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NZ Report on FiveAA Australia – NZ Opens Embassy in Baghdad Thanks to Australia + North Canterbury Sheep Can Spell – Recorded live on 29/05/15. Selwyn Manning delivers his New Zealand Report to FiveAA Australia’s Breakfast show hosts Jane Reilly, Dave Penberthy, and Mark Aiston. This week: Australia’s Department of foreign Affairs has agreed to open up its embassy in Baghdad to New Zealand diplomats. New Zealand’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Murray McCully confirmed on Thursday that New Zealand’s soldiers in Iraq need diplomatic support and assistance in dealing with the Iraqi government. “Our resident Ambassador will be charged with supporting New Zealand’s non-combat training mission to Iraq and assessing how we can better support and build relations with the Iraqi government,” Mr McCully said. Back home in New Zealand the Government has been challenged over its decision to deploy its defence training corp to Taji base, located close to the frontline between advancing ISIS forces and Baghdad. What this is all about is New Zealand’s soldiers were sent into a war-zone without the rules of engagement being sorted out. The questions remain unanswered: Can New Zealand’s soldiers use lethal force on Iraq soil? Or are they only able to defend themselves. The legalities on this were not cemented in stone with the Iraqi government prior to our troops being deployed to the conflict. ITEM TWO: (Ref. North Canterbury farmer’s sheep billboards lift spirits) Kiwis realise Australian farmers are the experts in how to cope with droughts and dry weather, but perhaps this South Island farmer has come up with a novel idea on how to bust off the drought blues. Stuff.co.nz reports how sheep farmer Mike Bowler has been hit hard by drought in North Canterbury. To vent his frustration, each day he scatters sheep-feed-pellets into patterns on hillside paddocks. When the sheep mooch on up the hill to eat the feed they spell out messages to passing motorists. One day the sheep spelt out the word “BUGGER”, on another occasion It was the shape of a kiwi; other days the sheep spelt out the names of Mike Bowler’s grandchildren. And yesterday (Thursday), the sheep spelt out the message “Good Luck JC” which was a farewell to television’s champion of the underdog broadcaster, John Campbell, who has had his programme Campbell Live ditched by TV3 despite solid ratings and the best brand of advocacy journalism in the country. New Zealand Report broadcasts live each Friday on FiveAA.com.au and webcasts on EveningReport.nz, LiveNews.co.nz, and ForeignAffairs.co.nz.]]>



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