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Today’s content

Mall terror attack
Thomas Manch (Stuff): The terrorist was a ‘highly damaged’ refugee, and efforts to help him failed
Sam Hurley (Herald): The terrorist I knew and the attack I had long feared (paywalled)
Andrew Geddis (Spinoff): Would harsher terrorism laws have prevented the mall attack?
Alexander Gillespie (The Conversation): New Zealand needs to go beyond fast-tracking counter-terrorism laws to reduce the risk of future attacks
David Fisher (Herald): Terrorist was an ‘outlier’ but security services now checking watchlist of potential threats for fresh risk (paywalled)
Anthony O’Brien (Spinoff): The Mental Health Act is not a tool to detain would-be terrorists. The very idea is dangerous
Danielle Clent (Stuff): Terrorist’s beliefs ‘not symptoms of mental illness’
Lincoln Tan (Herald): Terrorist couldn’t be detained under Mental Health Act after he refused pyschological assessment: Legal expert
Anusha Bradley (RNZ): New Lynn terror attack: Failure to use Mental Health Act criticised
Lydia Lewis and Mark Quinlivan (Newshub): LynnMall terror attack: New Zealand should have got rid of terrorist much sooner – law expert
Donna Miles (Stuff): We must be careful not to fall into the terrorism trap 
RNZ: New Zealand counter-terrorism legislation outdated – law experts
Sam Sachdeva (Newsroom): The ‘Achilles heel’ exposed by Auckland terrorist
Audrey Young (Herald): Questions need to be asked despite Ardern’s assurances on LynnMall terrorist (paywalled)
Richard Harman (Politik): The loophole that let the terrorist go free (paywalled)
Thomas Manch (Stuff): A terror attack that occurred while the Government was watching 
John Battersby (Herald): NZ is no better prepared for extremism now than on March 15
David Fisher (Herald): Auckland mall terror attack – The answer to stopping such attacks (paywalled)
Tracy Watkins (Stuff): We had years to prevent a terrorist attack – we deserve to know what went wrong
Herald Editorial: Lone-wolf attacks such as Countdown terror are difficult to prevent (paywalled)
John Battersby (Stuff): The realities of New Zealand’s terrorism risk
Newstalk ZB: Nothing else could’ve legally been done to detain the terrorist
Newstalk ZB: Terror expert: National security services did everything in their lawful powers to thwart supermarket attacker
David Farrar (Kiwiblog): Islamic terror attacks in the West are far less common since 2017
Dan Satherley (Newshub): New Lynn terror attack: Experts say risk of follow-up violence is low, urge Kiwis to ‘challenge’ extremist ideas
Jehan Casinader (Stuff): ‘He’s not one of us’: Jehan Casinader responds to terror attack
Joe Burton (The Conversation): New Zealand’s latest terror attack shows why ISIS is harder to defeat online than on the battlefield
Anjum Rahman (Spinoff): Aotearoa was a model in response to terrorism in Christchurch. I know we can be again
Jack Tame (Newstalk ZB): Could we have stopped the terror attack?
David Farrar (Kiwiblog): Could more have been done?
Martyn Bradbury (Daily Blog): ISIS Terror attack – political winners & losers
ODT Editorial: Supermarket horror
Ross Meurant (Daily Blog): Why couldn’t the system keep us safe from an ISIS terrorist?
Kerre McIvor (Herald): Imagine how gutted police, courts and immigration are after supermarket stabbings (paywalled)
Herald: New Zealand authorities have failed again – mosque shootings victim Temel Atacocugu
Mark Quinlivan (RNZ): New Zealand reacts in shock to New Lynn stabbing
RNZ: LynnMall terror attack: How the world saw it
Herald: Lynnmall terrorist attack makes headlines around the world

Planned changes to terrorism laws, Govt action to date
Jo Moir (Newsroom): Race on to plug holes in terrorism laws
Jo Moir (Newsroom): Ardern wasting no time on terror law changes
Giles Dexter (Newshub): Government to speed up terrorism law changes following Auckland attack
Geraden Cann & Thomas Manch (Stuff): PM says new terror laws will be passed this month
Anna Whyte (1 News): PM wants counter terrorism law changes passed this month
Michael Neilson (Herald): Calls for law changes mount
Sarah Robson (RNZ): Timeline leading to terrorist’s attack in New Lynn
Scott Palmer (Newshub): LynnMall terror attack timeline: Jacinda Ardern reveals how Government tried to stop terrorist
Tova O’Brien (Newshub): Perpetrator left New Zealand despite being on Government terror watch list
Charlotte Graham-McLay (Guardian): New Zealand stabbings: officials tried for years to deport terrorist prior to Auckland attack, Jacinda Ardern says
Giles Dexter (Newshub): Government to look at Immigration Act after terrorist fabricated refugee appeal
Sarah Robson (RNZ): Government unsuccessfully tried to strip his refugee status
Jamie Ensor (Newshub): Jacinda Ardern explains why deportation hadn’t happened
Anna Leask (Herald): Government tried to deport terrorist from New Zealand – ‘no stone left unturned’
Edward Gay (Stuff): Why Auckland terror attacker wasn’t charged under terror laws despite being on watchlist
Thomas Manch (Stuff): The Government tried for years to deport supermarket attacker
Herald: PM Jacinda Ardern calls ‘facets of process’ around deportation attempts ‘frustrating’
1 News: Govt’s number one role should be protecting New Zealanders – Collins
Derek Cheng (Herald): Judith Collins defends not reviewing law years ago; calls for new law for stripping citizenship, residency
Newstalk ZB: National Party: Changes to terrorism laws wouldn’t have prevented LynnMall attack
1 News: ‘We’re with you’ – Ardern’s message to terrorist attack victims
Ben Leahy (Herald): Police fatal shooting of terrorist in Countdown supermarket facing independent investigation
Piers Fuller (Stuff): Special Tactics Group an elite police task force equipped to take on terrorists

Ahamed Samsudeen 
Katie Todd (RNZ): Missed opportunities to deradicalise LynnMall attacker, says criminologist
Herald: Auckland mall terrorist attack: Every court proceeding of terrorist revealed
Edward Gay (Stuff): Auckland terrorist was facing charges over attack on prison staff while on remand
Sam Hurley (Herald): Auckland mall terrorist was on bail, faced assault charges for attacking prison officers
Catrin Owen and Edward Gay (Stuff): Auckland terror attacker never underwent judge-ordered psychologist assessment
Sarah Robson (RNZ): LynnMall terrorist named after suppression orders lapse
Ben Leahy (Herald): Auckland mall terrorist attack: Attacker named as Kiwis of all backgrounds unite to condemn him
Jamie Ensor and Mark Longley (Newshub): LynnMall terrorist named as Ahamed Aathil Mohamed Samsudeen, refugee status and criminal history revealed
Catrin Owen (Stuff): Ahamed Samsudeen, the man behind Isis-inspired stabbings
RNZ: Checkpoint: Mayor frustrated details of attacker withheld by law
RNZ: LynnMall terrorist’s family: ‘We are heartbroken’
AAP: Auckland terrorist’s mother believes he was radicalised by neighbours
Anna Leask (Herald): Terrorist’s brother speaks out ‘We do not know what to do, we are shaken’
Edward O’Driscoll (Newshub): LynnMall terror attack: Family of terrorist ‘grieving’, ‘weren’t aware of what he was doing’

Community response
Qiuyi Tan (Herald): Refugees and minorities fearful after LynnMall attack, says NGO
Louisa Steyl Terror attack: Sri Lankan reverend, Imam speak out from Southland
Brannavan Gnanalingam (Stuff): Shame, fury and sadness: As a Sri Lankan, my heart collapsed when I heard of New Lynn attack
Tess McClure (Guardian): New Zealand stabbings: nation rallies behind Muslim community
Herald: New Zealand Muslims condemn ‘heinous’ act
1 News: NZ Sri Lankan Society ‘wholeheartedly condemns’ terrorist attack
Geraden Cann (Stuff): Stabbings ‘nothing to do with Islam’, community leader says
Glenn McConnell (Stuff): Heartbreak and support from Muslim, Sri Lankan, Pākehā and Māori communities after terror attack
Himali McInnes (Guardian): As a Sri Lankan New Zealander, I know my adopted country can find compassion amid terror
Herald: Multicultural New Zealand rallies to condemn terror attack
Ben Leahy (Herald): Christchurch mosque victims start fundraising page for those hurt in mall terror attack
Herald: Mayor Phil Goff speaks out as victims fight for life

Government management of outbreak, expert advice, alert level changes
Ian Powell (Stuff): Our Covid strategy has been a success – but we can’t ignore the government’s serious failings
Leah Grout, Nick Wilson, Jennifer Summers, Amanda Kvalsvig, Michael Baker (Public Health Expert): An Upgraded Alert Level 2 is Urgently Needed to Address the Delta Variant Threat
Jennifer Summers (Spinoff): What are the lessons for NZ from battles against delta around the world?
Jamie Morton (Herald):Predicting Delta’s spread with NZ’s ‘super model’
Shane Reti (Northern Advocate): NZ squandered 2019 measles lessons for Covid 19 outbreaks 19 outbreaks (paywalled)
Rachel Sadler (Newshub): Level 2 move for New Zealand outside of Auckland ‘should be safe’ this week – Michael Baker
Jimmy Ellingham and Andre Chumko (Stuff): Public health experts call for alert level 2-plus to combat Delta mutation
Adam Pearse (Herald): Experts favour move to alert level 2-plus
Thomas Coughlan (Herald): Hope for Auckland as new cases slow, but experts warn of ‘long tail’
Luke Malpass (Stuff): Will it be level 2 for the country outside of Auckland?
Tom Hunt, Kate Green and Charlie Gates (Stuff): Level 2 is coming – but it might stay with us until Christmas
Grant Miler (ODT): Hopes up for some freedom
Kim Moodie (RNZ): Hopes pinned on government announcement amid warnings level 2 will be different
Damien Grant (Stuff): Life must go on, despite the Covid-19 pandemic
Matt Burrows (Newshub): Government quietly makes it harder to get a COVID-19 mask exemption card in bid to ‘prevent misuse’
ODT Editorial: Law and border
Steven Joyce (Herald): Give us hope — and then give us a plan (paywalled)
Herald Editorial: What we’ll actually need before we can ‘open up’ (paywalled)
Marty Braithwaite (Stuff): I’d rather listen to the experts than ScoMo on Covid
Luke Malpass (Stuff): How do we talk about opening up, while we’re still locking down?
Michael Wright (Stuff): Why so many people thought Delta was in the South Island
Andreea Calude (Stuff):Language Matters: Kiwi metaphors of Covid-19

MIQ, border, immigration
Liam Dann (Herald): No travel doesn’t make NZ a ‘hermit economy’ (paywalled)
Matthew Scott (Newsroom): Different mood behind doors at MIQ
Siobhan Downes (Stuff): ‘No end in sight’ for Australians stranded in New Zealand
Heather du Plessis Allen (Newstalk ZB): It’s unreasonable to berate PM for not telling us about MIQ escapee
Jenna Lynch (Newshub): Judith Collins calls on Jacinda Ardern to ‘explain herself’ over handling of alleged escapee with COVID-19
Tim Dower (Newstalk ZB): What are the lessons to be learned from the MIQ breach?
Dan Satherley (Newshub): ‘Podium of convenience’ has replaced ‘podium of truth’ – Simon Bridges
Qiuyi Tan (Herald): Man tried to get into MIQ hotel Stamford Plaza twice
RNZ: Immigration New Zealand shuts its Beijing office
Eric Crampton (Offsetting behaviour): The cost of xenophobia
Hannah Sampson (Stuff): Why cloth masks are being banned on some airlines

Guyon Espiner (RNZ): Has any NZ prime minister faced as many crises as Ardern?
Andrea Vance (Stuff): With Covid-19 suspending normal politics, the Greens have put themselves in quarantine
Herald Editorial: Playing politics in a pandemic (paywalled)
Peter Wilson (RNZ): Week in Politics: Secret deals and the pressure of pandemic politics
Brent Edwards (NBR): Fact or Fiction: National troubles, parliamentary spats, Auckland traffic woes (paywalled)
Fran O’Sullivan (Herald): Judith Collins is flailing closer to politics’ death zone (paywalled)
Michael Neilson (Herald): National Party leader Judith Collins quashes leadership rumbles
Claire Trevett (Herald): Has Delta sped up the clock on Judith Collins’ leadership and what it will take for Simon Bridges to roll her (paywalled)
Jon Johansson (Stuff): Can opposition leaders win elections, or is it just a case of the incumbent losing?
Steve Braunias (Herald): The Secret Diary of … The Collins Gang (paywalled)
Sasha Borissenko: (Herald): Simon Bridges on why he’s ‘a sucker for punishment’ (paywalled)
Dan Satherley (Newshub): Simon Bridges says Judith Collins ‘doing a good job’, ‘best in the circumstances’
Phil Smith (RNZ): The House: Parliament’s tiny house vs its committees
Phil Smith (RNZ): The House: General debate: Bouquets and lumps of brick
Phil Smith (RNZ): The House: Covid, covid, covid: a week of questions at Parliament
Mike Houlahan (ODT): Woodhouse makes trip to be far South’s only MP at Delta Parliament
Victor Billot (Newsroom): An ode for .. Judith Collins
Glenn McConnell (Stuff): Hive life: Golriz Ghahraman and Nicola Willis open up about sacrifices and motivations

Vaccine rollout, mandatory vaccination
Gordon Campbell: On the messaging to the vaccine hesitants
1 News: Border workers face being out of a job if not vaccinated by month’s end
John Anthony (Stuff): Auckland Airport introduces compulsory Covid-19 vaccination policy for front line staff and new employees
Kimberly Jarvis (ODT): Mandatory Covid vaccination: rights compete against duties
Eric Crampton (Stuff): University, employer vaccination mandates could be illegal – and that is wrong
Will Mace (NBR): Compulsory vaccinations a minefield for employers (paywalled)
Katie Townshend (Stuff): Employers seek help to navigate vaccination ‘minefield’
Grant Bradley (Herald): How Auckland Airport vaccinated staff before deadline (paywalled)
Maia Hart (Stuff): Picton backpackers mandates Covid-19 vaccination for all guests 
Derek Cheng (Herald): The vaccination is finally going gangbusters – but for how long? (paywalled)
Will Trafford (Māori TV): ‘Oh, heck no!’ Government denies ‘failure’ of Māori vaccine rollout
Moana Ellis (Local Democracy Reporting): Lowest vaccination rates ‘must lift’ to avoid devastation of 1913 and 1918 epidemics
Dan Satherley (Newshub): Associate Minister of Health Peeni Henare promises priority for Māori 
should COVID-19 vaccine stocks run low
Jessica Tyson (Māori TV): Māori and Pasifika not required to book at any Whānau Ora vaccination provider
Rukuwai Tipene-Allen (Māori TV): A drive to save lives
Bill Ralston  (Herald): Failure to ensure prompt vaccine supply the Govt’s worst mistake (paywalled)
Heather du Plessis-Allan (Herald): Vaccine rollout (paywalled)
Newstalk ZB: Vaccine expert: ‘Critical’ for under 12’s to get vaccinated
Jo Moir (Newsroom): Vaccination centre next to MIQ to shut
Newstalk ZB: Police Minister can’t say if cops who arrested MIQ escapee were fully vaccinated
Rukuwai Tipene-Allen (Māori TV): Who is vaccinating the homeless?
Molly Houseman (ODT): Sharp rise in vaccination no-shows
Stuff: Health boss ‘delighted’ with vaccine response
Jane Matthews (Stuff): Taranaki man with immunocompromised daughter pleased to see thousands fully vaccinated over weekend 

Health system
Nicholas Jones (Herald): Will the health system cope with Delta? (paywalled)
Nicholas Jones (Herald): Frontline workers under ‘extraordinary pressure’, Health Minister Andrew Little says
Hannah Martin (Stuff): Patient ‘powerless’ after DHBs told private hospitals to defer surgeries
Hannah Martin (Stuff): Kiwis warned not to self-treat with ivermectin as import attempts grow
Mike Houlahan (ODT): Hospital was ill-equipped to deal with cases
RNZ: Patients waiting too long for cancer diagnoses under Covid-19 restrictions – doctor
Mike Houlahan (ODT): Cancer waiting list reduction at risk
Tim Chambers and Simon Hales (Public Health Expert): Public health response to report on potential risk of nitrate from drinking water
Nikki Macdonald (Stuff): Families shuttled around country in desperate search for neonatal beds
Jenni Stephenson (Public Health Expert): The end game should not be just Smokefree 2025 but also Vapefree
Louisa Steyl (Stuff): Health boss raises safety concerns over midwife shortage
Dave Macpherson (Daily Blog): The definition of incompetence
Esther Ashby-Coventry (Stuff): PSA takes legal action against South Canterbury District Health Board

Police checkpoints, community checkpoints
Tamati Tiananga (Māori TV): Māori truck driver calls for tighter travel restrictions on roads under alert levels
Mare Haimona-Riki (Māori TV): Northland communities prepare checkpoints for midnight level drop
Tumamao Harawira (Māori TV): Ngāti Hine take lessons from the past in setting up checkpoint
Peter de Graaf (Northern Advocate): Legacy of 1918 pandemic drive SH1 checkpoint volunteers

Cases, demographics
Emma Russell and Chris McDowall (Herald): Covid hospitalisations soar compared to last year’s outbreak
1 News: Covid-19 case on Middlemore ward ‘disturbing’ – Robertson
Jane Nixon (1 News): ‘Major stuff-up’ – Patient in Middlemore surgical ward tests positive for Covid-19
Jessie Chiang and Sharon Brettkelly (RNZ): The Detail: Using the right language for Covid communication
Sapeer Mayron (Stuff): Faith groups finding their feet online again in lockdown

Contact tracing, testing
Rowan Quinn (RNZ): Officials concerned about sharp drop in testing numbers
Andrew Chen (The Conversation): NZ is introducing mandatory record keeping to help contact tracers, but is the data protected enough?
Marc Daalder (Newsroom): Hipkins backtracks on protecting contact tracing data
David Farrar (Kiwiblog): The saliva testing debacle

Charlie Mitchell (Stuff): Three weeks inside a rabbit hole of dangerous misinformation
Jarrod Gilbert (Herald):  Disinformation, conspiracy theories and the solutions
Jane Matthews (Stuff): Taranaki doctor under investigation after being accused of spreading misinformation about Covid-19 
Nik Dirga (RNZ): Misinformation pandemic will endure longer than Delta
Chloe Fergusson-Tibble (E-Tangata): Fighting the anti-vaxers: ‘We need to wānanga’

Lockdown compliance, enforcement, rules
1 News: Police receive over 10,000 reports of lockdown gatherings
Peter de Graaf (Northern Advocate): Protest organiser Karen Brewer bailed to Mid North home
Tom Hunt (Stuff): Parking wardens ticketing the rare cars in empty Wellington streets
Sandra Conchie (Herald): Rules around funerals change again (paywalled)
Tova O’Brien (Newshub): Government to consider looser rules on funerals and burials at alert level 4
Karen Coltman (Stuff): Remuera butcher defies lockdown rules
Yashas Srinivasa (Stuff): Woman trespassed from Timaru Countdown for abusing staff
Tina Law (Stuff): ‘Be kind’: plea to Christchurch residents as lockdown noise complaints surge
Carly Gooch (Stuff): Face masks creating anxiety and stress in the Deaf community

Wage subsidy, business, economy
Debbie Jamieson (Stuff): Shareholders want reluctant Skyline to repay wage subsidy after $56m profit 
Duncan Bridgeman (Herald): Air NZ, McDonald’s franchisees among biggest wage subsidy recipients so far (paywalled)
Dileepa Fonseka (Stuff): Yes, the supply chain grinch will probably steal Christmas again
Andrea Fox (Herald): SOS petition for Govt Covid support for SMEs inspires hope Beehive will respond
Tom Pullar-Strecker (Stuff): Firms report fresh problems applying for wage subsidy after Thursday night botch
Tamsyn Parker (Herald): Wage subsidy glitch: Accountant shocked by MSD response to system outage (paywalled)
Tamsyn Parker (Herald): Wage subsidy headache: Website outage blamed on technical glitch
RNZ: Apology for businesses hit by wage subsidy glitch
Zane Small (Newshub): National MP joins chorus of frustrated businesses after unexpected closure of wage subsidy applications
Anuja Nadkarni (Newsroom): Businesses still waiting for wage subsidy payment as first round ends
Keiller MacDuff (Stuff): Concerns temp workers slipping through gaps in wage subsidy scheme
Tom Pullar-Strecker (Stuff): Newer firms no longer shut out from resurgence support scheme
Brent Edwards (NBR): Green Party supports more help for small businesses hurt by lockdown (paywalled)
Gavin Oliver (Herald): Tourism needs Government support to bounce back (paywalled)
Christopher Niesche (Herald): A shot in the arm for Australia’s economy from October (paywalled)
Rob Stock (Stuff): Waikato couple Dave Orr and Heather Logie lost more than $1 million to Covid-19 when their shuttle business collapsed
Evan Harding (Stuff): Embattled business owner sees light at end of Covid-19 tunnel
Amanda Cropp (Stuff): The fashion industry is struggling with shipping delays, huge freight costs, and home-workers opting for track pants over office attire
Anne Gibson (Herald): Auckland landlord Masfen Group gives tenants rent breaks (paywalled)
Jonathan Milne (Newsroom): Building supplies crisis: Tradies hit the nail on the head
Katy Jones (Stuff): Parents asked to donate fees to early childhood centres in lockdown

Sarah Steele and Dilan Thampapillai (Herald): How the OnlyFans controversy revealed gig workers’ bind
Kate MacNamara (Herald): New Zealand workers find greener pastures on Canadian farms
Zoe Hunter (Herald): The end of 9 to 5? How Gen Z is changing the way we work (paywalled)

Inequality, charities, domestic violence
Dileepa Fonseka (Stuff): The unequal costs of lockdown will come back to bite us
Janet Wilson (Stuff): There’s something wrong when we’re feeding the world, but our own people go hungry
CPAG: Government response to lockdown poverty “inadequate” and “sluggish”
Māori TV: Leave your bubble if it’s unsafe
Will Trafford (Māori TV): Booze abuse again tops lockdown callouts

Keith Locke (Daily Blog): The urgent need for New Zealand aid to Afghanistan
Guardian: ‘We are in darkness’: diary of a NZDF interpreter left behind in Kabul
Danielle Zollickhofer (Herald): ‘I don’t want my family tortured by the Taliban’: Interpreter who worked for NZDF makes desperate plea
Andrew McRae (RNZ): Helen Clark tells Kiwis to raise their voice: ‘Afghanistan needs our help now’

Mike Bedford (Spinoff): Why I’m worried about early childhood centres operating under Covid alert level three
Herald Editorial: The kids are alright – home learning needn’t be stressful (paywalled)
Sarah Catherall (Stuff): ‘Parents are not expected to be teachers’: Facing the struggle of home learning during lockdown
ODT: Online uni exams not expected to cause problems
Lee Kenny (Stuff): University of Otago exams to be held online to prevent Covid disruption

Primary industries
Nadine Porter (Stuff): Federated Farmers calls Groundswell protest organisers ‘crazy’
Pat Baskett (Newsroom): NZ’s dairy problem: Growing crops to feed animals to feed humans was never economic
Laura Smith (ODT): Grazing advice heeded

Local government
Diane McCarthy (RNZ): Councils call for feedback on three waters reform
Whanganui Chronicle: Whanganui District Council releases questions to the Government regarding Three Waters programme
Tim Newman (Stuff): Concerns raised over benefits of 3 Waters reforms for Nelson
Susan Botting (Northern Advocate Local Democracy Reporting): Three waters: Whangārei District Council breaks rank, leads Northland counterproposal
Muriel Newman (NZCPR): Time to pull the plug on three waters
Frank Newman (NZCPR): Three waters: Lifting the veil of complexity
Bruce Smith (NZPR): Part 3 of the Westland District Council Mayor’s Three Waters journey
Miriam Bell (Stuff): Union claims former Ports of Auckland CEO got big payout 
Andrea Fox (Herald): Auckland mayor Phil Goff angry at big payout to former port CEO Tony Gibson (paywalled)
Matthew Rosenberg (Local Democracy Reporting): What’s eating Invercargill deputy mayor Nobby Clark?
RNZ: ‘An awful lot of improvement’ in Invercargill City Council progress review – Deputy says
Mike Mather (Stuff): Hooked on some feelings: Misgivings over ‘perceptions’ has councillors divided over safety survey
Molly Houseman (ODT): ORC Petition with minister
RNZ: Wānaka looks to secede from ‘Queenstown-centric’ decision making
Guy Williams (ODT): Average rates increase lower than planned
Luisa Girao (ODT): Plan aims to boost plastic recycling
Luisa Girao (ODT): Mixed feelings over proposed Stewart Island levy rise
Nicholas Boyack (Stuff):Lower Hutt’s RiverLink: The $700m project to fix a river and a city

Melanie Earley (Stuff): Auckland woman and young son slept in car due to black mould in Kāinga Ora home
Jono Galuszka (Stuff): Whanganui homeless fear loss of campsite ‘home’ and proposed bylaw
John Lewis (ODT): Gender discrimination woes
Catherine Harris (Stuff): Auckland property market remains buoyant under lockdown: agency
Lawrence Gullery (Stuff): Builders face ‘shortages all over the place’ thanks to ‘berserk’ housing market and Auckland’s lockdown

Colin Peacock (RNZ): Mediawatch: Media confront thorny questions raised by terror attack
Andrew Gunn (Stuff): Got a piping hot take on Covid? Get in the queue
Colin Peacock (RNZ): TVNZ’s long-serving boss creates a vacuum
Dita De Boni (NBR): Media commentator asks if history is repeating as TVNZ CEO resigns (paywalled)
RNZ: TVNZ chief executive Kevin Kenrick resigns after nine years at the helm
Duncan Greive (Spinoff): Confronting new research shows just how fast traditional media lost young NZ

Climate change, environment
Olivia Wannan (Stuff): Soaring demand to pollute blows Government’s first limit on carbon units
RNZ: Govt’s emissions trading scheme hit by speculators eyeing up ‘easy money’
Andrew Bevin (NBR): Pundits seek change to ‘dysfunctional’ ETS after carbon prices soar
No Right Turn: Climate Change: We need a total carbon budget
Amber Allott (Stuff): Canterbury meets just two of more than 30 water quality goals set a decade ago
Jamie Morton (Herald): Why have there been so many big floods? Insurance cost is $180 million and counting (paywalled)
Amber Allott (Stuff): The new leaders of change: The time to act on climate change is now
Richard Harman (Politik): Upton and Salmon’s problems with David Parker’s resource management reforms (paywalled)
David Williams (Newsroom): The highs and lows of DoC’s Lou Sanson
Bruce Munro (ODT): Lou Sanson: Caring for here

Marty Sharpe (Stuff): Complaint laid over actions of senior judges in Oranga Tamariki case
Dale Husband (E-Tangata): Judge Mike Mika: I just smile now
Māori TV: Justice Christian Whata appointed Law Commissioner
Simon Bridges (Newsroom): On Arthur Taylor – ‘His book betrays a rank hypocrisy’

KiwiSaver, retirement
Susan Edmunds (Stuff): Higher tax for working pensioners: ‘There’s no easy solution’
Rob Stock (Stuff): Covid taught us to love KiwiSaver, but also revealed some of its flaws
David Boyle (Stuff): How many Kiwis has KiwiSaver saved?
Rob Stock (Stuff): Why are there so many people in KiwiSaver who aren’t saving at all?
Rob Stock (Stuff): Lifting the pension age is the perfect way for Government to raid KiwiSaver

Brian Easton (Pundit): Are We Undermining Science’s Credibility?
Karl du Fresne: Three things I’m scratching my head about this morning
Alison Mau (Stuff): The harsh new Texas abortion law should be a warning to us all
Tom Pullar-Strecker (Stuff): The future of gas: chewing over the green-hydrogen cooked sausage
Jamie Gray (Herald): Genesis Energy defends transfer pricing policy after Electricity Authority ruling (paywalled)
Kristin Hall (1 News): Enough chances for greyhound racing industry – animal welfare advocates
Eva Corlett (Guardian): New Zealand and Australia prepare to do battle (again) over treasured and lucrative Mānuka honey
Khylee Quince (Stuff): When litigation was filed in the name of a key food source
Craig Hoyle (Stuff): I experienced gay conversion therapy. Here’s why it should be banned
RNZ: Aotearoa has its warmest winter on record, with warm spring forecast
Tainui Stephens (E-Tangata): Calling out hatred
Juressa Lee (E-Tangata): The tainting of New Zealand rugby
Will Harvie (Stuff): Nurseries struggling to keep up with ‘extreme’ demand for native plants
Lana Andelane (Newshub): Nearly $700k to be forfeited to Crown following Wellington Mongrel Mob inquiry
Daisy Hudson (ODT): 300 police calls to MSD since 2016
Jason Young (Newsroom): China’s push for common prosperity
Jane Bowron (Stuff): What if the south did the splits? 



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