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Newsletter: New Zealand Politics Daily – September 19 2018 Editor’s Note: Here below is a list of the main issues currently under discussion in New Zealand and links to media coverage. [caption id="attachment_297" align="aligncenter" width="640"] The Beehive and Parliament Buildings.[/caption] Government Grant Duncan (Stuff): Three-part harmony a challenge for coalition government David Hall (Stuff): How Jacinda Ardern embodies the spirit of republicanism RNZ: PM Jacinda Ardern: No cracks in coalition Sam Sachdeva (Newsroom): OIA review back on the table Lucy Bennett (Herald): Government to proactively release Cabinet papers from next year 1News: Watch: Jacinda Ardern admits Government not ‘most open, most transparent’ after questioning by Simon Bridges in Parliament David Hargreaves (Interest): ‘This is about being an open and accountable Govt’ Michael Reddell: A bouquet for the Government No Right Turn: Proactive release Michael Reddell: Having read the Our Plan speech PM’s GDP comments 1News: Jacinda Ardern’s GDP gaffe is understandable, and not of much consequence, economist says Hamish Rutherford (Stuff): Prime Minister’s mix-up could have led to a much more brutal economics lesson Barry Soper (Newstalk ZB): Ardern error was ‘economically dangerous’ Mike Hosking (Newstalk ZB): PM needs to wake up – the GDP figures are important Craig McCulloch (RNZ): PM forced to backtrack about ‘hint’ over unreleased GDP numbers Rebecca Howard (BusinessDesk): Stats NZ says not even Jacinda Ardern gets sneak preview at GDP data Newshub: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s office admits mistake over GDP comments 1News: Did ‘distracted’ Jacinda Ardern’s radio remarks cause the NZ dollar to rise? Derek Handley and CTO role RNZ: Emails between Curran and Handley to be revealed today RNZ: Govt told to front up with personal emails between Curran and Handley Lucy Bennett (Herald): PM Jacinda Ardern admits getting text message from Derek Handley about CTO role Vaughan Rowsell (Idealog): A CTO versus a tech taskforce – which one does New Zealand need? NZ in Iraq and Afghanistan  Gordon Campbell: On our military roles in Iraq and Afghanistan Zane Small (Newshub): Winston Peters slams media for calling hypocrisy on Iraq troop extension Emma Hurley (Newshub):James Shaw grills Defence Minister over Iraq, Afghanistan deployments David Farrar: Hypocrisy but the right decision on Iraq Massey University ban on Don Brash David Farrar: Massey lying over cancellation of Brash speech Herald: Internal emails reveal Massey University vice-chancellor more concerned about Don Brash racism than security Thompson & Clark Eugene Bingham and Paula Penfold (Stuff): Thompson & Clark hosted oil industry meeting in ‘bunker’ underneath Beehive Eugene Bingham and Paula Penfold (Stuff): Concern over surveillance links between police and Thompson & Clark 1080 Finn Hogan and John-MIchael Swannix (Newshub): ‘Uncaring governance’ fueling 1080 pushback – author Laurel Stowell (Whanganui Chronicle): Whanganui 1080 whistleblower now supports use of the poison Damon Rusden (Newsroom): Fake newsers find home in anti-1080 movement RNZ: Farmers feel let down after cattle deaths following 1080 drop 1News: Eight cattle die after 1080 drop in Waikato as DOC work to increase numbers of endangered kokāko Newsroom: Cows die on farm after 1080 drop Megan Sutherland (Newshub): DoC investigating possible 1080 cow deaths RNZ: Cattle deaths after 1080 drop being investigated Māori Crown relations agency Audrey Young (Herald): Winston Peters endorses new ‘bridge’ between Māori and the Crown Audrey Young (Herald): Government announces new Māori Crown relations agency – Māori Crown Relations: Te Arawhiti Tracy Watkins (Stuff): Labour finally gets Crown Maori agency over the line Chris Bramwell (RNZ): New agency created to help public service ‘better engage with Māori’ 1News: Details of new Māori Crown agency released Health and disability Catherine Hutton (RNZ): Mother forced to go to court to clear up ‘fiction’ over disabled care pay Kirsty Johnston (Herald): Disability law labelled ‘shame on society’ a step closer to repeal Karen Brown (RNZ): Patients waiting too long for bowel cancer diagnosis MItchell Alexander (Newshub): Revealed: Government ignored advice that midwives are worth five times what they make now Donna-Lee Biddle (Stuff): Tribunal hearing to address Māori health inequity Andre Chumko (Stuff): DHB defends $16k cost to prevent school from selling alcohol at fundraiser Karl du Fresne (Stuff): Doctors telling men not to get tested for prostate cancer seems illogical Brittany Keogh (Stuff): 21-year-old woman goes blind from type 2 diabetes complications Nicole Lawton (Stuff): Number of Year 10 students vaping doubles, but it’s not all bad news David Beck (Rotorua Post): Rose Murfitt: Rotorua cochlear implant girl’s story of determination Christina Persico (Stuff): Programme combating obesity earns Woman of Influence nomination Anna Bracewell-Worrall (Newshub): Young people waiting months for mental health appointments Caroline Williams (Stuff): Woman ‘devastated’ after crisis line tells her to call back next day Chloe Blommerde (Stuff): Over 40’s more likely to access telephone helpline RNZ: Coroner recommends police fully record information on suicidal people Libby Wilson (Stuff): National Oracle Solution works for us: Waikato DHB Environment and conservation Chris Hutching (Stuff): Overseas billionaire’s anonymity necessary ‘to protect his commercial position’ Gerald Piddock (Waikato Times): Waikato polluters paying only 4 per cent of the maximum fine under law Ryan Dunlop (Herald): New Zealand Defence Force and Department of Conservation team up to count whales in subantarctic islands 1News: Photos: NZDF spot over 100 whales during census of NZ’s southern right whales Holly Carran (Newshub): Urgent cull of South Island’s Himalayan tahr population ordered by Conservation Minister Suzi Kerr (The Conversation): Why NZ’s emissions trading scheme should have an auction reserve price Amber-Leigh Woolf (Stuff): NZ lags behind on microplastic research, but scientists hopes $12.5m boost could help Amber-Leigh Woolf (Stuff): Over 9000 New Zealanders have their say on binning plastic bags Suffrage, feminism, gender Martin Johnston (Herald):H Files: Wheeling and dealing at Parliament couldn’t kill historic women’s suffrage bill Raewyn Dalziel (The Conversation):125 years of women’s suffrage: A small country leading the world? RNZ: Suffrage 125: New Zealand women make their voices heard Anuja Nadkarni (Stuff): Women of Influence supreme award winner is Jackie Clark of The Aunties charity  1News: South Auckland charity The Aunties takes home top Women of Influence Award Newshub: The Aunties founder Jackie Clark wins Supreme Woman of Influence award Herald: Suffrage 125: Cartoons celebrate long fight for rights Genevieve O’Halloran (Noted): Suffrage 125th: We’re not there yet, but with each generation we get closer Rachel Stewart (Herald)): Women must unite against hard-line patriarchy Liz Gordon (Daily Blog): Suffrage 2018 – Until death Michelle Duff (Stuff): Suffrage 125: Kate Sheppard opened the door, let’s burn down the house Fiona Kidman (Herald): The freedom of control over fertility Sinead Corcoran (Stuff): What Women Want: Margaret Sparrow on reproductive equality Kim Knight (Herald): The hilarity and horror of the struggle Judy McGregor (Herald): Allison Roe’s double blow for feminism in troubled arena Cherie Howie (Herald): In photos: The women of New Zealand 125 years after suffrage gave women the right to vote Kim Knight (Herald): Suffrage 125: Jenny Shipley, Helen Clark and Jacinda Ardern make photographic history Stuff: A conversation with Helen Clark and Jacinda Ardern Claire Trevett (Herald): Suffrage 125: The women of Parliament – The woman’s way is the right way Jacinda Ardern (Herald): Within the ordinary sits the extraordinary 1News: ‘She was extraordinary’ – Jacinda Ardern hails mother as 125 years of women’s suffrage celebrated Liz McDonald (Press): Female power base reflects Christchurch’s leadership history Press: The day NZ’s ‘shrieking sisterhood’ forced the vote on ‘womenly women’ Matt Heath (Herald): A reflection on masculinity Herald Editorial: Suffrage 125 – United we stand Claire Trevett (Herald): Women’s suffrage: NZ Herald marks 125 years of speaking up Dominion Post: Editorial: Sheppard’s first great steps Jessica Long (Stuff): New Zealand’s divide over women’s rights to vote led to a historic world moment Jonathan Guildford (Stuff): Government could buy Kate Sheppard’s historic Christchurch home RNZ: Kate Sheppard’s former house up for sale Charles Anderson (Guardian): Jacinda Ardern to guest edit New Zealand newspaper on anniversary of suffrage Hannah Martin (Stuff): If women have to act like men to lead, that’s the ‘ultimate defeat’ – Dame Anne Salmond Britt Mann (Stuff): Women of Influence Forum: Who else is sick of inspirational women? Linda Herrick (Listener): Are We There Yet? is the exhibition marking 125 years of women’s suffrage in NZ Matt Brown (Stuff): Age no barrier to progress for older signatory Stacey Morrison (Herald): Mana wāhine embedded in Māori world view Julie Iles (Dominion Post): The legacy of a suffragist lives on in Petone Media Tim Murphy (Newsroom): Netsafe washes its hands of Avery ‘harm’ complaint Gia Garrick (RNZ): Netsafe won’t pursue Sir Ray Avery’s complaint over media website No Right Turn: Netsafe defends freedom of the press Economy, tax, business Thomas Coughlan (Newsroom): Let’s talk about tax, baby Tom Pullar-Strecker (Stuff):Inland Revenue slams Oxfam claim drugs firms cheating NZ out of $21m in tax Gill Bonnett (RNZ): Oxfam claims NZ among countries hit by tax-shifting drug companies Fran O’Sullivan (Herald): Boardroom still a battle site for equality Michael Neilson (Herald): Donna Awatere Huata secures top job as Māori Climate Commissioner Foreign affairs and trade Andy Fyers (Stuff): What comes of New Zealand’s Pacific aid money? 1News: Fourteen Kiwis deported from Australia arrive in Auckland, will be supervised as they reintegrate into NZ Mandy Te (Stuff): Australian authorities return 14 detainees to New Zealand Herald: Fourteen individuals flown back to New Zealand by Australian authorities Emma Joliff (Newshub): US-China trade war could catch New Zealand in the middle – expert Tom Pullar-Strecker (Stuff):NZ fears for world trade rise in wake of Trump’s fresh tariffs on China Parliament 1News: Government takes first step to freeze MPs’ pay Scott Palmer (Newshub): Trevor Mallard, Simon Bridges in bizarre grammar debate in Parliament Scott Palmer (Newshub): Andrew Little mocks rival politicians in hilarious spoof video Matthew Rosenberg (Stuff): Shaming images, hateful attacks and death threats: Politicians open up on abuse Employment Henry Cooke (Stuff): Labour and NZ First’s disagreement over industrial law changes is meaningless Richard Harman (Politik): Agreeing to disagree – or not RNZ: Whistleblower exposed exploitation of migrant workers RNZ: Minimum wage: ‘I couldn’t go to my own brother’s tangi’ (video) Regan Paranihi (Māori TV): Ngāi Tahu Tourism invest in their workers Newshub: How big of an issue is hearing loss in in New Zealand? Building safety Collette Devlin (Dominion Post): 112 buildings in Wellington clad in aluminium panelling linked to Grenfell tower disaster Phil Pennington (RNZ): Nearly 50 buildings with Grenfell-like cladding identified Herald: Te Papa museum has panels similar to Grenfell Tower Housing Benedict Collins (1News): Some KiwiBuild apartments redesigned after being too small for banks to lend on RNZ: Twyford ‘regrets’ Chinese NZers felt unfairly targeted by 2015 survey RNZ: ‘I didn’t want to go out wearing my mayoral robes’ Rowan Quinn (RNZ): Hundreds help to count homeless in Auckland Māori TV: Volunteers survey rough sleepers in Auckland Jessica Tyson (RNZ): New research about homeless programme at Te Puea Marae Chris Harrowell (Manukau Courier): Auckland Housing NZ tenant says her cold home is making her daughter sick Catherine Harris (Stuff): NZ first-time home buyers sneak up to one in four, return to pre-GFC levels Education Melissa Nightingale (Herald): Chris Hipkins announces takeover of Whitireia and WelTec Jessica Long (Stuff): Education Minister Chris Hipkins moves to appoint commissioner to two Wellington-based polytechnics Ruby McAndrew (Stuff): Focus on mental health education in schools after ‘concerning’ health survey Newshub: Education support workers get pay equity settlement Regan Paranihi (Māori TV): Charter schools to become state integrated Mike Mather (Stuff): The paedophile at Pukete Neighbourhood House: Fears raised 10 years ago Judy McGregor (Spinoff): The struggle for gender equality in tertiary education is a glass half-full story Listener: Jennifer Curtin: feminist political scientist mixing rugby with politics Police and Justice Jared Savage (Herald): Wally Haumaha inquiry: QC to share evidence with IPCA investigation into alleged bullying Paul Little (North & South): The case for closing prisons Newshub: Canterbury dairy stops selling cigarettes to avoid violent robberies Katie Fitzgerald (Newshub): Duncan Garner unleashes on ‘piddly’ sentence for sex offender Martin Lawes 1News: Ministry of Justice union members strike, launching a month of industrial action over pay Primary and extractive industries Taranaki Daily News: Government urged to hold hearings on oil and gas changes in Taranaki RNZ: Some fish stocks re-certified as sustainably caught Māori Cultural and Intellectual Property Rights Conference Talisa Kupenga (Māori TV): Business leader calls for action to protect Māori culture in commerce Kelvin McDonald (Māori TV): Jackson calls for ‘fundamental mind-shift’ on Treaty consultation Immigration and refugees Lincoln Tan (Herald): INZ: Ex-sex workers can be granted NZ residency, despite immigration rules saying no 1News: Should New Zealand increase its refugee quota? A decision is ‘imminent’ says Ardern Transport RNZ: Hawke’s Bay Airport goes morning without air traffic controller Emma Hatton (RNZ): Wellington passengers left behind due to small buses Local government David Loughrey (ODT): Reform voting system, says academic Whanganui Chronicle: Iwi ‘sidelined’ in sale of Whanganui District Council forestry land Imogen Neale (Stuff): Council member’s email war against police Eagle helicopter RNZ: Rising gang numbers in Gore part of a ‘planned effort by the Mongrel Mob’ Other Susan Edmunds (Stuff): Record profit turns around fears of decline for banks ODT Editorial: The goal of affordable electricity RNZ: Pokie machines not the way to fund community groups – councillor Tom Pullar-Strecker (Stuff): Cyber security agency Cert NZ touts its successes Michael Hayward (Stuff): Research finds cash settlements better for economic recovery following Christchurch earthquakes Susan Edmunds (Stuff): Beneficiaries get less in the hand as payment scheme ends Rebecca Howard and Michael Neilson (BusinessDesk/Herald): Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei Trust wins right to appeal Auckland land claims Joanne Carroll (Stuff): Police staff could enter Pike River mine if re-entry is approved Thomas Coughlan (Newsroom): Helen Clark: No time for reflection RNZ: KiwiSaver users face ‘major barrier’ getting ethical investment advice RNZ: Fewer than half of all Kiwis are making wills – research Megan Sutherland (Newshub): Antarctica New Zealand chief executive Peter Beggs employment yet to be terminated Tim Brown (RNZ): Worksafe ‘satisfied’ Aurora management responsible Matthew Theunissen (RNZ): Mainzeal directors should have known it couldn’t recoup loans, court told]]>