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Message from America: Welcome to this the first episode in a four month series titled, Message from America, featuring political and security analyst Dr Paul Buchanan and host Selwyn Manning. This week we cross to Florida to discuss the vibe on the ground and the fallout for President Donald Trump over the race riots in Charlottesville. Span of questions: 1) Is this Trump’s Waterloo? 2) Is he realy trying to empower and validate the alt-Right? 3) is he a racist? 4) Given that major corporate figures, senior GOP leaders and military commanders have repudiated white supremecism and indirectly in some cases, Trump himself, what does this mean for his presidency and his policy agenda? 5) Is there a crisis of civil-militaryrelations in the making? 6) Are the jobs of General Kelly (Chief of Staff) and Gen MacMaster (NSC advisor) tenable if Trump does not back down on his suport for Rightists? 7) Nazis openly marching in the streets of the US 72 years after they surrendered in Europe–who would have thought it possibel? 8) is civil war in the US imminent or possible? How large is the alt-Right/neo-Nazi/whiote supremacist movement? 9) As a diversion from the mueller investigation into his campiagn connections with Russia the alt-Right dog whistle-turned-into bugle call has backfired. But what about that investiogation? Where is it in terms of results? 10) Is Steve Bannon the puppet master and is his job safe? 11) With trump increasingly isolated and lashing out at members of his own party, is impeachment or resignation possible?]]>