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Snapshots of the activities and results from the round of Climathons held around the world have been arriving in – from a Storify to team-winning stories and images. Here’s a photo via #climathon on Twitter from São Paulo of that city’s proud winning team: .

So what questions were events at city Climathons focused on? Here are some excerpts from the overall Climate-KIC city challenges: .
  • Boston – how can the city of Boston prepare for the multifaceted threats posed by climate change-associated sea level rise? Climathon teams may consider innovative solutions that include reporting tools, remote sensing applications, early warning systems, shelter location maps, and emergency response plans. .
  • Washington D.C. How can public-private partnerships reduce food waste or loss generated by the District of Columbia’s residential or commercial sectors? .
  • Rio de Janeiro ecological urbanism within the city of Rio de Janeiro to collaborate and create diverse, innovative and multidisciplinary solutions and tools around urban mobility problems. .
  • São Paulo Which solutions can be developed and applied to assist the citizens of São Paulo to improve biodiversity conservation in the city? .
  • Birmingham What is the role of the citizen in a zero waste Birmingham? .
  • London How can London collect better air quality data from various travel and transport modes? How can we reduce the impact that poor air quality has in London – making the invisible, visible – through creating maps to enable people to plan low pollution routes through the city? How can we link open spaces to community groups wanting to grow food in a sustainable London? Solving problems in London around the issues of energy from waste? .
  • Helsinki How can we make schools more energy efficient and healthy by innovative data visualization and other applications? .
  • Gothenburg, Sweden How can innovation platforms be instrumental in catalysing city climate initiatives in the city of Gothenburg? .
  • Copenhagen How will Copenhagen motivate behavioural change in our citizens’ to be climate smart through the use of data-driven services? .
  • Frankfurt How will the city of Frankfurt deliver its transition to a low-carbon economy? .
  • Winterhur How can the growing city of Winterthur, Switzerland create eco-efficient mobility? .
  • Wałbrzych, Poland How can we increase residents’ engagement in the use of renewable energy sources in Wałbrzych? .
  • Addis Ababa, Ethiopia How can local business contribute to more sustainable, climate-smart urban water management? .
  • New Delhi How can we motivate people to responsibly segregate their waste in their homes? .
  • Beijing How to encourage citizens to install distributed PV panels? How can citizens have better ways to invest in distributed PV panels?



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