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Evening Report editor, Selwyn Manning. Evening Report editor, Selwyn Manning.[/caption] Editor’s Note:¬†Welcome to Evening Report! I have launched tonight under a ‘Independent Interactive Debate’ brand. And as you can see, launches with an extended one-on-one interview with investigative journalist Nicky Hager on the Snowden Revelations. Here, you will find this e-media site as less tribal than a blog. Know, it is independent at its core. And, it is driven by public interest fourth estate journalism principles. is owned by Multimedia Investments Ltd ( a company that I established in the early 2000s. And I have decided to be the foundation editor of this project. I don’t normally write about myself. But it is important to provide a little detail here:

      I have 22 years experience as a journalist, and have specialised in investigative journalism, politics, foreign affairs, intelligence and security analysis and reportage. I hold MCS (Hons.) and BCS (Hons.) degrees. I spent about 18 months as a press secretary/political advisor to the Labour-led New Zealand Government 1999-2001.
I am a regular commentator on radio in New Zealand, Australia, and abroad, and have delivered to the public reportage and analysis via all expressions of media including: television, internet, newspapers and magazines. The decision to create was made because I believe New Zealanders are interested in following big issues and deserve a place to go where extensive-robust debate is encouraged irrespective of a person’s politics or beliefs. Like many, I’ve become tired of the infighting on some of the progressive blogs, and I believe a wider audience should have an independently positioned outlet that is less interested in attack lines and more interested in extending debate on big issues. So as you will see, is more analysis, and fourth-estate-based debate, as opposed to a polarising blog site. As editor, I’m looking for well-researched, well argued submissions, from journalists and writers who wish to expand on current affairs reportage. But I’m also inviting submissions from people, irrespective of their background or community, who have something to contribute to the New Zealand debate. That’s my invitation to you, the audience. EveningReport is designed with realtime interactivity in mind. Along with published articles, columns, and analysis it will webcast video debate and interviews on-site in realtime and on-demand. Public and audience interaction is also key to EveningReport’s brand. The ‘You Live‘ platform (which will go live by around Thursday) is a first for a New Zealand current affairs site. The ‘You Live‘ section provides a live text, live audio, and live video platform for you, the audience to debate issues in real time. also, you can still use the comment function at the foot of articles just as is the norm on mainstream media sites and blogs.’s editorial policy is simple: It is founded on public interest advocacy of humanitarianism, environmentalism, progressive economics, sustainable business practice, and security. Its agenda is also simple: If a decision has a positive impact on a community/region/sector then the issue will get a positive run. If the impact is contrary to progress then the causes will be identified, the effect examined, solutions explored, and decision-makers challenged to put it right. Do feel free to tell us what you think of via this feedback form. Thanks for stopping by. Details:
      Site name –
      Date Launched – 8pm March 9, 2015
      First Interview – With Nicky Hager on the Snowden Revelations.
      Editor – Selwyn Manning
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