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Report by Pacific Media Centre

Welcome to the 4th World Journalism Education Congress that will be held in Auckland, from July 14 to July 16, 2016.

The conference, hosted by Auckland University of Technology’s School of Communication Studies, will provide a discussion forum on the development of journalism and journalism education worldwide. Contemporary developments signal significant shifts in the place of journalism programmes within the university and broader educational environment and in relationships with industry and wider society.

The implications of this transition will be the focus of the 4th World Journalism Education Congress (WJEC).

Journalism Education in the Asia-Pacific will also be a strong feature of the conference in partnership with the Pacific Media Centre.

Topics to be discussed at the congress will include:

  • Mobile/Social/User-generated Media and Journalism 

  • Research Trends in Journalism
  • Utilising the Professional Connection Work in Journalism Education 

  • 21st Century Ethical Issues in Journalism
  • Journalism Education and an Informed Citizenry 

  • Journalism Programmes Offered by the Industry 

  • Journalism Education in the South Pacific
  • Journalism Education in Asia

Call for abstracts

Contact: Steering Committee chair Associate Professor Verica Rupar   
Asia-Pacific inquiries: Professor David Robie, New Zealand country representative of AMIC

WJEC conference website at AUT

AUT School of Communication Studies