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    Evening Report: Episode 7 Host: Selwyn Manning Interviewee: Harmeet Sooden Location: Kurdistan region, Iraq Duration: 12 minutes.
Harmeet Sooden is in Iraq working for a humanitarian organisation that is responding to the humanitarian crisis in Iraq’s Kurdistan region. We cross to Harmeet Sooden now. Last time we spoke you described pressures impacting on people living in IDP (internally displaced persons) camps. What is the latest on life inside these camps? I understand some humanitarian initiatives are being scaled back. What is happening in this regard? You also spoke about the security situation being relatively stable in the Kurdistan region. Is this still the case? Here in New Zealand we have heard reports that ISIS has taken control of Ramadi only 100 kilometres from Baghdad. What do you make of this? I understand in your region funerals of Peshmerga are becoming more frequent. What is happening there? If you compare the situation to when you first arrived in Iraq, what changes have you observed? EveningReport.nz]]>



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