Source: New Zealand Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment MBIE – Press Release/Statement:

Headline: Short-term employment growth set to grow by more than 141,300 jobs over the next three years

The latest Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment Short-term Employment Forecasts: 2015 – 2018 report indicates that employment is set to grow by more than 141,300 jobs over the next three years.

The report shows there will be strong employment demand across New Zealand in response to strong economic growth, supported by the construction, business services and hospitality sectors.

Employment growth is expected to peak in the year to 31 March 2016 and gradually decline over the next two years.

Key findings of the report are:

  • Strong employment growth is expected in the construction and utilities industries, along with the hospitality sector, wholesale and retail trade and business services over the next two to three years.
  • Growth in demand for employment in highly skilled occupations (mostly managers and professionals) will be higher than the overall employment growth, accounting for more than 58 per cent of the overall employment growth over the next three years.
  • Opportunities for lower-skilled workers are forecast to account for about 28 per cent of the employment growth over this period. The food processing, retailing, accommodation, business services and construction industries are expected to create most of these opportunities.
  • Regional employment growth over the next three years is forecast to be spread across many regions. The share of employment growth will be strongest in the Auckland, Canterbury, Waikato and Otago/Southland regions accounting for nearly two-thirds of the overall growth during the three years.


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