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New Zealand Report: Selwyn Manning joins Australia’s radio FiveAA breakfast team to discuss how the National Party is still strong in third term polls + PM Key’s Bizarre Radio Hauraki Interview – Recorded LIVE on 21/10/15.

ITEM ONE: Political Polls The latest political Colmar Brunton poll was released this week showing the John Key led Government well ahead of its political opponents. Of those polled, 47 percent would vote for the ruling National Party if a general election was held now. That’s down 2 points since the poll in April. 31 percent said they would vote for the Labour Party. That’s a flat-lining result, the same as in April. 12 percent said thy would vote for the Green Party. That’s up 3 percent since April. 9 percent said they would vote for the centrist nationalistic New Zealand First Party, That’s up 2 percent since April. The Government’s support parties hardly registered in the poll, with only 1 percent for the Maori Party, and ACT, and, United Future not even making 0.2 percent combined! And there’s a bit of gloom out there… 45 percent of those polled expect the economy to deteriorate over the next year, while only 33 percent expected the economy to improve. The poll indicates that the opposition parties have closed the gap on the Nationals. If the poll result matched a general election a Centre-centre-left coalition of Labour, Greens, NZ First would have 62 seats in a 122 seat house. Despite this, 40 percent of those polled want John Key as their prime minister. Labour leader Andrew Little only had the support of 8 percent of those polled, which raises the question, why are so many Labour voters opposed to Little being prime minister. He is equal to New Zealand First’s leader Winston Peters who was tipped as the most preferred prime minister by 8 percent of those polled. ITEM TWO: John Key’s Bizarre Radio Hauraki Interview So why, after eight years in office, is John Key one of the most popular prime ministers New Zealand has ever had? Some say it is because he avoids serious debate, refuses to be interviewed by critical journalists, preferring the company of comedy bulletins like this interview this week on Auckland’s Radio Hauraki. For the interview, the Kiwi Prime Minister joined Matt, Jeremy & Laura on the Hauraki Breakfast to go through the infamous ‘Thank You For Your Honesty’ questions… including his honest answers about whether the Virgin Mary was a virgin, whether he shaves his public hair, and whether he has ever taken a dick pick… Before we play the clip, note this is actually… really the Prime Minister and that the clip went viral… even ending up on the popular John Oliver show in the USA. [ ] Well, perhaps that’s why Kiwis love or hate this guy. So if Malcolm Turnbull becomes too serious for you all to handle, look across the ditch and let John Key entertain you. Hmmm, or perhaps don’t.

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