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Headline: Minimum wage background papers

Minimum wage review papers for 2014 for rate changes effective from April 2015.

Minimum Wage Review 2014 and Minimum Wage Order 2015: Cabinet paper

This paper recommends that the Cabinet Legislation Committee authorise the submission of the Minimum Wage Order 2014 to the Executive Council.

Cabinet order: [PDF 8 pages, 89KB]

Minimum Wage Review 2014: Officials’ Report

This report fulfils the Minister of Labour’s statutory obligation under the Minimum Wage Act 1983 (the Act) to review the minimum wage rates by 31 December each year.

Officials’ Report: [PDF 35 pages, 768KB]

Minimum Wage Review 2014: Regulatory Impact Statement

This paper provides an analysis of options for the Minister of Labour’s annual statutory review of the minimum wage rates.

Regulatory Impact Statement: [PDF 31 Pages, 568kB]