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Newsroom Digest

This edition of NewsRoom_Digest features 5 resourceful links of the day and the politics pulse from Tuesday 25th August.


Top stories in the current news cycle include the Government giving an assurance that employees who don’t want to work on Easter Sunday will be able to refuse without giving a reason, KiwRail floating the idea that it could put Wellington Railway station up for sale as part of its wider programme of property sales and Social Development Minister Anne Tolley apologising to any child who was abused in state care.

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Media releases issued from Parliament by political parties today included:

Government: Easter Sunday shop trading law to change; ED wait times target achieved again;Proposed merger of two Bay of Plenty polytechnics opens for public consultation; Unlisted platform granted exemption from FMCA licencing requirements; Partnerships push New Zealand’s profile abroad; Air NZ & Cathay Pacific alliance reauthorised.

Greens: Greens To Call For Personal Vote On Government’s Easter Trading U-Turn; Stock market crashes demand new thinking from Govt

Labour: Not too late to fix Health and Safety for New Zealand’s workers


Links of the day have been a feature of NewsRoom_Digest since we first started production in August 2014 at newsroom-nz.tumblr.com. We are currently building an archive of these at:http://newsroomplus.com/resources/resourceful-links/

BAY OF PLENTY POLYTECHNICS: Public consultation on the proposed merger of Bay of Plenty Polytechnic (BoPP) and the Waiariki Institute of Technology has been opened today. The online consultation can be found here:http://www.tec.govt.nz/Tertiary-Sector/Reviews-and-consultation/Public-consultation-on-the-proposed-merger-of-Bay-of-Plenty-Polytechnic-and-Waiariki-Institute-of-Technology/

EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT WAIT TIME: The latest quarterly health target results show the ED target has been met for the second consecutive quarter. The quarter four (April-June 2015) results can be found at:http://www.health.govt.nz/new-zealand-health-system/health-targets/how-my-dhb-performing/how-my-dhb-performing-2014-15 

EMISSION CREDITS: Figures just released show that companies got about $30 million of emission credits from the Crown last year. Read the annual Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) report here: http://www.epa.govt.nz/e-m-t/reports/ets_reports/annual/Pages/default.aspx

E-WASTE REPORT:Report sparks new fears over increasing amounts of toxic e-waste in nz landfills. For more information and to download the latest MfE e-waste report, visit: http://www.mfe.govt.nz/publications/waste/e-waste-product-stewardship-framework-new-zealand

ORGANOPHOSPHATES AND CARBAMATES (OPCS): The Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) welcomes submissions on its reassessment of some organophosphates and carbamates (OPCs). View application details and information at: http://www.epa.govt.nz/search-databases/Pages/applications-details.aspx?appID=APP202098

And that’s our sampling of “news you can use” for Tuesday 25th August 2015.

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