: Budget 2018: ‘There’s so much more to do’ – Newshub’s politics team
Herald: Three views on Budget 2018 – Dame Tariana Turia, Sue Bradford, Ben Thomas
Duncan Garner (Newshub): Mr fix-it drowning in cash, so why the broken promises?
Mark Sainsbury (Newshub): This Budget was designed to soothe the worriers
Max Rashbrooke (Stuff): Budget shows a government that has found only half its mojo
Donal Curtin: Surprises are over-rated
Eric Crampton (Stuff): Budget: The good, the bad and the risky
Joseph Cederwall (Scoop): Budget 2018 – Foundations for the distant future?
David Farrar: Budget 2018
No Right Turn: A downpayment

Budget  – Government and opposition view
Tracy Watkins (Stuff): Budget 2018: Like all good things, transformation takes time – Jacinda Ardern
Stuff: Budget 2018: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern defends the 2018 Budget
Stuff: Opposition leader Simon Bridges attacks Government’s 2018 Budget
Sophie Bateman (Newshub): Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern rates her first Budget
Emma Hurley (Newshub): Winston Peters’ bizarre rating, name for Budget 2018
1News: ‘I think he’s done a pretty damn good job’ – former Labour Minister Michael Cullen on Budget 2018
RNZ: Opposition heaps criticism on ‘epic fail’ Budget
Isaac Davison (Herald): Budget 2018: Govt has ‘pulled anchor’ on economy – National

Budget – Summaries
Herald: Budget 2018’s greatest hits: Everything you need to know
Grant Duncan, Christoph Schumacher, Martin Berka and Nicolette Sheridan (The Conversation): NZ budget 2018: gains for health, housing and education in fiscally conservative budget
Craig McCulloch (RNZ): Budget 2018: Money for health, housing, schools
Eleanor Ainge Roy (Guardian): New Zealand ‘people’s’ budget sees Ardern put billions more into health and education
Stuff: Budget 2018 by the numbers: Who’s getting what
Stacey Kirk (Stuff): Budget: Winners and losers of the Government’s first budget
Chris Knox (Herald): Budget 2018: Winners and losers by the numbers
Newshub: Budget 2018: The big winners and losers
Claire Trevett (Herald): Grant Robertson’s Budget 2018: At a glance – what you need to know

Budget – Revenue and expenditure
Hamish Rutherford (Stuff): A booming tax take is clearing the way for Grant Robertson to hit the targets
Jonathan Underhill (BusinessDesk): Budget 2018: Grant Robertson finds $24 billion extra spending
Thomas Pippos (Herald): Budget 2018: The gift that keeps on giving – our economy
Hamish Rutherford (Stuff): Budget 2018: Treasury beds in rising tax take, giving Robertson room to add billions in the future
Tom Pullar-Strecker (Stuff): Budget 2018: Tax crackdown to raise $183 million over four years
Patttick Smellie (BusinessDesk):Budget 2018: Rising wages to push people into higher tax bracket, yielding Govt $5.7b
Terry Baucher (Interest): Crunching the tax news – going into the 2020 election is when we might see changes in tax thresholds
RNZ: Budget 2018: The fiscal nitty-gritty
Dan Satherley (Newshub): Government’s promises can’t be kept without raising taxes – Chris Trotter

Budget – Health
Thomas Coughlan (Newsroom): Budget 2018: Plugging the health gaps
Stacey Kirk (Stuff): Budget 2018: Free and cheap doctors visits for vulnerable and children, but is the health funding enough?
Jo Moir (Stuff): Health the big winner in Labour-NZ First Budget
Chris Bramwell (RNZ): Budget 2018: Health spending more conservative than forecast
Stuff: Budget 2018: What you need to know about the health boost
Lucy Bennett (Herald): Budget 2018: DHBs get a big boost
Emily Ford (Stuff): Budget 2018 brings hope for beleaguered Middlemore Hospital, DHB chairman says
Emma Russell (Herald): Budget 2018: Doctors under the pump after cheaper access announcement
Emma Hatton (RNZ): Cheaper GP visits will need publicity – medical centre
Lucy Bennett (Herald): Budget 2018: Pharmac to buy all medicines for DHBs
Te Aniwa Hurihanganui (RNZ): Budget 2018: ‘Kick in the guts’ for Whānau Ora
Emma Russell (Herald): Funding boost into fixing hospitals: ‘only scratches the surface’
Damian George (Stuff): Health sector welcomes renewed Government investment following Budget announcement
Herald: Govt rejects claim by National that its boost to health funding was larger
Ben Uffindell (The Civilian): Budget 2018: Labour to pass increased cost of health onto Mark Richardson

Budget – Education
Simon Collins (Herald): Budget 2018: Relief for schools and preschools, but what’s happened to the promises?
Simon Collins (Herald): Schools welcome operational funding boost but disappointed in lack of money for new teachers
Karoline Tuckey and George Heagney (Stuff): Budget 2018: Teachers could walk, principal warns following lukewarm education slice
Adele Redmond (Stuff): Teachers and unions disappointed by Budget education calls
Jo Moir (Stuff): Budget 2018: Schools to get only a small rise in operational funding
Herald: Budget 2018: Schools, early childhood centres get small increase
John Gerritsen (RNZ): Budget 2018: Multi-million boost for special education
Shane Cowlishaw (Newsroom): Budget 2018: Education a winner
Lynn Grieveson (Newsroom): Budget 2018: Boost for learning support
Herald: Budget 2018: Māori education and training in focus

Budget – Children
Tess Nichol (Herald): Budget 2018: Focus on child poverty with extra funding for new reduction units, Oranga Tamariki
Tess Nichol (Herald): Budget 2018: Moves to end child poverty welcomed, but advocates say beneficiaries let down
Tess Nichol (Herald): Budget 2018: Funding for vulnerable children receives mixed response
Idealog: Budget 2018: As the goalposts shift towards wellbeing, here’s what the Government plans on doing to address child poverty
Tess Nicol (Herald): Budget 2018: Relief for KidsCan as more funding comes through

Budget – Housing
Tess Nichol (Herald): Budget 2018: Good start but more needed to address housing crisis and child poverty, say Sallies and Union
Jackson Thomas and Chris Harrowell (Auckland Now): Budget 2018: More homes but still not enough, Salvation Army says
Mānia Clarke (Māori TV): State housing funding not enough
David Slack (RNZ): Budget 2018: Betting the house on real economic change
Pattrick Smellie (BusinessDesk): Budget 2018: Treasury halves forecast progress on KiwiBuild
Jenée Tibshraeny (Interest): Government to borrow to build 5,000 new public houses over four years; Keeps cost projections for KiwiBuild the same
Thomas Coughlan (Newsroom): Twyford borrows big to build
Thomas Coughlan (Newsroom): Budget 2018: Twyford’s partial win
Ben Leahy (Herald): Budget 2018: New housing funding praised, but industry figures urge Govt to act fast
Anne Gibson (Herald): Budget 2018: KiwiBuild outlook disappoints but Twyford hits back
Jackson Thomas (Stuff): Budget 2018: KiwiBuild will help steady Auckland housing market, experts say
Henry Cooke (Stuff):Budget 2018: Government promises 6400 new state and social houses
Isaac Davison (Herald): Budget 2018: 1600 more state houses to be built each year
Anne Gibson (Herald): Budget 2018: 6400 new state homes, Judith Collins says ‘disappointing

Budget – Law and order
Isaac Davison (Herald): Budget 2018: Corrections gets boost to cope with fast-growing prison population
Shane Cowlishaw (Newsroom): Budget 2018: Waikeria prison on hold
Anna Leask and Sam Hurley (Herald): Budget 2018: Age for youth justice system increases to 17 to ease remand population
Anna Leask (Herald): Budget 2018: $300m boost for police ‘commended’ by association

Budget – Environment
Henry Cooke (Stuff): Budget 2018: Largest boost to DoC since 2002 leaves Green Party smiling
Jamie Morton (Herald): Environment: ‘greenest Budget ever’ says James Shaw
Isaac Davison (Herald): Budget 2018: More money for predator control, biodiversity and green projects

Budget – Immigration
Lincoln Tan (Herald): Budget 2018: $34m to tighten screening of migrants coming to NZ
Lincoln Tan (Herald): Budget 2018: Labour Inspectorate gets $8.8m boost for more inspectors
Madison Reidy (Stuff): Immigration granted a $138m wish in Budget to end ‘outright slavery’

Budget – Defence
Sam Sachdeva (Newsroom): Budget 2018: Defence wins, and loses
Kurt Bayer (Herald): NZDF gets $360m funding boost, with extra $40m going to modernization

Budget – Broadcasting
Russell Brown (Public Address): Budget 2018: The broadcasting shambles
Mark Jennings (Newsroom): RNZ’s big move muted by budget
Tom Pullar-Strecker (Stuff): No payday yet for RNZ from Labour Budget
Sam Sachdeva (Newsroom): Budget 2018: RNZ boost in limbo
Damien Venuto (Herald): Budget 2018: Media allocation falls short of $38M promise, Curran says more to come

Budget – Canterbury rebuild
Kurt Bayer (Herald): Megan Woods announces Canterbury’s rebuild to get $300m “shot in the arm”
Herald: Budget 2018: Christchurch gets money for insurance tribunal, public inquiry and anchor projects
Stuff: More money for Canterbury earthquake recovery

Budget – Regions
Melissa Nightingale (Herald): Wellington mayor Justin Lester welcomes Budget 2018
Collette Devlin (Stuff): City Mayor says Budget 2018 will complement Wellington’s work for homeless
John Milford (Stuff): Better luck next time for Wellington
Danielle Clent (Stuff): Has Budget 2018 delivered for Aucklanders?
Harrison Christianson (Stuff): Budget 2018: ‘Smoke and mirrors’ on Auckland inequality
Auckland Now: Budget 2018: ‘No surprises’ for transport in Auckland

Budget – Sport
Stuff: Budget 2018: Government announce $100 million ‘support package’ for America’s Cup
Bernard Orsman (Herald): $100m for America’s Cup in Budget
Tom Pullar-Strecker (Stuff): NZ First gets tax change for race horse investors through the gates

Budget – Research and development
Jamie Morton (Herald): Budget: Few surprises in Govt’s science and tech spend
BusinessDesk: Budget 2018: Productivity Commission to investigate impact of disruptive tech
Paul McBeth (Herald): Budget 2018: Govt sets aside $1b for tax rebates for research and development
Greg Thompson (Spinoff): Budget 18 is stuck in the present. We need investment in innovation for the future

Budget – Other
Tess Nichol (Herald): Budget 2018: Government is failing beneficiaries, advocates say
Herald: Budget 2018: Disappointment that Budget didn’t deliver cheaper fruit and vegetables
BusinessDesk: Budget 2018: New watchdogs for election spending promises, RMA, and EQC disputes
Aimee Shaw (Herald): Budget 2018: Little on offer for small business
Jamie Gray (Herald): Budget 2018: Spending on M.Bovis could be too low – Fed Farmers
Guy Trafford (Interest): Budget 2018 was a boring-as-usual effort offering little new direction for the rural community
Eleanor Ainge Roy (Guardian): New Zealand finance minister in pre-budget food fight after opting to eat cheese roll
Russell Brown: Budget 2018: The final tick

Mike Treen: Wage and time theft endemic – and could get worse
RNZ: Auckland Council underpaid 17,500 staff
Madison Reidy (Stuff):‘Pay staff properly’ – minister’s message to retailers accused of not paying staff
1News: People on ‘very low wages’ not always aware of their employment rights, ‘taken advantage of’ by employers – union
Andrew Bevin (BusinessDesk): Briscoe to reimburse staff for unpaid end-of-day cash-up
Madison Reidy (Stuff):Cotton On launches company inquiry into unpaid work
Aimee Shaw (Herald): Cotton On Group to review its paid work practices, as tide of complaints swells to 1,500
RNZ: Desperate staff working for free but ‘it’s not really consent’
Nikki Mandow (Newsroom): More battles loom after Smiths City ruling
RNZ: Site pulls down controversial ads below minimum wage
RNZ: Barring migrant workers from joining union ‘a mistake’
Greg Lloyd (Spinoff): Where is the outrage over contracts banning workers from joining a union?
Stuff: North Island unemployment rate worse than the South Island
Kyle MacDonald (Herald): Women and young people most stressed in work place

International relations and trade
Max Harris and Oliver Hailes (Spinoff): Parliament must ensure we don’t sign away values for trade
Martyn Bradbury (Daily Blog): Guess who’s back? Back Again? The Saudi Sheep Bribe is back – tell a friend
No Right Turn: The gift that keeps on giving
RNZ: Cooks opposition questions Chinese presence ahead of election

Personal finance
Rob Stock (Stuff): KiwiSaver is an accidentally racist savings scheme
RNZ: Clients told to question financial advisors on bonuses

Shane Cowlishaw (Newsroom): Government: ‘Hold your horses’ on transparency
RNZ: Parliament flies rainbow flag
Megan Gattey (Stuff): New Zealand becomes the first country to fly intersex flag at Parliament
Karl du Fresne: The bottom-feeders and mischief-makers who infest the fringes of politics

Primary industries
Gia Garrick (RNZ): Farm debt bill passes first reading
Jill Galloway (Stuff): Government body to decide on treatment or eradication of Mycoplasma bovis in the next two weeks

Graham Adams (Noted): When will Phil Goff get to the heart of Auckland’s immigration woes?
Gill Bonnett (RNZ): Immigration NZ tries to catch foreign sex workers in the act

Phil Pennington (RNZ): Row over water contamination in US has NZ implications
Rachel Thomas (Stuff): Foreign doctors struggling to get jobs in New Zealand
Rebecca Reider (Nelson Mail): No reason to delay medical cannabis
Findlay Buchanan (Idealog): Calling on cannabis: Hikurangi Group on how it plans to use marijuana to grow Ruatōria from the ground up
RNZ: Parents warned over new season of Netflix series

Local government
Simon Wilson (Herald): Grandstanding councillors aren’t helping anybody
RNZ: Activist to keep house as rates revolt ends
Nicole Lawton (Auckland Now): Auckland city sleeper pods in violation of by-laws is shut down
RNZ: Napier council staff start leave bank for sick colleague

Sam Sachdeva (Newsroom): Super Fund board attacks pay restrictions
Emma Hatton (RNZ): Online shoppers warned over ‘buy now, pay later’ options
Stuff: Ngāi Tahu board now more than 50pc women
Karl du Fresne: If we start banning people of bad moral character, where do we stop?
Chloe Winter (Stuff): The Warehouse Group ditches single-use plastic bags at checkouts by end of 2018
Richard Benge (Stuff): Arts in prisons a ‘vital’ social investment
Derek Burrows (Timaru Herald): Why is fuel so expensive in Timaru?

Dr Bryce Edwards is a political scientist and a lecturer in Politics.