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Of course, neither the Israeli nor the Palestinian participants are in any way authorized or accredited to negotiate and sign a binding agreement. Still, the fact of grassroots Israelis and Palestinians being able to sit down, negotiate all the serious and contentious issues and reach agreement – also, and especially, in the present situation – should serve as a model and stimulant to decision-makers on both sides to hold officially-authorized negotiations, reach an agreement – and implement it on the ground. The congress is co-chaired by Dr. Sapir Handelman – an Israeli who received the Peter Becker Award in Peace & Conflict Studies; and Mr. Wisam Seder – a well-known Palestinian athlete and educator. This event is an important step towards the establishment of a major Israeli-Palestinian Grassroots Negotiating Congress with political power. The congress is designed to involve the people in the peacemaking efforts and motivate the leaderships to conclude agreements. The Minds of Peace Organization has successfully led 26 small-scale Israeli-Palestinian public negotiating congresses around the US and Canada, in the Middle-East, and in open public places in Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem. In nearly all of the congresses, the delegations succeeded in reaching peace agreements. This is an highly significant result, considering that the various delegations included people with widely different political views and from all walks of life. To view the agreements and videos visit: and facebook: ‘minds of peace’ – –  ]]>