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Newsletter: New Zealand Politics Daily – March 20 2019

Editor’s Note: Here below is a list of the main issues currently under discussion in New Zealand and links to media coverage.

The Beehive and Parliament Buildings.
Today’s content

Christchurch mosque shootings: The victims
RNZ: They are us. A memorial to the victims of the 15 March 2019 Christchurch terror attacks.

Christchurch mosque shootings: Govt response, parliament
Gordon Campbell: On why the government shouldn’t run the Christchurch massacre inquiry
David Fisher (Herald): ‘Lone wolf’ killers the hardest terrorist to find – and our spies had yet to finish their plan to tackle far-right extremism
Jason Walls (Herald): Minister in charge of intelligence agencies says inquiry into terror attack will show spy agencies did their jobs
1News: ‘We have to own this’ – Andrew Little vows no stone will be left unturned in Christchurch terror attack investigations
Phil Pennington (RNZ): Christchurch terror attacks: Critics condemn spy agencies’ surveillance strategy
Dominion Post Editorial: Government agencies are failing to protect us
Tracy Watkins (Stuff): Far right extremists were on the Government’s radar before mosque attack
No Right Turn: Show us the warrants
Bryce Edwards (Herald): Political Roundup: Politicians’ words under scrutiny after Christchurch terror attacks
Hamish Rutherford (Stuff): Mainstream political policy may offer a home for racist views
RNZ: Peters defends past statements on Muslims and extremism
Gayaal Iddamalgoda: Speech to Wellington vigil for the victims of the Christchurch mosque terrorist attacks
David Farrar: Why not increase our immigration levels as a response?
Martyn Bradbury: On the trial, on the failure of our intelligence agencies & on the blame game
Ishaan Tharoor (Washington Post): The world is watching New Zealand’s Jacinda Ardern
Eleanor Ainge Roy (Guardian): ‘Real leaders do exist’: Jacinda Ardern uses solace and steel to guide a broken nation
Rosa Silverman (Daily Telegraph): Jacinda Ardern shows the leadership the world has been missing
1News: Jacinda Ardern was an inspiration in her handling of Christchurch terror attacks – Peter FitzSimons
Lucy Bennett (Herald): Automatic residency for victims and families being considered, Immigration Minister Iain Lees-Galloway says
Anne Gibson (Herald): Christchurch mosque terror victims’ families get priority: Immigration NZ
RNZ: Christchurch mosque terror attacks: A brother’s agonising visa wait
Jason Walls (Herald): PM Jacinda Ardern says the public will never hear her say the accused Christchurch terrorist’s name
Henry Cooke (Stuff): PM Jacinda Ardern promises to never speak alleged Christchurch shooter’s name
Anna Whyte (1News): Jacinda Ardern says she will never utter the name of alleged Christchurch mosque attacker – ‘give him nothing’
Calla Wahlquist (Guardian): New Zealand shooting: Ardern says she will never speak suspect’s name
Lucy Bennett (Herald): Jacinda Ardern to victims’ families: ‘We cannot know your grief but we can walk with you’
Lucy Bennett (Herald): Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern leads condolences to Christchurch mosque victims in Parliament
Claire Trevett (Herald): Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, political leaders speak of mosque heroes after unprecedented day at Parliament
1News: Full statement: Jacinda Ardern addresses Parliament on Christchurch terror attack
Alan Kenyon (1News): Simon Bridges speaks of unity after Christchurch mosque attack – ‘Today and forever we are all New Zealanders’
RNZ: MPs pay tribute to Chch victims: ‘We will surround you with aroha’
Phil Smith (RNZ): The House: A brief and sober House – Parliament after the shootings
Phil Smith and Daniela Maoate-Cox (RNZ): Praying with ‘strangers’ in Parliament
Daniela Maoate-Cox (RNZ): The House: Parliament’s to do list: Tuesday 19 March 2019
1News:‘We let them down’ – NZ politicians express shock, sorrow at Christchurch mosque massacres
Meghan Lawrence and Lucy Bennett (Herald): New Zealand’s darkest day: ‘Our hearts are heavy but our spirit is strong’
1News: Watch: Beautiful prayer delivered by Imam rings around Parliament in first session since Christchurch terror attack
No Right Turn: Giving the finger to the Nazis
RNZ: Security to remain tight around Parliament buildings

Christchurch mosque shootings: Gun reform, firearms
Jared Savage (Herald): Queen’s Counsel Simon Mount says 1997 Thorp Report gun control recommendations could have prevented mosque tragedy
Stuff: Gun law reform: four viewpoints on what needs to happen after mosque attack
Kate Prickett (Stuff): We can be like the US, or pass common sense laws
Rachel Stewart (Herald): Owning firearms a privilege not a right
Mike Loder (Herald): Gun control cannot be entrusted to the police
Whanganui Chronicle: Gun laws ‘idiotic’ – Whanganui former German anti-terrorist police officer
Jamie Ensor (Newshub): Top criminal lawyer blames politicians’ inaction for weak gun laws
John Armstrong (1News): Ardern’s handling of crisis impressive, but she musn’t back away from gun ban
Liz McDonald (Stuff): Shooter chose New Zealand because of its softer gun laws, says security expert
1News: If Australia gun laws had been adopted in NZ, mosque attacks would’ve been ‘very, very different’
Michelle Duff and Tom Hunt (Stuff): Australia took action with its gun laws. Why didn’t New Zealand?
Jane Patterson (RNZ): Christchurch terror attacks: Firearms law changes ‘today or tomorrow’
Audrey Young (Herald): Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says gun lobby won’t dilute reforms on firearms
Jared Savage (Herald): Firearms owners urged to ‘remind’ politicians about votes ahead of 2017 election during gun control debate
Tom McRae (Newshub): National Rifle Association in the US offers to help NZ gun owners
Rhonwyn Newson (Newshub): Quick action needed for gun reforms – expert
Stacey Kirk (Stuff): Bipartisan support for gun reform following terror attacks – but what does that look like?
Laura Walters (Newsroom): Nats have no regrets over lack of gun law changes
1News: ‘We know that change is required’ – Simon Bridges vows to work with Government on tightening gun laws
1News: Exclusive: Owner of Christchurch’s Gun City thinks he knows where alleged mosque shooter bought semi-automatic rifle
RNZ: Some semi-automatics disappear from Gun City online store
Hamish Rutherford (Stuff): Hunting & Fishing calls for ban of online firearms sales
Michael Neilson (Herald): Major gun store Hunting & Fishing calls for online sales ban following Christchurch mosque terror attacks
Aimee Shaw (Herald): New Zealand imported $15 million worth of firearms last year
Alice Angeloni (Stuff): Rush for semi-automatic guns in Blenheim following Christchurch mosque shootings
Al Williams (Timaru Herald): Gun City Timaru manager questions ‘buy back’ option
Leighton Keith and Mike Watson (Stuff): Taranaki gun owners wait to see how law reforms will effect semi-automatic ownership in wake of Christchurch mosque shootings
RNZ: Kaitaia gun club fire suspicious, say police
Leith Huffadine (RNZ): A short history of NZ’s gun laws: From cutlasses to semi-automatics
Ben Leahy (Herald): The gun laws and how they work
Christina Zdanowicz (CNN): This New Zealand gun owner voluntarily gave up his semi-automatic firearm. Here’s why
1News: Kiwi farmer explains why he gave up his gun ‘as a principle’ after Christchurch terror attack
Jessica Tyson (Māori TV): Pig hunter supports semi-automatic weapons ban
RNZ: Number of semi-automatic weapons surrendered not yet known

Christchurch mosque shootings: Internet, social media, news media
Fran O’Sullivan (Herald): Why Facebook has blood on its hands
Paul Ralph (Noted): Social media must confront its role in terrorism
Jessie Chiang (RNZ): Government needs to ramp up social media monitoring of extremists: Cyber law professor
Toby Manhire (Spinoff): Mark Zuckerberg, four days on, your silence on Christchurch is deafening
Terry Baucher (Spinoff): How to focus Facebook and Google on cleaning up their mess? Tax them
Herald Editorial: Big platforms must stop performance crime
Jenée Tibshraeny (Interest): PM: ‘They are the publisher, not just the postman’
Washington Post: How social media’s business model helped the massacre go viral
Duncan Greive (Spinoff): Post-Christchurch, corporate NZ is calling big tech to account
Tom Pullar-Strecker (Stuff): Kiwi telcos write ‘open letter’ to Google, Twitter, Facebook demanding change
Lucy Bennett (Herald): Social media likely on agenda at Five Eyes, G20 meetings
RNZ: 4000 people watched Facebook video before anyone reported it
Chris Keall (Herald): Facebook reveals viewer numbers, responds to critics
Matthew Rosenberg (Stuff/AAP): Fewer than 200 people watched shooter’s Christchurch massacre live video, Facebook says
Tom Pullar-Strecker (Stuff): ‘You just think about what those people went through’ – top Facebook executive
Alex Hern (Guardian): Facebook and YouTube defend response to Christchurch videos
Dan Lake (Newshub): Footage of shooting plays on flight out of Auckland
Spinoff: The online cesspits where hate found a home
Christopher Knaus (Guardian): ‘A perfect platform’: internet’s abyss becomes a far-right breeding ground
Chris Allen (The Conversation): Extreme far right: ‘pick’n’mix’ ideologies and direct messaging online make for deadly new combination
Newshub: Kiwi Farms operator Josh Moon doubles down on rebuttal to help New Zealand police with Christchurch terror attack investigation
AAP: US website labels NZ a ‘s***hole country’, refuses to help police in Christchurch terror attack investigation
Anuja Nadkarni and Susan Edmunds (Stuff): Website operator says requests for help in wake of shooting a ‘joke’
Chris Keall (Herald): $14K fines in offing as Commissioner asks Facebook to give police names of those who shared Chch clip
Alice Webb-Liddall (Newshub): Chief Censor bans Christchurch shooting video, distributors could face jail
RNZ: ‘Predictable risk’ in Facebook livestreaming feature
Rick Noack (Washington Post): Terrorists crave publicity. In the age of social media, ignoring them is a challenge
Susan Edmunds (Stuff): New Zealand advertisers reconsider social media in wake of Christchurch attacks
Damien Venuto (Herald): Westpac, TSB pull ads from social media sites
Duncan Garner (Newshub): Good on advertisers pulling ads from Facebook
Albert Redmore (Newshub): Christchurch terror attack: Expert wants Facebook livestreaming suspended
Paul Brislen (RNZ): Terror attack aftermath: ‘Free speech’ is great, but has its limits
Juha Saarinen (Herald): Should we all just switch off?
Stuff: ‘Upset’ following Christchurch shootings prompts NZME to take some content offline
RNZ: Is online history being rewritten in the wake of the Christchurch terror attacks?
Tom Pullar-Strecker (Stuff): Removing Sky News was our decision, says Sky TV
Tom Pullar-Strecker (Stuff): Sky TV won’t comment on whether police involved in Sky News decision

Christchurch mosque shootings: Racism, Islamophobia
Matt Nippert (Herald): Pig heads delivered to Linwood mosque in 2016
Rifat Audh (Scoop): Will Christchurch be our wakeup call?
Jamal Kanj (Scoop): Islamophobia and the elephant in the room
Albert Redmore (Newshub): New Zealand Race Relations Commissioner says government must act on hate crimes
1News: Islamophobia needs to be understood and acknowledged, say Muslim New Zealanders
Scott Hamilton (Spinoff): The land of the long white stain
Paul Hunt (Stuff): We must give nothing to racism and Islamophobia
Amy Wiggins (Herald): Website to report Islamophobia set up in attack aftermath
Lamia Imam (RNZ): ‘I cannot forgive the rhetoric that got us here’
Amy Wiggins (Herald): Website to report Islamophobia set up in attack aftermath
Lamia Imam (Newsroom): Vigils are useless without real change
1News: Green MP Golriz Ghahraman says ‘racism part of daily life’ for NZ’s ethnic communities
1News: New Zealand Muslim community had been experiencing ‘rising level of vitriol’ before Christchurch terror attacks
Bryan Gould: What do we do about hate speech?
Efeso Collins (Daily Blog): This is not us
Tim O’Connell (Stuff): Distribution of far right group literature not welcome in Nelson

Christchurch mosque shootings: International
Richard Harman (Politik): Trying to stop the backlash
Collette Devlin (Stuff): Winston Peters to ‘set record straight’ NZers not involved in Christchurch attack
Audrey Young and Claire Trevett (Herald): Foreign Minister Winston Peters heads to Turkey to ‘put the record straight’ over terrorist attack on mosques
Vita Molyneux (Newshub): Winston Peters says Turkish President is putting New Zealanders at risk
Jason Walls (Herald): Foreign Minister Winston Peters will fly to Indonesia, then Turkey to express ‘sympathy and support’
Herald: Turkish President warns NZ over mosque attacks, invokes Gallipoli
RNZ: Erdogan says attackers targeting Turkey will go home ‘in caskets’
Suzan Fraser (AP): Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan keeps airing Christchurch attack video at political rallies
Stuff: Turkish officials suspect accused gunman was helped
Herald: ISIS leader Abu Hassan al-Muhajir calls for revenge
RNZ: Trump says ‘fake news media’ trying to blame him for Christchurch shootings
Stuff: Daily Show host calls Trump and Christchurch mosque shooting ‘products’ of white supremacy
RNZ: Minute’s silence in Samoa parliament denied
RNZ: Fiji police to investigate hate speech after Christchurch massacre
Ryan Holder (Listener): How the world is reacting to the terror attack

Christchurch mosque shootings: Australia
Finlay McDonald (Newsroom): ‘I’d rather not breathe the same oxygen as him’
Michael Koziol and Mark Solomons (The Age): NZ refuses entry to Australian Muslim leader Sheikh Shady after mosque attack
David Farrar: A charming guy
Chris Keall (Herald): Aussie PM calls for G20-wide social media crackdown
Jacqueline Maley (Sydney Morning Herald): How racism cemented itself in mainstream Australian politics
David Wroe and Max Koslowski ( (Sydney Morning Herald): Is Australia doing enough about its right-wing extremists after Christchurch shootings?
Malcolm Farr ( Fraser Anning may have exclusive Qantas lounge membership stripped
Amy Remeikis (Guardian): The ‘dog whistling’ on immigration must stop, Bill Shorten says
RNZ: Dunedin politician calls on Australian Senator to resign

Christchurch mosque shootings: National Party deletes UN migration petition
Zane Small and Jenna Lynch (Newshub): Simon Bridges backtracks on why UN migration pact petition removed from National’s website
Henry Cooke (Stuff): National say ‘junior staffer’ deleted UN global compact petition in light of shooting
Jason Walls (Herald): An ’emotional junior staffer’ is responsible for deleting National’s UN Migration petition
Thomas Coughlan (Newsroom): Petition taken down by ’emotional junior staffer’
1News: Migration pact petition removal from National website a ‘genuine mistake’, says Simon Bridges
RNZ: National’s UN migration petition removed by ’emotional’ staff member

Christchurch mosque shootings: Essays
Sanjana Hattotuwa (ODT): NZ’s response can lead the way
Phil Vine (Pundit): The rocks we carry
Jon Stokes (Herald): Ideas should be challenged not shut down
Matthew Willis (Herald): We need to standing up for kindness, decency in response to outrage
Selwyn Manning (Evening Report): Christchurch Terror Attacks – New Zealand’s Darkest Hour – Friday 15th 2019
Jay Marlowe (Newsroom): Time for Kiwis to take a look in the mirror
Karl Du Fresne (Stuff): It’s not a terrible event that defines us, but how we respond
ODT Editorial: Tolerance New Zealand’s real religion
Barry Soper (Newstalk ZB): Kiwis do themselves proud
Joe Bennett (Stuff): Seeing their global poster-boy arraigned might set back the white supremacy movement
Eric Crampton (Herald): When every fibre screams revenge, turn to aroha
Mark Reason: Sport can help heal New Zealand

Christchurch mosque shootings: Crusaders
Stuff: Crusaders say grieving for Christchurch shooting victims more important than a name change decision
Herald: Crusaders coach Scott Robertson: Not the time to talk about name change
1News: Crusaders’ name change discussions ‘a responsible action’, says Grant Robertson
Stuff: Grant Robertson backs discussions around Crusaders name change
RNZ: Sports minister backs discussion over Crusaders name change
AAP: New Zealand Govt backs Crusaders name change talks
Richard Knowler (Stuff): Former Crusaders chairman open to name change following Christchurch shootings
Mat Kermeen (Stuff): If Crusaders change name following Christchurch shootings, what should it be?

Christchurch mosque shootings: Schools
Jody OCallaghan (Stuff): Christchurch schools seek support in aftermath of mosque shooting
Simon Collins (Herald): Schools reach out from both sides to heal divisions after Christchurch mosque shootings
Chloe Ranford (Stuff): Marlborough schools to review lockdown procedures following Christchurch mosque shootings

Christchurch mosque shootings: Trial
Craig McCulloch (RNZ): How media plan to cover the accused Christchurch shooter’s trial
Denis Muller (The Conversation): Christchurch attacks provide a new ethics lesson for professional media
Kate Newton (RNZ): Accused mosque killer’s manifesto likely to be limited in any trial
Catrin Owen and Edward Gay (Stuff): Christchurch mosque shooting accused not allowed TV or newspapers in prison

Christchurch mosque shootings: Other
Susan Edmunds (Stuff): Life insurers promise payouts in Christchurch, whatever policies say
Stuff: Nazi-themed company owner charged with possessing objectionable material
Herald: Christchurch man charged with distributing objectionable material
Vera Alves (Herald): Auckland army surplus store takes down confederate flag after complaints
Julie Iles (Stuff): Armageddon bans military attire in response to Christchurch mosque attacks
John Anthony (Stuff): Nazi-themed company Beneficial Insulation reported to police after Christchurch shootings
Charlotte Carter (Stuff): Christchurch, Auckland venues pull metal gig over singer’s past ‘white power’ incident
Michael Daly (Stuff): Police shift priorities to put more officers on street after Christchurch shootings
Kelvin McDonald , Raniera Harrison (Māori TV): Aroha for suffering immediate priority – Wally Haumaha
Kurt Bayer (Herald): NZSAS soldiers in Christchurch for snipers event responded to mosque terror attack
Katie Kenny (Stuff): Global expert sharpshooters were training in the city just as the Christchurch mosque shooting unfolded
Chris Hutching (Stuff): Christchurch shooting: Security firms jump to the challenge
Stuff: Kiwis encouraged to wear headscarves to support Muslim community
Aimee Shaw (Herald): Canterbury Business Association says up to 30 businesses have been affected by the terrorist attack
Stuff: Stephen Colbert cancels planned trip to NZ after the Christchurch mosque shooting
Herald: Stephen Colbert cancels surprise ‘Late Show’ New Zealand trip after mosque shootings
1News: Watch: Stephen Colbert praises Jacinda Ardern and ‘kind Kiwis’ in monologue on Christchurch terror attack

Henry Cooke (Stuff): Climate change is still a second-tier political issue. Soon it will eat everything
RNZ: Kākā chicks hatch for first time at Abel Tasman National Park

RNZ: Australian criminal allowed back in New Zealand four times
Infometrics: MIgration estimates like playing darts blindfolded

Health and disability
Farah Hancock (Newsroom): Measles: as certain as death and taxes
RNZ: Measles outbreak: Fears virus could become endemic again
Herald: Measles outbreak: Number of cases hits 30 in Canterbury and 50 nation-wide
Hannah Martin (Stuff): Ministry advising people delay second MMR dose to ensure sufficient supply for Canterbury
Libby Wilson (Stuff): Woman dies of meningococcal disease at Waikato Hospital
Luke Kirkness (Herald): Meningococcal disease claims life of woman at Waikato Hospital
Stuff: Waikato’s next fill-in health boss will be Neville Hablous
Libby Wilson (Stuff): Part nurse, part doctor – nurse practitioners could help solve health problems, says nursing leader
Infometrics: Disabled people aren’t worth less than the old

Local government
Todd Niall (Stuff): Phil Goff loses latest hand of election-year poker in Eden Park vote
Tim Murphy (Newsroom): Power politics laid bare at Auckland Council
Simon Wilson (Herald): Auckland Council approves $63 million bailout for Eden Park
Todd Niall (Stuff):Eden Park funding : Auckland Council agree $63m bailout
RNZ: Auckland Council votes to spend $63m to bail out Eden Park Trust
RNZ: Incoming art gallery director Gregory Burke’s resignation accepted
Michael Neilson (Herald): Auckland Art Gallery director Gregory Burke steps down amid harassment allegation in Canada
Jessica Long (Stuff): Wellington buses partly blamed for regional council’s proposed 6.5 per cent rates rise
Felix Desmarais (Stuff): Wellington Central Library to close after advice received from engineers
RNZ: Wellington Central Library closed from tonight over quake concerns
Meriana Johnsen (RNZ): E-scooters allowed on Wellington streets despite calls to ban

Westland Co-operative Dairy Company sale
Richard Harman (Politik): NZ First powerless to stop Chinese takeover
Andrea Fox (Herald): Govt calls off $10m loan to Westland Milk following sale news
Jamie Gray (Herald): Yili-Westland Milk deal – What the average farmer will get
Sally Rae (ODT): Westland Dairy signs agreement with Yili
David Hargreaves (Interest): China’s largest dairy producer Yili will pay $588 million for the Westland Co-operative Dairy Company
Heather Chalmers (Stuff): Westland dairy farmers cautious about Yili takeover offer, despite potential windfall
Brendon McMahonn (Greymouth Star): Shareholders say sale was inevitable
Eric Frykberg (RNZ): Chinese company looks set to buy Westland Milk
Herald: Fonterra Co-operative Group tipped to sell more assets

Herald: Tourism Minister Kelvin Davis says Christchurch mosque attacks will hit visitor sector
Amanda Cropp (Stuff: Tourism sector holds its breath after ANZ warns Christchurch shootings will deter visitors

Geoff Bertram (Stuff): Electricity Price Review protects the industry, not consumers
Brian Easton (Pundit): Kinds of Protests
Anne Gibson (Herald): Shane Jones backs American billionaire’s $50m twin golf course plans
Cherie Sivignon (Stuff): Father of slain daughter to grieve at end of anti-violence tour of NZ
Northern Advocate: NZTA moves to revoke Stan Semenoff Logging’s Transport Service Licence
Susan Hornsby-Geluk (Stuff): Assault on James Shaw raises questions about employer responsibilities
RNZ: Leading Tahiti anti-nuclear advocate Roland Oldham dies