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  • $30 million to lift surgery for people with a range of orthopaedic conditions (such as hip, knee, shoulder and spinal conditions);
  • $14 million for extra general surgeries (including hernia, vein and gall stone operations);
  • $6 million to create community based multi-disciplinary early intervention teams for diagnosis and management of orthopaedic conditions, helping to improve patients’ quality of life and avoid unnecessary hospital visits.
  • “We want to keep people active and well for longer at home in their community,” Dr Coleman says. “There are a lot of people with osteoarthritis where early intervention in a community setting is appropriate. “Early intervention can deliver improvements in diagnosis, self-management, education and exercise, and pain management. These new early intervention teams will make a real difference to patients and their families.” Health funding has increased every year under this Government. Health is expected to receive the largest share of new funding in Budget 2015. – –  ]]>