Source: Statistics New Zealand – Highest March for dwelling consents since 2006

The number of new dwellings consented was 14 percent higher in March 2015 than in March 2014, Statistics New Zealand said today. This was the highest number of new dwellings consented in a March month since 2006.

“Townhouses, units, and retirement villages have driven the increase in new dwelling consents over the past year,” business indicators manager Neil Kelly said.

The seasonally adjusted number of new dwellings consented increased 11 percent in March 2015, after recent falls. The trend for the number of new dwellings consented has flattened in recent months.

A total of 2,271 new dwellings were consented in March 2015 (of which 1,640 were houses).

The regions that consented the most new dwellings were:

  • Auckland – 756 (of which 449 were houses)
  • Canterbury – 588 (of which 460 were houses)
  • Waikato – 219 (of which 186 were houses).

The unadjusted value of consents for March 2015, compared with March 2014, was:

  • all buildings – up $128 million (10 percent) to $1.4 billion
  • residential work – up $125 million (16 percent) to $925 million
  • non-residential work – up $3 million (0.7 percent) to $427 million.

Data for building consents is obtained from all territorial authorities.

We have made changes to our building consents statistics. See the Definitions and Data quality sections of the information release for more information.

Authorised by Liz MacPherson, Government Statistician, 30 April 2015

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