PMC: Alistar Kata audio report.

AUCKLAND: A clear message about climate change in the Micronesian nation of Kiribati…..a people who are uncertain of their future on an island affected by rising sea levels…and it is getting worse…

A seminar hosted by the Pacific Media Centre at AUT University on March 11, 2015, addressed the challenges and ethics of climate change reporting in the Pacific and the role that media play.

The Kiribati Independent journalist and one of two guest speakers, Taberannang Korauaba, says Pacific people are linked to their land in a cultural and spiritual way…that makes news of climate change hard to report.

“When the media is trying to work to cover the story, people don’t want to hear that because they don’t want to hear stories about, ‘they’re sinking, they’re going to die’, so that’s one reason that is causing the breaking down of communication.

Former science journalist and now communication specialist Dr Jan Sinclair says local media focus more on the politics… but in NZ and Australia they’re allowing politicians to define the problem and politicians say that’s it’s a big international problem but its not our problem…

Audio report: Pacific Media Watch editor Alistar Kata

Opening music: “Climate Change”, Brian Taki, Kiribati

Audio report: Pacific Media Centre, School of Communication Studies, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand.

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