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MIL OSI – Source: Labour Party – John Key now admits no broad support for RMA changes John Key has now been forced to admit that he never had the broad political support to gut the Resource Management Act, says Labour’s Environment spokesperson Megan Woods. “Cornerstone legislation such as the RMA should never be changed without genuine consultation with all the parties in Parliament. “Now that National has lost Northland John Key is suddenly talking of ripping up the changes. It shows that the Government only ever had a knife-edge majority for any change. “This is the second time National has had to abandon their attempts to change the RMA. Last term they could not get the numbers, even from their own support partners, after Minister Amy Adam tried to gut it. “The fact is that the Government has not revealed any detail of what changes they are proposing for the RMA. All we have ever had is an over-cooked speech from Nick Smith in January. “A bottom line for Labour is that we will not support the gutting of the fundamental principles of the RMA – this is the tool for protecting ordinary people’s enjoyment of their property and their environment. “Labour is happy, and has always been happy, to look at any sensible changes that do not water down our environmental protections,” says Megan Woods. –]]>



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