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The Whau Festival is a five-day event celebrating Pacific culture and art. Held in the West Auckland suburb of Avondale this year, workshops included Pacific language classes, artist showcases, Pacific food tasting, and screenings of short films. Husain Malvi reports.

This festival brings people together through music, food and art and allows young creatives to showcase their work.

Organised by Deahne Lakatani and her Partner Malcom Lakatani, from the Creative Souls Project, it was the first year this festival was held.

‘Various music sessions were held, there was a craft session where the elders taught 10-year-olds how to weave and various cooking sessions of Pacific dishes were enjoyed by people from various communities,’ Deahne Lakatani said.

“We live in a diverse society and we are celebrating that through this festival,” she said.




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