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Across the Ditch with Selwyn Manning and Australia radio FiveAA’s David Bruce. For ITEM ONE this week we discuss the official referendum result is in on whether New Zealand should change its flag. The votes were cast as follows:


Number of Votes Received

Percentage of Total Valid Votes

Option A: Silver Fern Flag



Option B: Current New Zealand Flag



Informal Votes



Total Valid Votes



The total votes received were 2,140,895, which includes 5,044 informal votes (0.24%) and 5,273 invalid votes (0.25%).

Voter turnout is 67.78%.  Turnout is calculated by taking the total votes received as a percentage of the total number of voters enrolled as at 3 March 2016 (3,158,576). 

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New Zealand Police have been conducting a social experiment to see how caring Kiwis really are – it’s all part of a Police recruitment drive.

Last night, Police released the second video in its series.

In the video, a man is seemingly in pain and lying down on the pavement as people walk past.  The video is designed to challenge people’s perceptions – the man could be someone who has maybe had too much to drink, or he could be passed out due to a medical condition. 

The Police ask: “Do people ignore him and walk on past? Or do they stop to see if he is okay?” ( ref. )

As can be seen in the video, most people walk on by. One dog, wants to stop and see if the man is ok. Then a man with dreds stops and helps the collapsed man.

Police say the only actor in the video was the collapsed man.

At the end of the video a caption pops up asking: “Do you care enough to be a cop?”

It’s quite thought provoking.

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