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MIL OSI – Source: New Zealand Government – NZ On Air celebrates 25 years Broadcasting Minister Amy Adams has congratulated NZ On Air on its success in providing Kiwi content to New Zealanders for the past 25 years. In a speech at Parliament tonight, Ms Adams said NZ On Air had played a significant role in New Zealand’s rapidly changing media environment. “Much has changed since Parliament first enacted the Broadcasting Act 1989 which established NZ On Air,” says Ms Adams. “Back then, the first international Internet connection had only just arrived at our shores, TV3 had only just begun broadcasting and only 2000 hours of local content were making it on to our screens every year. “Fast-forward 25 years and not only are we generating 13,000 hours of local content to represent New Zealanders on screen but the way we tell these stories has also changed. “In 1989, a TV set was a piece of furniture rather than a screen attached to a wall, and nobody would have envisioned watching a programme you missed last night on your mobile phone on the bus ride to work.” Ms Adams says NZ On Air was a unique model to the world when it was first created and it remains so today. “NZ On Air continues to look at new ways extend audience engagement across multiple platforms. It is constantly refreshing its investment strategies to ensure it is going where the audiences are. “In this way NZ On Air will ensure relevant Kiwi content continues to be provided in new and innovative ways,” says Ms Adams. – -]]>