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A message from the New Scoop Team
On December 19, 2014, the Scoop Team set out on a project called “Operation Chrysalis”. We decided to turn Scoop’s 16-year-old online news publishing business into a new kind of news business, one connected directly to its readers, owned by a not-for-profit and based on a new business model.

Tomorrow, September 16, 10 months later, it will be day one of New Scoop.

Scoop’s operating company will be transferred into a charitable trust dedicated to promoting public interest Journalism called the Scoop Foundation for Public Interest Journalism.

The New Scoop publishing company will shortly adopt a new constitution which will add further protections around editorial integrity.

We have launched a website and public campaign to announce the fruits of our work at .

All our readers, and indeed all New Zealanders, are invited to participate in the future of the Scoop project.

With the use of an infographic this document sets out how the New Scoop structure is designed and intended to work.

New Scoop explained in an Infographic.

To help explain how New Scoop will work — and how interested people and organisations can become involved if they are interested — Scoop’s designer Scott Broadley has drawn us an infographic that sets out the key relationships which lie behind the new not-for-profit structure.

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The new Scoop structure

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