New Zealand Parliament Buildings, Wellington, New Zealand.
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New Zealand Politics Daily is a collation of the most prominent issues being discussed in New Zealand. It is edited by Dr Bryce Edwards of The Democracy Project.

Today’s content

Glenn McConnell (Post): ‘The cost will be everyday Kiwis’: New media regulation concerns civil society (paywalled)
Jonathan Ayling (Stuff): Media regulation plan – a censor’s greatest dream
Shayne Currie (Herald): Media regulation: New super-power government body set to rule over news and social media content; film, gaming classification (paywalled)
Tom Pullar-Strecker (Stuff): Internal Affairs sets out big plans to regulate harmful content on social media
Hamish Cardwell (RNZ): Decades-old legislation unsuitable for policing internet era, critics say
Hamish Cardwell (RNZ): Consultation opens on proposals to make online spaces safer
Dewi Preece (1News): Regulator proposed to protect NZers from harmful online content
William Hewett (Newshub): Department of Internal Affairs announce new regulations for safer media and online platforms, says current systems ‘not strong’ enough
Shanti Mathias (Spinoff): How a new proposal could change online safety in New Zealand
Martyn Bradbury (Daily Blog): What lunatic inside DIA decided to launch a ‘Ministry of Truth’ 5 months before an election?
David Farrar: Press Gallery changing the rules
Shayne Currie (Herald): Media Insider: Jack Tame marries Mava Moayyed; Sean Plunket’s Press Gallery showdown; Outdoor advertising firms in ‘frenzy’ over huge AT contract (paywalled)
Antje Deckert and Juan Marcellus Tauri (The Conversation): Did ‘wokeness’ cancel Police Ten 7? New research suggests racial stereotyping was the real culprit
Shayne Currie (Herald): Stuff leadership changes: Sinead Boucher steps down as CEO, becomes executive chair; Laura Maxwell to take reins
Dita De Boni (NBR): New CEO and senior MDs vow to take Stuff into the AI era (paywalled)
Stuff: New leadership group for the next generation of Stuff announced

Georgina Campbell (Herald): Opinion: The real barriers to contraception are not $5 prescription fees (paywalled)
Liam Hehir (Blue Review): Why people hate the media: Part Deux
Lizzie Marvelly (Herald): National’s contraception stance: Insisting on prescription fees creates a big problem for women voters (paywalled)
Amelia Wade (Newshub): Contraceptive landmine: National promises improving access as Labour goes for ‘hyperbole’
Jamie Ensor (Newshub): National’s Nicola Willis lets loose at Labour getting ‘down in gutter’ after Christopher Luxon’s contraception comment
Russell Palmer (RNZ): National brands Labour’s Handmaid’s Tale tweet as ‘appalling’
Anna Whyte (Stuff): Nicola Willis accuses Labour of ‘baseless attacks’ after meme on prescription policy
Will Trafford (Whakaata Māori): Nats slammed in contraception price hike debate

Luke Malpass (Stuff): Grant Robertson tells it like it is on cyclone buy-outs and insurance
Jo Moir (Newsroom): No fast answers for cyclone-affected properties
Jack Tame (Newstalk ZB): The Government should buy out weather affected homes
Raphael Franks (Herald): Cyclone Gabrielle, Auckland floods: Deputy Mayor Desley Simpson confused over ‘funding split’ of Govt’s red-sticker buyout scheme
Michael Morrah (Newshub): Cyclone Gabrielle: Buyout for worst-hit homes leaves thousands of houses in other categories in limbo
Rob Stock (Stuff): Government’s buyout plan ‘hope-inducing,’ owners of flooded homes say
1News: Heartbreak and hope: Esk Valley locals react to buyouts
Marty Sharpe (Stuff): Cyclone Gabrielle buyout plan: Esk Valley locals want more answers
Alexa Cook (Newshub): Cyclone Gabrielle: Esk Valley residents upset after learning of buyouts for worst-hit areas via email
Adam Pearse and Gary Hamilton-Irvine (Herald): Cyclone Gabrielle: 700 homes unliveable, 10,000 need flood protection – Govt and councils to offer voluntary buyout
Marty Sharpe and Bridie Witton (Stuff): Hundreds of homeowners to get voluntary buyout offers for cyclone-hit properties
1News: Voluntary buyout to be offered to 700 cyclone, flood-hit home owners
Dan Brunskill (Interest): The total cost of buying flood risk homes could be $1 billion but critical details still awaited
Dan Brunskill (Interest): Central government will help fund local councils to buy homes in high flood risk areas hit by cyclones and floods
RNZ: Cyclone recovery: About 700 properties likely too risky to rebuild – Ministers
Pattrick Smellie (BusinessDesk): Buyout offer for cyclone red-stickered homes (paywalled)
Tom Taylor (RNZ): Eleventh-hour rates relief for Aucklanders with uninhabitable homes

Edward Willis (Spinoff): Jan Tinetti and the privileges committee, explained
Jamie Ensor (Newshub): Jan Tinetti’s day in Parliament’s court: Powerful Privileges Committee requests minister to face MPs in open session
RNZ: Education Minister Jan Tinetti to face questioning over contempt accusation
Giles Dexter (RNZ): National MP apologises for saying Commerce Commission ‘need a bullet’

Jack Tame (1News): Forget kindness – Labour has a new strategy this election
Damien Venuto (Herald): The Front Page: Awkward choices ahead – why voters should keep a close eye on minor parties this year
Matthew Hooton (Herald): Chris Hipkins’ image is fraying at the seams (paywalled)
Brent Edwards (NBR): Political positioning, law and order and MMP machinations
Steven Cowan: Chris Hipkins: Disconnected
Karanama Ruru (Stuff): Nearly 6700 voters go to Māori roll, how are things looking toward election time?
Ethan Griffiths (Open Justice Reporting): Sue Grey and Brian Tamaki launch High Court action over election campaign funding
Thomas Coughlan (Herald): Left-wing Green Party members lose leader Nicole Geluk-Le Gros
David Farrar: Principled and unprincipled defections

Simon Wilson (Herald): Auckland Mayor Wayne Brown’s budget has fallen apart over airport shares sale (paywalled)
Delphine Herbert (RNZ): ‘Blackmail’ by mayor over budget – Auckland councillor
RNZ: ‘He’s not worried about the pledge I made’ – Auckland councillors hit back at mayor
Herald: Auckland Mayor Wayne Brown takes pot shots at councillors during a shambolic meeting to shore up airport share sale
Bernard Orsman (Herald): Auckland Mayor Wayne Brown’s final budget plan offers airport shares tradeoff
Dita De Boni (NBR): Mayor threatens councillors: sale of Airport stake or austerity (paywalled)
Erin Johnson (Stuff): Wayne Brown’s budget refresh – what’s changed?
RNZ: Auckland Mayor Wayne Brown unveils his plans to address budget hole
Matthew Scott (Newsroom): Brown calls for councillor loyalty – and media to stay away
1News: Wayne Brown media exclusion ‘an affront to democratic process’
RNZ: Wayne Brown’s media ban attempt for Auckland Council budget speech an ‘insult to voters’ – Media Freedom Council
Erin Johnson (Stuff): ‘Insult to voters’: Media Freedom boss pans Auckland mayor’s office for cherry-picking journalists
William Hewett (Newshub): Mayor Wayne Brown snubs major New Zealand media organisations for Auckland Council update
Toby Manhire (Spinoff): And so we howl again, into the void: Where is Wayne Brown?
Georgina Campbell (Herald): Wellington mayor Tory Whanau claims she was heckled and booed at public meeting (paywalled)
Andrea Vance (Post): Wellington’s mayor Tory Whanau to make her diary public (paywalled)
Erin Gourley (Post): Wellington City Council agrees on 12.3% rates increase with just three councillors opposed (paywalled)
Tina Law (Press): Christchurch rates rise steeper than forecast at nearly 8% (paywalled)
Brendon McMahon (Local Democracy Reporting): $500,000 spending on consultants needed for West Coast’s TTPP
Olivia Caldwell (Stuff): Watch: A chat with Gore mayor Ben Bell and the great southern cheese roll bake-off
Hamish McNeilly (Stuff): Conspiracy theorists, including former mayoral contender, hijack council forum
George Heagney (Manawatū Standard): Horowhenua’s land value rating system continues after close vote – rates up 7 per cent
Janine Rankin (Manawatū Standard): Planning for urban growth adds to Palmerston North rates bill
George Heagney (Manawatū Standard): Horowhenua council votes to dump Levin Landfill

Chris Trotter (Daily Blog): The Extinction Of Rebellion
John Minto (Daily Blog): A different approach to the wealth crisis
Josie Pagani (Stuff): Don’t waste a good crisis, fix productivity
Brianna Mcilraith (Stuff): Baked beans on toast for dinner, no more snacks: How we are changing our grocery habits to stay afloat
Jonathan Barrett (The Conversation): Making NZ’s tax system fairer is a good idea – but this proposed new law isn’t the answer
Dan Brunskill (Interest): Has the Reserve Bank become politicised?
Liam Dann (Herald): Immigration is running hotter than ever – is that good or bad news for the economy? (paywalled)

Tom Pullar-Strecker (Stuff): Rio Tinto books $122 million profit from NZ aluminium smelter
Rob Stock (Stuff): Regulator takes action alleging Medical Assurance Society over-charged customers
Brianna Mcilraith (Stuff): Financial sector urged to phase out terms like ‘credit’ and ‘debt arrears’
Herald: Air New Zealand accused of greenwashing by Consumer NZ, airline says allegations are ‘unfair’

James Halpin (Stuff): ‘Putin’s chef’ confirms plans for Chatham Islands in cryptic email to Stuff
1News: ‘Bizarre’: Chathams mayor on alleged Russian interest in islands
Richard Harman (Politik): The Commonwealth, cricket and curry (paywalled)
Brent Edwards (NBR): Trade Minister globetrotting on free trade (paywalled)
1News: UK hails first post-Brexit trade deals with NZ, Australia
Jack Smylie (NZ Review of Books): The China Tightrope
by Sam Sachdeva

Phil Pennington (RNZ): Auckland Harbour Bridge trembles when crowds walk on it, documents show
Thomas Coughlan (Herald): Government tips extra $252m into beleaguered road programme (paywalled)
Tom Hunt (Post): Public Service Watch: Let’s Get Wellington Moving, the capital’s greatest oxymoron (paywalled)
Jordan Dunn (RNZ): Auckland Transport stands firm on refusal to set up train service for northwest

Damien Venuto (Herald): The Front Page: What’s behind the spike in crime?
1News: NZ police force the ‘largest it has ever been’ – minister

Fiona Ellis (ODT): University in downward spiral, vice-chancellor says (paywalled)
Wiliam Hewett (Newshub): Secondary teachers’ union slams Ministry of Education for new pay offer, says Govt only listens to industrial action

Sharon Brettkelly (RNZ): The Detail: What next for NZ’s big emitters?
Shanti Mathias (Spinoff): What is deep sea mining, and how could it alter a vital ecosystem?

Arena Williams and Stuart Smith (Stuff): Those struggling to find dependable housing are some of the most vulnerable
Laura Smith (Local Democracy Reporting): Loafers Lodge fire: Rotorua Mayor wants urgent action on fire safety after tragedy
Herald: Loafers Lodge fire: Man charged with five counts of murder

Glenn McConnell (Stuff): Government slammed for not lifting breast cancer screening age despite promise
Brittany Keogh and Rachel Thomas (Post): Third of 6-month-olds unvaccinated as rates continue to fall (paywalled)
Rob Campbell (Post): Ownership matters in the provision of health (paywalled)
Fiona Ellis (ODT): Wakari Hospital under pressure (paywalled)
Nicholas Boyack (Post): Seismic future looking brighter for Hutt Hospital (paywalled)
Shane Jones (Herald): World Health Organisation needs reform – not fattening (paywalled)
Chris Schultz (Spinoff): All your questions about legal prescription weed, answered

Graham Adams (The Common Room): “Co-governance for your deck!”
Anna Whyte (Stuff): Emergency fuel stock law change introduced to Parliament
Ben Moore (BusinessDesk): Kiwibank too small to keep up on open banking (paywalled)
Herald: Jacinda Ardern and Clarke Gayford celebrate their ninth anniversary: ‘Endless love and support’



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