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Newsroom Monitor logo* RNZ 7am – Top 5 items for 25 June 2015

1. The Secondary School Sports Council says some of the competition between schools is so intense that some are taking steps such as recruiting international players for brief stints. Principals’ groups have told RNZ they’re worried about the tactics and the pressure those young people are under to perform. The council intends to introduce a new integrity framework next term. 

2. The Boston marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has apologised for the damage he has done at a federal hearing to formally sentence him to death. He has been found guilty of killing 3 people and injuring 264 other people in April 2013, as well as fatally shooting a police officer. 

3. The Minister of Transport Simon Bridges says repairing flood damaged roads in the central North Island could cost up to $60 million. Mr Bridges gave the rough assessment after flying over areas yesterday where there are up to 2000 slips in all. The Government will pay for the repair of State Highways and increase its funding to district roading by up to 20 percent. 

4. Authorities will begin lifting the cordon on the Whanganui street where record flooding did the most damage, ANZAC Parade, today. Residents heard last night that they will be able to visit properties this afternoon. 

5. A Dutch court has ordered the government there to cut greenhouse gas emissions by at least 25% within the next five years. The landmark ruling came in a case brought by activists who argued that if drastic reductions are not made the second half of the century will be marked by extreme weather events, as well as shortages of water and food. There were cheers in the courtroom when the judge delivered his verdict. 

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