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NewsroomPlus.com Contributed by Olexander Barnes Tonight we will get our final Moment of Zen from Jon Stewart as he hosts his last episode of the Daily Show before he hands over the anchor chair and goes on to pursue other projects. The close of tonight’s show will mark the end of a 17-year career as host of the Daily Show, with Jon Stewart inheriting the show from Craig Kilborn back in 1999. The show under his stewardship grew into one of the best and most influential political satire shows of the past 50 years.

Credit: Comedy Central
It has won numerous awards including 18 Emmys and two Peabody awards, but is most noted for the launching of several prominent careers, including Steven Colbert, who apart from hosting the Colbert Report is now taking over from Letterman at the Tonight Show, actor Steve Carell most famous for his role on the US version of the Office, and comedian John Oliver who now hosts his own equally edge-cutting show on HBO called “Last Week Tonight”. Now Jon has decided it is time for him to call it quits. and to leave the show for someone else to take the baton. The Daily Show’s new host will be the relatively unknown South African comedian Trevor Noah. There seems to have been a deliberate call for this new show to cut as many ties with Jon’s show as possible. Most of the old correspondents including Samantha Bee and Jason Jones who served on the show for 12 and 10 years respectively left earlier in the year. They have been replaced with a group of younger but just as capable correspondents, including the very impressive Jessica Williams, Jordan Klepper and Hasan Minhaj, to make up the new fresh-faced look. The reason for these changes may have been done to keep the show fresh with its key 18-35 demographic, and/or to give Trevor Noah the freedom to take the show in a new direction. Whatever happens it is clear that Jon is content with his choice and is going to use his post Daily Show time to work on other projects, potentially directing another movie, or simply to spend the rest of his time on an up-state farm. –]]>