Enviroschools booming in Northland

Students help dismantle unwanted electronic items for recycling at the Enviroschools iEnergy Expo at Taipa’s Karepori Marae recently.

Report by NewsroomPlus.com

More than 160 students, teachers, family and community members have gathered at Whangarei and Taipa to learn about renewable energy and associated new technologies at this year’s Enviroschools regional expos.

Students help dismantle unwanted electronic items for recycling at the Enviroschools iEnergy Expo at Taipa’s Karepori Marae recently.

The two annual expos for primary and intermediate students – this year themed ‘iEnergy’ – were held at Whangarei’s Marist Sports Club on Tuesday 03 November with a second at Taipa’s Karepori Marae two days later.

John Bain – one of two councillors who represent the Northland Regional Council’s Whangarei Urban constituency – officially opened the first event and says once again the expos have provided exciting hands-on learning experiences.

Councillor Bain, who also chairs the council’s Regional Transport Committee, says the expos featured four ‘action stations’ designed to showcase the latest renewable technologies and inspire young people to use them.

One action station looked at electric cars and how these stack up against conventional vehicles in terms of both power and efficiency.  A second station focussed on electric bicycles (including assembling them) as an alternative means of transport.

A third action station centred on solar power and how it can be harnessed and use while the final station looked at energy efficiency in homes and schools.

Councillor Bain says the regional council introduced the popular Enviroschools programme to Northland more than a decade ago and there are now 75 schools in the programme region-wide.

“The Enviroschools programme has a strong focus on sustainability and the expos were a great way to demonstrate various aspects of this.  Council hopes they will be a real catalyst for ongoing interest and learning.”

Information about the Enviroschools Programme generally is available from the regional council’s website via: www.nrc.govt.nz/enviroschools

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