ISIS in North Africa. Image sourced from

Welcome to Evening Report. Tonight we cross to Tunisia to talk with New Zealand foreign correspondent Yasmine Ryan about North Africa and the threat from ISIS in that region.

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Run sheet:

Welcome Yasmine to EveningReport…

Q: What’s the current security situation in Tunisia?

Q: How does the security threat personally impact on you – and others working in North Africa?

Now only a couple of weeks ago in mid-March terrorists struck at the Bardo Museum.

Q: What happened there? And were there rumblings, warnings, or chatter on the streets that an attack may be imminent?

I understand ISIS and al Qaeda have both claimed responsibility for the Bardo attack…

Q: What is this about?

Q: Why do you believe western commentators have overlooked the significance of the ISIS/al Qaeda threat in North Europe?

ISIS in North Africa. Image sourced from
ISIS in North Africa. Image sourced from

Q: What are the most notable warning signs, in your view?

Q: When we look at terror entities, should we still separate ISIS from al Qaeda? What is the difference between the two?

Q: Is ISIS signalling the beginning of an ongoing terror campaign in North Europe? If so, what effect is this having on the state governments in the region?

Q: Do you believe ISIS is aware New Zealand has joined the US-led coalition? And if so, what does this mean for New Zealand and New Zealanders – here and abroad?

Q: And, are you safe up there?

Q: Why is it important to you that you base yourself so close to a world threat?

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