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Newsletter: New Zealand Politics Daily – March 25 2019

Editor’s Note: Here below is a list of the main issues currently under discussion in New Zealand and links to media coverage.

The Beehive and Parliament Buildings.
Today’s content

Understanding extremism
Herald Editorial: A newspaper’s role – Searching for answers in the dark place
Kirsty Johnston (Herald): Hidden in plain sight: How alleged Christchurch gunman was radicalised
Tim Watkin (Pundit): We need to understand hate to defeat it, not ignore it
Graham Adams (Noted): The perils of playing the blame game
Philip Matthews (Stuff): Radical losers and lone wolves: What drives the alt-right?
Martin van Beynen (Stuff): From this loss of innocence something stronger may grow
Moana Jackson (E-Tangata): The connection between white supremacy and colonisation
Stuff: Austria says Christchurch mosque shooting suspect visited there
Paul Thomas (Listener): Can Donald Trump be blamed for the Christchurch shooting?

Manifesto deemed objectionable by Chief Censor
Karoline Tuckey (RNZ): Legal experts say censorship on gunman’s manifesto went too far
Press Editorial: Censor right to ban the terrorist manifesto
Liam Hehir (Pundit): Why it might make sense to censor this ‘manifesto’
Dan Satherley (Newshub): Manifesto crosses a line that Mein Kampf didn’t – Chief Censor David Shanks
1News: Chief Censor explains exactly why he banned alleged Christchurch gunman’s ‘manifesto’
1News: Alleged Christchurch gunman’s manifesto banned, Chief Censor says any copies must be destroyed
Danielle Clent (Stuff): Document written by alleged Christchurch gunman classified ‘objectionable’
RNZ: Christchurch mosque shootings: ‘Manifesto’ deemed objectionable
Herald: Alleged Christchurch terror attacker’s manifesto banned
Charles Anderson (Guardian): Censor bans ‘manifesto’ of Christchurch mosque shooter

Gun law reform, firearms
Mike Houlahan (ODT): Composure needed before creating new laws
Derek Cheng (Herald): Past gun law reform attempts by Labour and National have failed
Henry Cooke (Stuff): We are not a datapoint in your gun debate, America
Lew Stoddart (RNZ): Gun law reform strikes a fair balance
John Battersby (The Conversation): Why NZ needs to follow weapons ban with broad review of security laws
Mike Hosking (Newstalk ZB): Will gun law reform make a difference?
Dan Satherley (Newshub): Why the gun crackdown might not achieve anything
Tom O’Connor (Stuff): It’s time for gun responsibility to top gun rights
RNZ: Explainer: How New Zealand’s gun laws are changing in the wake of the Christchurch attacks
Gia Garrick (RNZ): ACT leader David Seymour sounds warning on pace of gun law reform
Jason Walls (Herald): Deputy Labour Leader Kelvin Davis has handed one semi-automatic rifle over to police
Sophie Bateman (Newshub): Corrections Minister Kelvin Davis surrenders his own semi-automatic rifle to police
1News: Corrections Minister hands gun into police, says it ‘was the right thing to do’
Sam Hurley (Herald): Judge stops wife of gun lobbyist from importing 20 military-style semi-automatics
Cecile Meier (Stuff): Police restrict online hand-in gun form after flood of fake submissions
Maiki Sherman (1News): Firearm buyback scheme could cost $500m, twice the Government’s estimate, lobbyist group says
Nick O’Malley (Stuff): Judith Collins tells US lobby group NRA to ‘bugger off’ over New Zealand gun reform
Tom Pullar-Strecker (Stuff): NRA calls for stop to NZ’s ‘socialist disarmament’ alongside appeal for donations
RNZ: Military-style semi-automatic weapons ban: Gun lobby will fight changes warns reform advocate
Herald: More than 400 phone police about guns after Government imposed new restrictions
Stuff:Firearms changes prompt more than 1000 to promise to surrender their guns
1News: Police Minister says NZ must be rid of military-style weapons – ‘There is no need’
Stuff: Gun licence approval for man charged with Christchurch shooting followed ‘correct process’
RNZ: Christchurch terror attack accused’s gun licence obtained without proper checks – former police officer
Herald: How accused obtained guns – the referees and police interview
Cecile Meier (Stuff): Gun owner happy to hand in rifle for free, others say law change is causing anxiety
Vice: New Zealand Is Coming For These Farmers’ Guns. They’re OK With That.
Ryan Anderson (Stuff): Deer hunters urged to show people guns can be used responsibly
Rob Stock (Stuff): How to go weapons-free in your KiwiSaver portfolio
Herald: Super Fund set to pull out of gun investments
1News: America eyes NZ as sweeping changes to gun laws enforced

Phil Pennington (RNZ): SIS accused of breaching NZ Muslims’ rights: It’s ‘unethical, misleading’, says critic
Gia Garrick (RNZ): Human Rights Foundation calls for open inquiry into shootings
1News: Simon Bridges calls for tougher cyber security laws in wake of Christchurch terror attacks
Dan Satherley (Newshub): Time to revisit cyber mass surveillance – Simon Bridges
RNZ: Morning report: Simon Bridges on call for royal inquiry into spy agencies
Richard Harman (Politik): Colleague warns Bridges over security clampdown
Jason Walls (Herald): National Leader Simon Bridges: Royal Inquiry into the Christchurch terror attacks is needed
Tina Law (Stuff):National calls for Royal Commission into security agencies after mosque attacks
RNZ: National calls for inquiry into NZ’s intelligence agencies
Sophie Bateman (Newshub): Simon Bridges calls for Royal Commission into Christchurch attacks
Mike Wesley-Smith (Newshub): The global threat of white supremacist terrorism

Role of media
Jeremy Rose (RNZ): Mediawatch: To name or not to name: the evidence
Colin Peacock (RNZ): Mediawatch: Lessons from Norway on covering the quest for justice
Tim Murphy (Newsroom): Our media did us proud
Shilo Kino (Spinoff): I’m struggling to be a journalist in New Zealand right now
Tom Pullar-Strecker (Stuff): Full picture over Sky News block emerges after Sky TV issues ‘correction’
Bruce Cotterill (Stuff): We need real journalists, not just social media
Simon Draper (Stuff): Messages of condolence form Asia in the wake of the Christchurch attacks went unreported

Social media
Tom Pullar-Strecker (Stuff): Ministers hopeful NZ won’t have to act unilaterally on ‘Facebook tax’
Finn Hogan (Newshub): Facebook: Platform or a publisher?
Anna Bracewell-Worrall (Newshub): Facebook defends its livestreaming service amid criticism
Bruce Munro (ODT): The war on truth
Finn Hogan Fake news a ‘public health emergency’ – author
Bernard Hickey (Newsroom): Two Cents’ Worth Podcast: Raw power in the internet era
Jenée Tibshraeny (Interest): Why Joe Public has more power than Jacinda Ardern when it comes to getting Mark Zuckerberg to change
Dan Satherley and Elle Prendergast (Newshub): Christchurch terror attack: ‘Specialist team’ on the lookout for people who share the video, manifesto
Grant Bradley (Herald): Tourism New Zealand suspends promotion of country overseas; Facebook, YouTube strategy under review
Megan Harvey (Herald): Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has received death threats on social media

Peters abroad, Turkey
Matthew Theunissen (RNZ): Turkish Embassy denies hostility toward New Zealanders
Jason Walls (Herald): The Turkish Embassy is rejecting any reports of a ‘hostile environment’ in Turkey against Kiwis
Stuff: New Zealanders will be safe in Turkey after Christchurch terror attacks, Turkish embassy says
RNZ: Erdogan shows video attack footage again
Serj Tankian (Newshub): Gallipoli pilgrimage should be suspended
Mike Hosking (Newstalk ZB): Diplomatic doormats – Winston Peters’ career-defining cock up in Turkey
Michael Reddell: Ministers in Turkey
1News: Winston Peters tells world Muslim leaders Govt focusing on safety for Muslim communities
Zeynep Bilginsoy and Suzan Fraser (AP): Winston Peters says mosque gunman faces life in prison in isolation
Brittney Deguara (Stuff): Winston Peters tells Islamic organisation: ‘The families of the fallen will have justice’
Patrick Wintour and Bethan McKernan (Guardian): Erdoğan praises New Zealand PM after row over mosque attacks

Govt response to terror attack, Ardern’s leadership
Sophie Bateman (Newshub): Government announces National Remembrance Service
Philip Matthews (Stuff): ‘We are all forever changed’: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern reflects on the week
1News: Jacinda Ardern: ‘What I have done has not been about leadership’
Stuff: Parenthood shaped Jacinda Ardern’s reaction to Christchurch shooting
Marama Davidson (Spinoff): As aroha ripples across NZ, let us pledge never to go back to the way we were
Nick O’Malley and Deborah Snow (Sydney Morning Herald): A masterclass from New Zealand in responding to terror
Claire Trevett (Herald): Jacinda Ardern’s response to mosque terror is a powerful diplomatic tool
Liam Hehir (Stuff): Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s response to Christchurch mosque shootings pitch perfect
Amy Nelmes Bissett (Independent): ‘Jacinda is a beacon of hope’: How New Zealand’s prime minister has helped heal a heartbroken nation
Derek Cheng (Herald): Prince El Hassan Bin Talal says PM Jacinda Ardern’s response will be galling to peddlers of hate
Lee Kenny (Stuff): Jordanian Prince’s heartfelt thanks to Kiwis during Christchurch mosque visit
RNZ: Jordanian prince praises New Zealand’s reaction to terror and hatred
RNZ: Jordanian prince visits Al Noor Mosque in Christchurch
Tracy Watkins (Stuff): We are all New Zealanders: Prince Hassan’s message for Kiwis after the Christchurch mosque attacks
Paul Gorman (Stuff): NZ’s international reputation will not be tarnished by Christchurch tragedy – expert
New York Times Editorial: America Deserves a Leader as Good as Jacinda Ardern
Greg JericHo (Guardian): Jacinda envy: why the days of a middle-aged white male leader could be over
Anna Fifield (Washington Post): Five ways that New Zealand showed solidarity with its Muslims this week
Herald Editorial: Kiwis care for the Muslim community has been an example worldwide
Dunya News: PM Imran invites NZ counterpart Jacinda Ardern to visit Pakistan
Heather du Plessis-Allan (Herald): PM Jacinda Ardern has balanced compassion with strength
Madeleine Chapman (Spinoff): Jacinda Ardern, after Christchurch
Steven Cowan: Jacindamania Part 2
RNZ: Petitions calling for Jacinda Ardern to get Nobel Peace Prize
Stephanie Mitchell (Stuff): International petition pushes for Jacinda Ardern to get the Nobel Peace Prize
Katie Fitzgerald (Newshub): Petition launched for Jacinda Ardern to receive Nobel Peace Prize
1News: Petition to give Jacinda Ardern Nobel Peace Prize reaches more than 18,000
Herald: Jacinda Ardern has ‘rewritten the script on responding to terror attacks’: New Yorker column full of praise for PM ‘Do you mind if I give you a hug?’ Waleed Aly interviews Jacinda Ardern
Joel McManus (Stuff): World’s tallest building lit up with image of Jacinda Ardern
1News: ‘The gift of having a safer country to grow up in’ – Clarke Gayford and Neve pay tribute to Jacinda Ardern

Peter Wilson (RNZ): Week in politics: Seven days of shock, horror and soul searching
Stacey Kirk (Stuff): Holding politicians accountable for their words after Christchurch terror attacks
Andrea Vance (Stuff): Nearly 30 back office workers have quit Parliament in three months

Crusaders name change proposal
Ross Karl (Newshub): Super Rugby: History of Crusaders name was never explored – former NZ Rugby marketing director
Christopher Reive (Herald): Crusaders intellectual property belongs to New Zealand Rugby; can’t make name change without NZR’s blessing
Mat Kermeen (Stuff): No shortage of options if Crusaders decide to change name in wake of Christchurch shootings

Censorship, free speech
Liam Hehir (Pundit): Banning Jordan Peterson book inconsistent, but not anti-freedom
Vice: Jordan Peterson’s ’12 Rules’ Book Pulled From New Zealand Shelves Following the Christchurch Mosque Shootings
Amos Chapple (Herald): Take it from a Kiwi abroad. Limiting speech will not make us safer
Lizzie Marvelly (Herald): Speech may be free but it can cost lives
Leighton Smith (Herald): Blame game brings us crashing back to earth
Bob Irvine (Stuff): Censorship the lessor of two evils when it comes to the global fight against hate

Graeme Edgeler (Spinoff): How will the trial of the alleged Christchurch mosque murderer work?
Stuff: Corrections denies reports only pākehā officers guarding Christchurch accused shooter
Scott Palmer (Newshub): Christchurch terror attack: Corrections denies only white guards watching alleged gunman
Carolyne Meng-Yee (Herald): Alleged terror gunman flown to Auckland on Air Force plane

Christchurch mosque shootings – other
Paul Little (Herald): New Zealand can gain victory in good winning out over hateful content on social media
David Farrar: Was the Christchurch attack the least successful attack in recent history?
Wil Hoverd (Stuff): NZ is committed to religious diversity – but do we know what that means?
Alexandra Nelson (Newshub): New Zealand faces future of terror evacuations, shut-downs – security expert
Katie Fitzgerald (Newshub): Mayor Lianne Dalziel ‘forgot’ white supremacists held march in her city
Mahvash Ali (Spinoff): Wear a headscarf today if you respect what it means
Scott Palmer and Kethaki Masilamani (Newshub): ‘How do I manage?’: Christchurch widows struggle with life after attack
MIchael Neilson (Herald): Christchurch vigil or political rally? Why some people walked out of Auckland Domain event
Johnny Moore (Press): A realisation of how much I’ve had the blinkers on
RNZ: Racist grafitti on Gisborne church hits raw nerves after mosque attacks
Phil Pennington (RNZ): No charges for man wearing swastika outside mosque
Southland Times Editorial: Spasms of citizenship don’t redeem gangs
1News: Fear of ‘mosque today, marae tomorrow’ partly behind gangs reaching out to Muslim community – expert
Katie Kenny (Stuff): Millions has been raised for Christchurch mosque shootings victims and families. Where’s it going?
John Armstrong (1News): Christchurch terror attack both a wake-up call and a national disgrace
1News: Newly emerged CCTV footage shows Christchurch terror attack expanding beyond mosques
Sam Hurley (Herald): Police arrest several people for ‘inciting fear’ after Christchurch terror attacks
Herald: ‘This is not us!’: Destiny Church’s Brian Tamaki slams Muslim call to prayer
ARY News: Front pages of TIME, NZ newspapers pay homage to Christchurch victims
Andre Chumko (Stuff): Wellington artist Ruby Jones designs Time Magazine cover
Stuff: World embraces cartoonist’s mosque attack image
RNZ: Banners for mosque victims removed at Super Rugby match in Sydney
Michelle Duff (Stuff): Gaming culture and the alt-right: The weaponisation of hate

Simon Collins (Herald): Call for tough action after 26 early childhood education services broke rules repeatedly
Herald: Auckland private girls’ school revises uniform policy after hijab backlash
Herald: St Kent’s cleared to play in Auckland 1st XV competition following independent review panel decision
Ben Francis (Newshub): St Kentigern cleared to contest Auckland First XV competition
RNZ: St Kent’s to stand down new-to-school players for some games

Local Government
Andre Chumko (Stuff): Meng Foon’s outstanding legacy on Gisborne, and New Zealand
Sam Kilmister (Manawatū Standard): District councils unlikely to create ‘register’ of behind-closed-door decisions
Evan Harding (Southland Times): Sir Tim Shadbolt under the pump as another election looms
Elton Rikihana Smallman (Stuff): Hamilton CBD development booming but ratepayers footing bill
Cherie Sivignon (Stuff): Hands rise early for Tasman district mayoralty
Paul Gorman (Stuff): Unfinished business for some of ECan’s sacked councillors
Matthew Littlewood (Timaru Herald): David Caygill says extra ECan councillor for South Canterbury will help ‘share the load’
Michael Reddell: Wellington: not doing amazing things
Nicol Horrell (Southland Times): Unity strengthens a pained nation and a progressive province
RNZ: Otago council accused of hiding report

Susan Edmunds (Stuff): Where have the affordable suburbs gone?
Jo McKenzie-McLean (Stuff): Otago families forced into tents, cars and caravans due to affordable housing shortfall
Donal Curtin: Did Special Housing Areas help?

Nicholas Jones (Herald): Charity restores sight of retiree after cataract operation rejection: ‘I was on the brink’
ODT Editorial: Vaccinations are a social contract
Felix Desmarais (Stuff): Family Planning survey shows kids going online to learn more about sex
ODT Editorial: People need say on hospital
RNZ: Scooters: $2.9m ACC bill for users’ injuries
Charlie Dreaver (RNZ): Six years later, mother still waiting for coronial inquest into son’s death
RNZ: Balclutha marches for meth awareness
Melanie Earley (Stuff): Spike in gestational diabetes in south Auckland a ‘growing concern’
Elliott M. Reinhardt and Juliet R. Guichon (ODT): Youth sucked in on vaping
Albert Redmore (Newshub): Safety of Middlemore health workers ‘completely unacceptable’ – nursing advisor
Herald: Middlemore Hospital worker’s collarbone broken in assault on two staff near car park
Lucy Warhurst (Newshub): Funding needed for south Auckland birthing centre

Jennifer Eder (Stuff): Federated Farmers Marlborough president slams tax reform as funds for the ‘useless’
Liam Dann (Herald): Capital Gains Tax: What it means for business owners

Jamie Morton (Herald): Auckland’s rising seas: Insurance warning as 43,000 at risk
Kristy Wynn (Herald): Rich-lister takes on insurer for New Zealanders who can’t afford to

Jamie Morton (Herald): NZ’s glaciers ‘sad and dirty’ after third-hottest summer
Farah Hancock (Newsroom): NZ’s at-risk fish: underwater and out of mind
Will Harvie (Stuff): More deer encountered after 1080 drops
RNZ: Wharf plan on hold after Māori object over sewage

Matt Nippert (Herald): Sir Peter Jackson to Jacinda Ardern: Film subsidies ‘might seem unfair’ but taps need to stay on
Joel Ineson (Stuff): MSD wrong to put Blair Nevin out of a job
Jane Kelsey (Daily Blog): Why NZ must get rid of ISDS now
Sam Sachdeva (Newsroom): China trade threats ‘all bark and no bite’
Andrea Vance (Stuff): Hit & Run inquiry blasts Nick Hager and lawyers for holding back witnesses
Susan Edmunds (Stuff): Worker whose boss asked for $888 for training: I just want my wages
Tim Murphy (Newsroom): Privacy Bill avoids notification fatigue
Southland Times: Children’s Minister quizzed on state care abuse figures
Lois Williams (RNZ): Ex-mayor’s truck company granted stay of license revocation order
Alister Browne (Stuff): Long-time politician’s autobiography heavy on detail; light on revelation
Cherie Howie (Herald): For reel: Hone Harawira and Don Brash plan fishing trip
Cecile Meier (Stuff): Transgender rights debate: Separating the facts from the fiction
Rod Oram (Newsroom): Time for Fonterra to get serious
Fran O’Sullivan (Herald): Mega-rich investors must stand up for NZ
Stuff: Apology to Tim Groser