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Pacific Media Centre

Natasha Greer performing a Tongan dance at the launch at the Creative Industries Research Institute (CIRI) on 12 October 2007.

Event date and time: 

Thursday, November 30, 2017 – 18:00 20:00

The Pacific Media Centre in the AUT School of Communication Studies turns ten this year. We are planning a special event with Tagata Pasifika’s John Pulu as MC and it includes:

+ Guest speakers: Malou Mangahas, executive director of the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism, speaking on journalist safety and the culture of impunity. The Philippines is the country with the largest single massacre of journalists in 2009, and where a “war on drugs” has led to a widely condemned wave of extrajudicial killings.

+ Johnny Blades, senior journalist of RNZ International, speaking about his experiences in West Papua and Melanesia.

+ Professor Berrin Yanıkkaya, head of the School of Communication Studies at AUT.

+ A special video by Sasya Wreksono highlighting the PMC’s achievements over 10 years.

+ A special book on investigative photojournalism marking 10 years of the PMC.

+ An exhibition of photographs of 10 years on the PMC.

+ Launching of special editions of Pacific Journalism Review and the Pacific Journalism Monographs on Tuwhera.

+ Special screening of the documentary Cap Bocage.

Watch the Facebook event page for more information

Picture spread from the 2007 launch