Newsletter: New Zealand Politics Daily – August 27 2018


Newsletter: New Zealand Politics Daily – August 27 2018

Editor’s Note: Here below is a list of the main issues currently under discussion in New Zealand and links to media coverage.

The Beehive and Parliament Buildings.

Simon Bridges expenses leak
Newshub: ‘Please tell me’ who leaked my expenses – Simon Bridges
1News: Simon Bridges hits out at Speaker Trevor Mallard over expenses inquiry cancellation, Winston Peters’ ‘fake news’
Jo Moir (Stuff): National to push ahead with its own inquiry into expense leak
Leith Huffadine (Stuff): National Party continues with Simon Bridges expenses leak inquiry
Audrey Young (Herald): Simon Bridges says if leaking issue is not resolved, Trevor Mallard is to blame
Richard Harman (Politik): National turns on the Speaker
Audrey Young (Herald): National leader Simon Bridges loses control of leak inquiry
Bryce Edwards (RNZ): Expenses saga turns to political capital for Bridges
Tim Watkin (Pundit): Time for leaker to come clean and get help
Barry Soper (Herald): Someone’s out to get Simon Bridges. They’ll likely succeed
Heather du Plessis-Allan (Herald): Clock is ticking for Simon Bridges
Mike Hosking (Newstalk ZB): Simon Bridges hopelessly exposed on leak
Herald Editorial: The strange case of Simon Bridges’ inquiry bill just got a little stranger
Lucy Bennett (Herald): Speaker Trevor Mallard ‘obfuscating’ on Simon Bridges leak inquiry, Gerry Brownlee says
David Farrar: Mallard calls inquiry off
Tova O’Brien (Newshub): Bridges should have called off inquiry himself
RNZ: Speaker calls off Bridges expenses inquiry
Sam Sachdeva (Newsroom): Bridges leak inquiry called off after text
Stacey Kirk (Stuff): Inquiry into Simon Bridges’ expenses leak called off
Moana Makapelu Lee (Māori TV): Speaker calls off inquiry into Simon Bridges expenses leak
Terry Sarten (Herald): Politicians are going places … at our expense

Clare Curran demoted
Jonathan Milne (Stuff): Public can have no confidence in broadcast minister – and neither can Prime Minister
John Drinnan: Why Did Jacinda Ardern Go Soft On Curran?
Audrey Young (Herald): Jacinda Ardern’s punishment for Clare Curran proportionate
Tim Murphy (Newsroom): Ardern pushes the half-eject button
Newshub: Why wasn’t Clare Curran stripped of all her portfolios?
RNZ: Gerry Brownlee questions ‘minimum’ sanction for Clare Curran
Newstalk Zb: Political commentator: PM didn’t go far enough over Curran
Martin Johnston (Herald): Minister Clare Curran’s forgotten meeting to cost her $46,000 a year in lost salary
John Roughan (Herald) Editorial: Jacinda Ardern has ‘sacked’ her first minister
Kate Hawkesby (Newstalk ZB): More concerning than a flaky Clare Curran is a soft Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern
RNZ: Clare Curran: ‘I’ve let myself down’
Nicholas Jones (Herald): Clare Curran sacked from Cabinet, PM Jacinda Ardern announces
Sam Sachdeva (Newsroom): Curran sacked from Cabinet by PM
Stuff: Jacinda Ardern announces Clare Curran removed from Cabinet
Emma Hurley (Newshub): Prime Minister removes Clare Curran from Cabinet
Māori TV): Curran removed from Cabinet after second failure to declare
David Farrar: Curran demoted after a further secret meeting
Alison Mau (Stuff): Please Prime Minister, don’t let a great opportunity pass you by

Tracy Watkins (Stuff): Prime Minister, Speaker fumble political bombshells
David Farrar: Watkins critical of PM and Speaker
Stacey Kirk (Stuff): The foreboding sense there’s more to come in two capital scandals
Phil Smith (RNZ): Anatomy of a minister’s office: what happens in the Beehive?
Tracy Watkins (Stuff): Below the beltway

RNZ: New Aus PM knows NZ political psyche
Dominion Post Editorial: We can’t depend on the Aussies
Audrey Young (Herald): Thank you Australia for making us appreciate what we have here
Audrey Young (Herald): NZ breathes collective sigh of relief at Australia’s choice of Prime Minister, Scott Morrison
Newshub: Will Australia take up NZ’s refugee offer now?
Herald: Australia’s next PM made his name on turning back refugees
Fran O’Sullivan (Herald): Jacinda Ardern must lead rebuild of strong ties with Australia
Lucy Bennett (Herald): Ardern hopeful of strong relationship with new Australian PM Scott Morrison
Mitch McCann (Newshub): Scott Morrison to become Australia’s new Prime Minister
ODT Editorial: A new PM, a new challenge
Brigitte Morten (RNZ): Aus political process a factional mess
RNZ: Australia’s foreign minister resigns from Cabinet
Eleanor Ainge Roy (Guardian):‘Unlucky country’: New Zealand has fun as Australia’s political gloom deepens
Herald: Clarke Gayford takes on board Aussie’s advice
Zane Small (Newshub): Amid political chaos, has Australia lost its ‘Lucky Country’ crown?
John Roughan (Heald): Swallow the leader Oz’s new national sport
Andrew Gunn (Stuff): New Aussie policy – deport all crims to NZ

Foreign affairs and trade
Alexander Gillespie (Newshub): Opinion: How does chaos in Washington affect New Zealand?
Newshub: Interview: Scott Brown (video)
Newshub: ‘President Trump hasn’t got a fair go from day one’ – US Ambassador
RNZ: US ambassador says he’s arguing NZ’s case for tariff exemption
RNZ: US officials to meet with Pacific Forum leaders in Nauru
James Croot (Stuff): Sam Neill: Why New Zealand needs to take the lead in the Pacific
Martin van Beynen (Stuff): Whisky on ice: The downfall of Antarctica NZ’s bon vivant
Herald: Foreign Minister Winston Peters pays tribute to US Senator John McCain
Dileepa Fonseka and Anna Loren (Stuff): ‘A hero, a leader’: NZ politicians, dignitaries remember US senator John McCain
Simon Hartley (ODT): $4.44b annual trade balance highest in nine years

Suicide, depression, mental health
Barry Taylor (Stuff): From sad blokes to well men: how to tackle New Zealand’s depression crisis
Hannah Norton (Herald): An open letter to NZ men considering suicide: You are so loved
Shaun Robinson (RNZ): Suicide prevention strategies need more resources
Brad Flahive (Stuff): Māori suicide rate the highest its ever been. What are we missing?
RNZ: Māori suicide prevention groups want more support
Brad Flahive (Stuff): New Zealand suicide rate highest since records began
Chelsea Boyle (Herald): New Zealand suicides highest since records began
RNZ: Number of deaths by suicide increase for fourth year in a row
Cate Broughton and Michael Hayward (Stuff): Canterbury suicide numbers increase for fourth year
Cate Broughton (Stuff): Men with mental health challenges face uncertain future as hostel home of 12 years closes
1News: Psychologist Nigel Latta calls for mindfulness to be taught in every NZ school
Chlöe Swarbrick (Herald): There’s a responsibility to be frank and real about mental health
Oscar Kightley (Stuff): New Zealand, we have a problem
Michael Daly (Stuff): Learning to love yourself after surviving a suicide attempt
Stuff: Depression: I suffer in silence because I am ashamed
Stuff: Polly Gillespie shares her own depression battle, laments state of New Zealand mental health system
Tamsyn Parker (Herald): TVNZ boss Kevin Kenrick on Greg Boyed: ‘It will bring us together more’
Duncan Garner (Stuff): Let Greg Boyed be the reason we start finding solutions
Deborah Hill Cone (Herald): The things unsaid about the death of Greg Boyed
Jack Tame (Herald): Greg Boyed’s death is a reminder of life’s fickle nature

Greg Boyed and Warwick Roger obituaries
Phil Vine (Stuff): Greg Boyed: An obituary
Karl du Fresne (Dominion Post): Warwick Roger: audacious, combative and hugely influential journalist

Liam Martin (Herald): Myths don’t do us justice; we need to share facts
Newshub: We need more conversations about institutional racism – Corrections Minister (interview)
Newshub: Interview: Kelvin Davis
Catriona MacLennan (Newsroom): A few concerns with justice reforms
Chris Trotter: The Summit Of Folly: Why ‘Middle New Zealand” Will Have The Last Word On Crime And Punishment.
Damien Grant (Stuff): Prison does not change you – I know from personal experience
Alison Mau (Stuff): New Zealand needs to shut down its prisons – or blow them up
Ben Strong (RNZ): ‘If gangs are part of the problem, they should be part of the solution’
Bess Manson (Stuff): ‘Broken justice system’ ignites rage in reformer Julia Whaipooti’s soul
Joel Maxwell (Stuff): Before you judge, take a trip to your nearest courthouse
Newshub: Upper Hutt mayor calls for calm over child sex offender housing
Anne Marie May (RNZ): Housing of ex-cons on prison grounds upsets locals
Melissa Davies and Finn Hogan (Newshub): Taranaki mother’s agonisingly long struggle to clear her name for killing child

Employment and migrant exploitation
Newshub: Migrant workers should be paid more – Immigration Minister
Eva Corlett, (RNZ): Filipino construction workers – ‘We made life terrible for them’
Newshub: ‘Alarming’ exploitation of Filipino construction workers – report
Herald: ‘We didn’t look after them’: Filipino construction workers face low pay, poor housing issues – report
Jonathan Guildford (Press): Report outlines discriminatory practices for migrants in the construction sector
Herald: Auckland concrete truck drivers strike, claiming poor pay, conditions and treatment of migrant workers
Newshub: Pallet workers to strike because the ‘pay is so low’
Bruce Cotterill (Stuff): Wages must represent value rather than fairness

Primary industries and animal cruelty
Rod Oram (Newsroom): Time to transform our global food systems
Kirsty Johnston (Herald): Pregnant cows ‘suffering’ for calf blood industry – insider
Lynda Hallinan (Stuff): Grainwashing: The inconvenient truth of Wakanui beef
Eloise Gibson (Newsroom): Cows as office workers, in cubicles
Glen Herud (Stuff): Milking it: It’s not ‘anti-farmer’ to want better for cows and calves 
Gerard Hutching (Stuff): Milking it: The true cost of dairy on the environment
Charlie Dreaver (RNZ): Financial incentives no silver bullet for sustainable agriculture – study
RNZ: Insight: Farmland – not so free to roam
RNZ: Farmer cops $34k fine for illegally clearing river bed
Stuff: Two companies fined over ‘unacceptable’ effluent discharges
Maja Burry (RNZ): Call for compo for farmers maintaining walkways
Andrea Vance (Stuff): Taiwanese fishing boat investigated after being caught in NZ waters
Eric Frykberg (RNZ): Nurseries and orchards could get compo for fruit tree seizures
ODT: Manuka seedlings in demand this season

Chris Trotter: “Keep Cutting, Jacinda!”
Peter Dunne (Newsroom): Greens paying for not playing hard to get
Paul Little (Herald): The bicycle bell heard around the world
Maiki Sherman (1News):‘Out of control’ – National accuses Labour on number of reviews and working groups

Graham Adams (Noted): National stagnates as the government makes waves
Vanita Prasad (Newsroom): National’s Facebook ad deemed irresponsible

Business and economy
Shamubeel Eaqub (Stuff): What to do about the ever-increasing rate of CEO pay
David Farrar: No performance pay for Govt CEs
David Slack (Stuff): The cult of executive talent
Jason Walls (Interest): Hey NZ business leaders – take a look at Australia and the US
Dene Mackenzie (ODT): ASB outlook: things are not that bad
Mark Fowler (Herald): Is the Reserve Bank creeping too far?
Brian Gaynor (Herald): Bull run — is it the 1980s all over again?

Environment and conservation
David Williams (Newsroom): Warning over parliamentary ‘back door’
David Williams (Newsroom): The dam that divides a dry district
Warren Gamble (Stuff): Shane Jones urges Tasman councillors to stand up for Waimea dam
Dominic Harris (Stuff): Environment Canterbury orders China-based firm to stop water bottling after it breached consent
RNZ: Controversial water-bottling company has council consent halted
Alexandra Nelson (Newshub): Coromandel locals rally to protect endangered Archey’s frog from gold mining
ODT Editorial: Time to change whitebait seasons
Thomas Manch (Stuff): Lake Horowhenua activist Philip Taueki to shut public road access to lake
Sarah Robson (RNZ): Final great walk narrowed down to three
Emma Hatton (RNZ): Vehicle access rules confuse Kāpiti beachgoers
Andrew McRae (RNZ): Hunters turn conservationists to help save blue duck
Te Kuru o te Marama Dewes (Māori TV): Taking stock of the biodiversity in the Te Wherowhero lagoon
Jared McCulloch (Newshub): Fast food joints, cafes and bars join New Zealand’s straw-free movement
Newshub: Auckland businesses give up straws

Maiki Sherman (1News): Government poised to reduce number of times landlords can hike rent for tenants
John Anthony (Stuff): Rise of property management industry ‘significantly disadvantaging tenants’
Catherine Harris (Stuff): Renters put Tenancy Tribunal’s operations in the spotlight
Newshub: Tenants ‘ironically’ like letting fees – landlords
Ben Bootsma (Southland Times): Southland landlords decide whether to insulate or sell
Audrey Malone (Stuff): Grim findings in China survey
Henry Cooke (Stuff): Where the 6400 new state homes are going: half to Auckland, over 700 to Wellington
Newshub: Where the new state houses will be built
RNZ: Govt plans to build 6400 new state homes within four years
Thomas Coughlan (Newsroom): End of the line for “laxative” SHAs
Corazon Miller (Herald): Death on the Street: How is homelessness measured in New Zealand?
Corazon Miller (Herald): Death on the Street: The faces of homelessness
Donna-Lee Biddle (Stuff): Government spends close to a million dollars on skip bins for state house tenants

Herald: Major new study reveals that no amount of alcohol is safe
Ruby MacAndrew (Stuff): Experts conclude there’s no ‘safe’ level of alcohol consumption after global study
Alice Peacock (Herald): Trapped for weeks: Disabled woman confined in her home by broken lift
1News: Health board finally apologises for the ‘unfortunate experiment’
Oliver Lewis (Stuff): Planning changes result in delays for stranded mental health services
Michael Neilson (Herald): Hikurangi Cannabis country’s first company to be granted medicinal cannabis licence
RNZ: NZ licence granted for cultivating medicinal cannabis
Talisa Kupenga (Māori TV): East Coast locals welcome medicinal cannabis license
Matt Brown (Stuff): Former corporal campaigns for reform of medical marijuana law from garage
Jane Matthews (Stuff): Whānau-orientated health care provider celebrates its 20th birthday
Matthew Littlewood (Stuff): SCDHB restructure expected to save $650k
Phillipa Yalden (Stuff): Hospital rooms decontaminated after meth found
RNZ: Rescue helicopter changes cause concern for some
Carly Gooch (Nelson Mail): Multiple Sclerosis a ‘silent, horrible disease’ that’s forced a new chapter in Lesley’s life
Aaron Leaman (Stuff): Wintec responds to physiotherapist shortage
Hannah Ross (Western Leader): Hospitals have compassionate car parking discounts but who qualifies?
Abbey Jury: The glyphosate debate

1News: Government committed to returning to negotiations with teachers, says education minister
Katie Scotcher, (RNZ): $82.5m to be spent on school re-vamps and classroom replacement
Wanganui Chronicle: Whistleblower vindicated – Waho did not bring trust into disrepute, was unlawfully removed
Michael Neilson (Herald): Auckland schools ask Government to walk the talk on te reo in schools
Zane Small (Newshub): Rosehill College brawl: Students demand change after brutal fights
Mānia Clarke (Māori TV): South Ak community uneasy following school brawl
Zoe Hunter (Bay of Plenty Times): Students suspended after lunchtime brawl at Katikati College
Jessica Tyson (Māori TV): Low decile schools benefit from eye screening programme
Rukuwai Tipene-Allen (Māori TV): Programme is a sight for sore little eyes
Emma Hatton (RNZ): Auckland uni set to axe 21 jobs in education faculty
Elena McPhee (ODT): Art history programme likely to go
Kurt Bayer (Herald): AUT student editor fears censorship, despite university denying claims
Aaron Leaman (Stuff): Waikato University celebrates Dame Annette King, distinguished graduates
Regan Paranihi (Māori TV): Massey University host Te Huinga Tauira 2018

Child welfare
Alice Peacock (Herald): New survey reveals New Zealand’s youth among worst in cyberbullying rates
Phil Pennington (RNZ): Bishop’s apology over clergy sex abuse prompts more complaints
RNZ: More calls for including faith-based organisations in abuse inquiry
Kiri Tamihere-Waititi (E-Tangata): Ani Black has opened a can of worms. Let it stay open.

Media and broadcasting
Colin Peacock (RNZ): Mediawatch: MP puts political pressure on publicly funded TV
Colin Peacock (RNZ): Mediawatch: Broadcasters band together to promote the positive (audio)
David Farrar: How about the stakeholders called taxpayers?
Tim Murphy (Newsroom): The TVNZ ratings machine
Leah Te Whata (Māori TV): Māori Radio launches Treaty claim against Crown
Te Aniwa Hurihanganui (Māori TV): Longest running Māori radio station wins reprieve
Māori TV): Te Ūpoko o Te Ika to stay on air
Glen McConnell (Stuff): Māori broadcaster to launch Waitangi Tribunal action over Wellington ‘crisis’
Herald: TVNZ political editor Jessica Mutch weds bearded bodyguard
Newshub: Jacinda Ardern’s ‘hot bodyguard’ marries reporter

Immigration and refugees
Jared Savage (Herald): Immigration New Zealand budget blowout kept overstayers in NZ
Hannah Martin (Stuff): Airport departure cards will be off the table come November
RNZ: Departure cards to be scrapped
Newshub: Airport departure cards to be axed
Herald: Travel departure cards get the boot: No longer needed from November
Michael Reddell: Tossing away valuable emigration data
Boris Jancic (1News): Fixing New Zealand’s ‘dismal’ refugee figures
Adam Dudding (Stuff): New baby for family who fled violence to settle in NZ

Alexia Russell (Newsroom): Why cycling paths are taking over
Hamish Rutherford (Stuff): Wellington Airport could build wall at end of runway to extend safety area
Grant Bradley (Herald): It’s time for Auckland Airport to deliver
George Block (ODT): Taxi operator ‘abused’ by other drivers
Ben Strang (RNZ): Firefighters forced to slow down due to tyres
Sophie Boot (BusinessDesk): KiwiRail loss widens in 2018 on further writedowns
RNZ: Levin residents in way of potential highway want answers
Matt Stewart (Dominion Post): Bus nightmare: Wellington council officials face jeers and abuse at fiery meeting
1News: Fierce criticism six weeks after Wellington introduces new bus network
RNZ: 300 Wellington bus users voice frustrations at meeting

Local government
Todd Niall (Stuff): Why won’t the Government release details on QV’s Auckland property revaluation fail?
Collette Devlin (Stuff): Wellington’s regional council mulls teeing off on multi-million-dollar golf course bailout
1News: Council is ‘offending Aucklanders’ with massive rates rises for churches, councillor says
Joel Ineson (Stuff): Christchurch City Council has 11 months to check insulation on more properties than it has in three years
Zac Fleming (RNZ): Auckland churches hit with biblical rates’ rises
Newshub: Auckland Council in stoush with churches over rates bills – report
David Farrar: Why shouldn’t churches pay rates?
Amber-Leigh Woolf (Stuff): ‘Toothless’ councils call for law change to make it easier to punish people for littering
Juliet McGhie (Stuff): Maintenance costs for Auckland beach ‘in the millions’
Tim MIller (ODT): Publishing of newest citizens’ names irregular
Pam Jones (ODT): Land sale could net CODC $2.8m
Jono Galuszka (Stuff): Council candidate Ross Barber unfit to control his own affairs
Tim Miller (ODT): Parking fees make millions

Clinton Llewellyn (Hawke’s Bay Today): Defence minister apologises to families of soldiers finally brought home: “I’m sorry it took so long
Ruby MacAndrew (Stuff): NZ Defence Force seeks bids for new external mental health services

Red zone payouts
ODT Editorial: Red-zone relief sets a precedent
Mike Hosking (Newstalk ZB): 12 million reasons why this Government earthquake payouts are dangerously naive

Grant Bradley (Herald): What the China-US rift could mean for NZ tourism
Pam Jones (ODT): No justification for bed tax: academic

Indira Stewart (RNZ): We can be heroes: Wrestling legends and Pacific literary icons
1News: Steve Hansen pushed for more funding as Jacinda Ardern and Grant Robertson toured All Blacks’ changing rooms
Grant Chapman (Newshub):All Blacks: Steve Hansen’s locker-room funding bid wins guarded support
1News: TJ Perenara gave All Blacks jersey to Jacinda Ardern after last night’s Test before snapping a photo together
Zac Fleming (RNZ): Rugby needs to be more inclusive to ‘deserve’ title of national sport – PM
1News: Auckland College Sport defends decision to stop talented female player from playing against boys
Felicity Reid (Stuff): NZ under-20s women’s footballer not allowed to play in school’s top boys team

Andrea Vance (Stuff): Anger at axing of single mum programme: ‘It changed not just my work life, but also my everyday attitude’
Kate Nicol-Williams (1News): Legislation is destroying towns not earthquakes, says local councils
Anusha Bradley (RNZ): Maraenui; The suburb swallowed by synthetics
John de Bueger (Taranaki Daily News): Options for a lower-carbon future don’t include nuclear
Simon Wilson (Herald): Nigel Farage, Don Brash and friends
Martin van Beynen (Press): New Zealand is not vigilant enough about creeping corruption
Dene Mackenzie (ODT): Kiwibank a national success story: CEO
RNZ: Most Kiwis positive about Chinese culture – NZ China Council boss
Lois Williams (RNZ): Southern members of northern iwi want fresh hapū elections
Dan Satherley (Newshub): UFOs in New Zealand: What Kiwis see in the skies
Vicki Anderson (Stuff): Wasted nation: feeding bellies not bins
Anton Smith (Spinoff): Yes, law firm culture is f****d. And nothing is going to change anytime soon
Rachel Ros (Herald): Whanganui agencies on the frontline working to counter family violence

Dr Bryce Edwards is a political scientist and a lecturer in Politics.