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Today’s edition of NewsRoom_Digest features 2 resourceful link of the day and the politics pulse from Thursday 18th February. It is best viewed on a desktop screen.


Noteworthy stories in the current news cycle include the Criminal Bar Association saying figures predicting 100 deportees sent back from Australia will be imprisoned here in the next decade are an underestimate; and the Privacy Commissioner, John Edwards, saying law enforcement and other government agencies made nearly 12,000 requests to 10 companies for their customers’ personal information over a three-month trial.


Media releases issued from Parliament by political parties today


Government: Kiwis encouraged to celebrate Pacific languages; Construction of NZICC underway; Statement on David Bain’s application for compensation; Recruiting the next State Services Commissioner; Bill English – Speech to the Institute of Public Administration New Zealand; Final data-set enhances at-risk youth profile; One million fewer letters, improved services for clients; Customs K-9s graduate; Minister welcomes first Police graduates of 2016

Greens: SkyCity sod-turning no cause for celebration

Labour: John Key must stand up for Kiwis in Australia; National set to pass charter for corruption; Orchardists should look in their own back yards

New Zealand First: National Warring Over Flag; Motives And Logic Behind Bigger Truck Deal In Question; Weak Politicians To Blame As Corruption Rises


INVESTMENT IN YOUNG LIVES: The Treasury has today released Characteristics of Children at Risk, a paper with information about children aged 14 and under who are at risk of poor future outcomes. Click here for more:

WORLD WAR ONE MAORI PHOTOS: Images of Māori First World War servicemen are wanted for inclusion in an authoritative history book on the Great War due for publication in 2017. People with suitable photos are asked to scan them at a minimum of 300 dpi and provide details of the serviceman, including where they are from. Send the scan and the information to the 28th Māori Battalion website

And that’s our sampling of “news you can use” for Thursday 18th February .

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