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Source: The Conversation (Au and NZ) – By Michelle Grattan, Professorial Fellow, University of Canberra

The Senate this week passed a motion calling for the government to establish a federal anti-corruption commission. The government is more likely to beef up existing institutions but Justice Party senator Derryn Hinch, who has been a strong advocate for a national ICAC, says “that would be wrong.” “We have to have an independent national body to look into us [politicians] and to public servants and to various agencies,” he told The Conversation.

Hinch – who is long odds in his battle to hold his seat at the election – is running candidates in the Victorian state election. He hopes to get “one or two” of his team elected to the upper house.

In Victoria he predicts a Labor win, although he doesn’t “think they deserve to.” Federally, he says “I would be one of the few people in this building who still thinks the Libs are in with a chance”.

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