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New Zealand Report: Selwyn Manning joins Australia’s breakfast team to deliver his NZ Report bulletin. [caption id="attachment_183" align="alignleft" width="150"]Selwyn Manning, editor. Selwyn Manning, editor.[/caption] New Zealand Report This week: A political stoush erupted in the New Zealand Parliament yesterday after the Prime Minister John Key’s body guard pushed Labour MP Kelvin Davis after Davis accused John Key of being gutless over his handling of Kiwis detained by Australia at Christmas Island. Later, inside the debating chamber, John Key accused Labour of sticking up for rapists, murderers, sex offenders. The comment caused a mass walkout of Parliament by Labour MPs. – Recorded live on 11/11/15 Report: A political slouch erupted yesterday after a high profile Labour MP was fended off by one of the Prime Minister John Key’s body guards. John Key was making his way to Parliament’s debating chamber when Kelvin Davis, Labour’s corrections spokesperson, stepped toward him and accused him of being ‘gutless’ over failing to get a result over Kiwis being detained by Australia at Christmas Island. When Davis stepped toward the Prime Minister, John Key ignored him and passed without hindrance, but not before Davis said: Prime Minister you are gutless over the 501s. At that moment, the Diplomatic Protection Squad body guard pushed Davis toward a wall. Davis was not complaining. His point was made. And he said the body guard’s fend-off was less impressive than the under-9s junior rugby team. But Key was steaming, and shortly after in Parliament he accused the Labour Party of being on the side of rapists, murderers and child molesters. The allegation caused a mass walkout of Labour MPs from Parliament. The theatre underscores how the politicians are playing this issue. Key wants the detainees to be labeled as murderers, rapists, and child sex offenders. While Labour is attempting to expose John Key’s inability to resolve the deportation issue when he met with Malcolm Turnbull two weeks ago. Neither party wants the deportees in New Zealand but both parties realise Australia will not relent over the policy. New Zealand Report broadcasts live on Australian radio and webcasts on and]]>



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