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MIL OSI – Source: ACT Party – National looks after everyone but taxpayers David Seymour, ACT Party leader.“National is parading its indexation of welfare payments while refusing to do the same with tax brackets,” says ACT Leader David Seymour. “Benefits were adjusted for inflation today. What about the workers? Tax brackets should be adjusted too. “This fiscal year, a person on the average income will pay another $378 in tax as inflation pushes them into higher brackets, even if they have no increase in real spending power. They have already paid an extra $649 since 2010. “The average household has already paid an extra $1036 since 2010, and will pay $431 more this year. Taxpayers are today being asked to fund: · Government grants for first home buyers of up to $20,000; · A two-week extension to paid parental leave; · NZ Superannuation increases, heralded as growing at twice the rate of inflation since 2008. “If the government wants to fund this by increasing taxes, it should do so openly and honestly, not through stealth taxation.” –]]>



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